NEXT WEEK/THIS WEEK on OK KO Let’s Be heroes(spoilers)

Face your Fears

Through a video game programmed by Freddy Krugar, Mr.Gar reveals he ultimately lead to the demise of KO’s probable father Laserblast…by a sandwich most likely…that is both tragic AND embarassing!

Everybody Likes Rad

Rad learns first hand from the entertainment industry that all they want from young alien actors is to be as stereotypical as possible and only say stupid catchphrases appropriated from their culture…this ep got ridiculously real. 

You Have to Care

Enid says fuck you to this arrow shooting Cupid bitch who betrayed her trust-BUT-its implied she felt guilty the  whole time so-FORESHADOWING FOR RECONCILIATION STORY!

Plaza Prom

BEST! EPISODE! SO! FAR! Mr.Gar’s first name is revealed to be mother-fucking EUGENE(I don’t know WHY that’s awesome it just is), more hinting that Nick Army and Joff the monk are most definitely gay(SO CUTE TOGETHER), more hinting that Brandon and A Real Magic Skeleton MIGHT be gay(got an early Lenny and Carl vibe), Carol reveals she looks fucking FINE in a prom dress(make your move Eugene Gar, no-one that hot stays on the market/widowed forever) Enid friend dances with KO in her DJ-prep costume(THE CUTENESS) and Rad dances so hard at Raymondo that he explodes which then woos the mean strawberry girl whose name no-one bothers to remember because she’s not Red Action.

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