rae desiree

Mary & Rae, it's a quarter after one and I'm all alone and I need you now.

Mary’s emotions were all over the place when she woke up that morning. She was feeling like shit after last night, not quite comprehending what had happened. How did she get back in her dorm anyways?

The curtains magically opened and Mary was met with a blinding light. She immediately closed her eyes and cried out in pain. Whatever happened last night, she was definitely paying a high price now.

She got out of bed, muttering curse words and promising herself to never drink a sip of alcohol again. It doesn’t even have a nice taste. She made her way to the bathroom, took a quick shower and got dressed. She wasn’t hungry, but for some reason she was craving for marshmallows and she had royally missed breakfast.

She skipped a few steps, making her way to painting that hid the kitchens from the rest of the castle. A blond girl was casually leaning against the wall. Mary noticed the girl as Rain Desiree, a girl who was in the same year as her, but in Hufflepuff.  “Hey,” Mary said acknowledging her. “Rain Desiree right?”