Fahrenheit (radio rai 3) - In viaggio con David Forster Wallace

“The end of the tour”, che esce domani nelle sale italiane, a venti anni da “Infinite Jest”, racconta i cinque giorni in cui il giornalista di Rolling Stone, David Lipsky, affiancò David Foster Wallace per raccontare l’uscita del libro. Furono cinque giorni intensi, di grande amicizia anche se dopo quell’incontro i due non si incontrarono mai più. Il film si basa sul libro di Lipsky “Come diventare se stessi”. Ne parliamo con Edoardo Nesi, Martina Testa e Luca Briasco.

Just fyi, buttcheeksunite, rad-and-pregnant and nat-ural-radi-cal all just outed themselves as anti-semites, racists and ableists.

They’re both reblogging and agreeing with and endorsing commiefaggot’s post calling women who want female-only spaces “Nazis”, and comparing telling women who have sons to seek out intentional communities that allow sons rather than invading female-only intentional communities to stealing African babies to sell into slavery. rad-and-pregnant added ableist commentary calling the same women “sociopaths”.

Just a warning for those still supporting these horrible faux feminists.

Meanwhile, nat-ural-radi-cal is still lying her ass off about me (and has now switched from saying I deleted some insult-filled posts I literally never made to claiming that I ~edited ALL THE POSTS~ just to make her look bad zomg!!) and is now telling her followers to unfollow me and playing the victim and I just.

Apparently I’m an evil heinous villain who called her all kinds of names (didn’t), told her she was a bad parent (never said), and somehow managed to edit my much-reblogged posts to such an extent that somehow the original posts which are apparently full of horrible insults and presumably slurs and whatnot and saying that I want more rapists in this world to punish their mothers (WHAT EVEN THO) are nowhere to be found anywhere on the internet which is, you know, impossible because when you edit a post the original still shows up on prior reblogs (obviously, I did not do this).

(Meanwhile, she’s defending her blatant ableism and her followers are calling me “nuts” which is just A+ let me tell you internets.)

But I’m the one who’s lying. Mmkay, honey. Whatever you say.

Just an fyi to the people nat-ural-radi-cal is sending over here with her slanderous lies and bullshit:

She is currently claiming that I said some unspecified horrible shit to her and then deleted it.

This is not true.

This is a lie.

I have not deleted a single post, not one word, since the start of this entire drama. Not one.

She is lying to you about this like she is lying about and willfully misinterpreting the things I did say.

I’m sure my followers and mutuals can back me up on this if need be.

I am so disgusted by this low down, dirty tactic I can hardly breathe, this is so fucking nasty. This woman has been harassing me and lying about me all day. And now she’s flat out making shit up to try to slander me further.

This is too fucking far.