Things we deal with.

“There is still no valid argument against veganism.”

“You’ve NEVER come up with a justification for any of those, ever, not once, and I’m still waiting for it.”

I’m sorry, did we owe you an explanation?

We don’t try to argue against dietary choices, we argue for them. We don’t tell people “don’t eat that or you’ll die of horrid cancer-death.” With only a “well some people did” for an argument.

“Q: What is your argument against veganism?

A: This one time, on Tumblr a few people were really rude, so vegans are wrong.”

This is not our argument. We don’t say you are wrong, we say you are rude, uppity, pretentious, etc.

“Q: But what is your actual stance against going vegan?

A: Hold up let me throw a tantrum in the form of a blog.”

Same post second half. Is this a tantrum? We’ve stated multiple times or view on vegan diets. Hold up, let me reiterate every last one, because they’ve never changed:

We don’t care what you eat, as long as you eat it in peace. Stop calling us rapists. Stop calling us murderers. That is not helping you make people go vegan, it is pushing them from your cause, and giving them the mentality that all vegans are like this.

If the whole world will be forced into a diet change by 2030, let it. Until then, let me live my life the way I want. I break no laws, and I am sated.

Thank you, and goodnight. Seriously, I woke up just to post this. I’m going the fuck back to sleep.

~Lt XI

As a vegetarian and as a feminist, if you appropriate feminism to say that animal abuse (via the egg/milk industry) is more important than women’s rights (especially WOC and trans* rights) then you need to take a step back and follow these instructions:

  1. shut
  2. the
  3. fuck
  4. up

This is me acknowledging that animals are harmed and degraded and abused.
So are humans in the food industry. In fact the entire food industry is corrupt and if you  really have any moral standings you will stop eating entirely.

I was hoping this is all a myth about people trying to put animals on vegan diets. Yeah, way to go. You’re all for ‘natural’ yet you fuck up an animal’s -natural- diet, ABUSING IT by MALNOURISHMENT. (fun fact: Vegan diets can make cats go blind if they don’t die from it first) What the fuck? Who are they to dictate what other animals eat now?

Jesus if every animal ever stopped eating meat and went 'vegan’ bye-bye food for everything else. Because it would all be eaten up. Oh, don’t forget the over-population we’d experience.

The food chain exists for a reason.

Also also also why do radvegans call us carnists, which is insinuating we’re carnivores. It must be the fact their brains are being deprived of essential nutrients because humans are omnivores which means we eat both plants and meat. We don’t need solely one or the other, but we need BOTH. How hard is that for them to wrap their heads around?

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