i was tagged by the amazing teamwhoretress2 for the 20 beautiful people tag. I’ve been feeling kinda shitty about myself all day so this was very nice :)

I tag all of these lovely people: of-23  nonbunny dollpartsxx thequeenofcarrotflovvers ferriswheelonfire jr-bden shootyou-d0wn fxrresttt hellians hewaschasinpaper chazbundickfanclub hermaphroditi americanaa-exoticaa the-inner-observer sertrateen lying-g0ddess b-e-b-o-ld neutralmilk p-a-radis-e thorxndor

sorry but could you repeat that? i was too busy projecting all my insecurities and anxieties onto everyone around me. including you. 


Day 1 of the New Year and were ending it in Urgent care getting my niece checked out. My niece was a month early and due to that her lungs weren’t as ready as they should have been to enter the world so she stayed in the NICU for a few weeks. So when she gets a cold and has her cough that causes her not to breath we need to take precautions. Thank the lord her lungs and ears look good and it’s just a cold that hit her hard. Our little angel is healthy and we can all go home now and rest. Although we didn’t want to spend today like this we spent it as a United front the entire family in the waiting room just for my baby niece.