rae face

{god of the sea}

i. ocean // coasts ii. black water // of monsters and men iii. iron // woodkid iv. bottom of the river // delta rae v. from finner // of monsters and men vi. shots [remix] // imagine dragons vii. trouble // imagine dragons viii. sleeping with a friend // neon trees ix. unbelievers // vampire weekend x. what the water gave me // florence + the machine xi. high tide rising // fox xii. smells like summer // early hours xiii. landscape // florence + the machine xiv. the driver // bastille xv. house by the sea // moddi xvi. welcome home // radical face || LISTEN

Ingrid Michaelson and her band going into 6 different songs with the same chords in the middle of her song ‘Soldier’ ending in them singing all of them at the same time.

Soldier x Poker Face x What If God Was One of Us x With or Without You x Right Here Waiting x Call Me Maybe x Ghost x Soldier