Tumblr user be like “Leo’s heavily borderline, he’s got all the symptoms” and that excuses him from being hated" like uh I have borderline, Leo does not have a personality disorder, and headcanons are not fact and should not be treated as such. BTW I don’t know where this user gets off on headcanoning mental illness like it’s their thing to throw around.

And honestly, how many times are you going to have to do the same old arguments over and over? You are criticizing FICTIONAL CHARACTERS and expressing YOUR opinions on YOUR blog. I don’t really see how anon hate and attacks on your person are good ways to defend problematic fictional characters against a minority of critics.

weird AUs

-ive just woken up on an alien surgical table and youre my next table over neighbor AU

-ive been having weird dreams about being abducted by UFOs since childhood and thought they were just were nightmares but then i ran into you and you were there in the UFO every time too and wait come back AU

-we both wandered off from our ghost tour and now we are lost and think something is following us AU

-you just moved to town and are the only one besides me who thinks our neighbor is a murderous werewolf and that’s great and all but i think he’s onto us AU

-hi i live next door and youve been making such a loud racket on your side of our shared wall could you freaking stop–wait what do you mean you thought it was me?? AU

-we’re stuck at this stupid old and creepy hotel for a friendly school retreat but then i start to have nightmares about dying and you start to have nightmares about dying and then we realize we might both have more in common with the hotel than we thought AU

-there’s a monster in our town lake and we WILL be doing our group project on it just try and stop me AU

-something has been killing my family’s farm animals and draining them of blood but then my brother went to investigate but he hasn’t come back please help AU

-i know you see that shadowman standing by the mythology section he’s been stalking me too just dont look over, stand up calmly, and follow me AU

-wanna hear my ghost evps??? AU

-you’re new to this school and i’ll give you one piece of advice: dont open your door when someone knocks after dark. just dont. AU

-there’s a demon roaming this bed and breakfast hotel and guess who just became a certified minister right before the electricity cut? AU

-our AP chemistry teacher is part of an evil cult and IM GOING TO PROVE IT AU

-we both had our reasons to sneak off last night but we saw something we should'nt have and now men in black are turning up everywhere we go AU


Day 1 of the New Year and were ending it in Urgent care getting my niece checked out. My niece was a month early and due to that her lungs weren’t as ready as they should have been to enter the world so she stayed in the NICU for a few weeks. So when she gets a cold and has her cough that causes her not to breath we need to take precautions. Thank the lord her lungs and ears look good and it’s just a cold that hit her hard. Our little angel is healthy and we can all go home now and rest. Although we didn’t want to spend today like this we spent it as a United front the entire family in the waiting room just for my baby niece.