Stanley Kubrick is particularly famous for his control of color on screen and his obsession with the color red, but every director makes conscious choices about what the color of their films.

Graphic designer Roxy Radulescu breaks down the color palettes of great cinema on his blog Movies In Color.

See a full slideshow of his work on KPCC’s AudioVision.

Photos above from Scarface, 2001: Space Odyssey and Requiem for a Dream.

Festival Omaggio A Horatiu Radulescu

October 8th 2011

I performed at the Omaggio A Horatiu Radulescu Festival in Acqui Terme (Alessandria - Italy), taking part in a roundtable discussion with composers Aldo Brizzi, Nicola Cisternino, Helmuth Flammer and musicologists Renzo Cresti and Diego Minciacchi. The Performance included Nicola Cisternino’s Kairoi, Horatiu Radulescu’s The Origin and François Sarhan’s Homework 2.

Faptul că nu sunt geloasă și nu-mi agasez bărbatul cu tâmpenii muierești a fost mereu o calitate.. Până când a fost încălcată granița și bărbaților li s-a părut că pot accesa orice altă femeie de la care se pot întoarce la cea inițială, adică eu.
—  Mihaela Rădulescu- Niște răspunsuri
Playing Ophelia

I write for you, I drag you in this line,
In the space I have I rush you, I cover you
WIth letters, connect you

To the title.
I write because I cannot touch you,
I was at the gate and you didn’t come, I wasn’t there

And you came with flowers,
I called your name, nobody answered. Night comes
With a loud scream vomiting stars.

I hate the way you are not here
Wearing your black shirt, the way I whisper your name
Without sound.

Let me exit, my hair scares me, the stage is full of rats,
My thoughts are old, older than me.
Give me back the fog, the loneliness, the body I forgot

In your cheap dream. 

- Stella Vinitchi Radulescu 

Dio non dice esattamente con quale tipo di molecole rende così belli i colori di una nuvola. Credo che dovremmo fare lo stesso: nascondere causa ed effetto, al fine di ottenere un fenomeno fantastico. È come un’invasione di bellezza, di gioia speciale, una gioia mistica.

Horaţiu Rădulescu



So I just found out why my biological family hates me, other than because I’m into girls. Here comes a rant. Sorry guys. Okay so I’m a first generation American. My family migrated from Romania in the 80’s and then I was born and my father didn’t want me so I was adopted. Since, he has tried to be in my life, but when I told him of my life, who I wanted to be, and what I wanted to do, he left.
In WW2, American forces killed half of my family, Nazis killed a majority of the rest. My family despises me because I want to join the military. Sorry my family was running illegal operations and I’m the bad guy. Lol. Romanians are mostly stupid. The rules are harsh, and the culture is strict. My Grandfather called me a whore when I was 12 like. What. My family is mostly Roma (gypsies) and I’m not married with three kids, so I’m dishonoring my family. I think I’m better off without my family. After all, I have four more parents to care for me, why would I be missing those three? lol

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"Daca e o greseala, am facut-o si atunci si o fac si astazi -nu mai am gelozii, nu pun intrebari, nu caut in telefoane, nu cer explicatii. Par femeia ideala, dar pana in punctul in care simt ca ce credeam ca e al meu, e de fapt, un bun de larg consum." Mihaela Radulescu, Elle decembrie 2014

Jagd der Vampire von Hagen Ulrich

Jagd der Vampire von Hagen Ulrich

Im dritten Band der Geschichten rund um die Vampire aus den Clans der Bucharis, Meyer-Frankenforsts und Radulescus sowie einen zickigen kleinen Magier, der nicht so glücklich mit seinen magischen Fähigkeiten ist, geht es um das Attentat auf Jan Meyer-Frankenforst. Und einiges mehr.

Sebastian Harrach, der Sohn des Plauener Stadtrats und künftigen CDU-Bundestagsabgeordneten Peter Harrach, muß…

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