me: oh wow oscar de la renta died
elika: damn, really?
me: yeah
elika: …who’s oscar de la renta again?
me: a fashion designer. 
elika: oh. you don’t wanna know who i thought you meant.
me: was it oscar de la hoya?
me: yes?
elika: yes

radphlegm asked:

What got you so interested in science and plants?

I was born in Quisqueya/D.R. a tropical island full of beautiful plants of all types and sizes, and spent enough time there for it to have a major impact on me and my interests later on. Mixed with my insatiable appetite to learn about the true clockwork of things I guess the two eventually converged in the form of my interest in botany, herbalism, and just about any kind of wisdom on plant life :)

The Missed Point

So before we were so rudely taken off the air, we saw someone write that we hadn’t converted any radfems to our cause.

We call that missin the point.

Peak Radfem isn’t about converting anyone to our cause.  We don’t care about that.

We aren’t here to make people think better of trans people. We aren’t here to get people to give up their ideas.  Heck, we don’t even care if they stop hatin trans people.

We are here to make fun of the way that some people pick on trans people. We do that by making the same kind of outlandish claims that they do.  We don’t misgender people, but we do cuss.  Each time we cuss, that’s just like calling a trans woman a male or a man, or callin a trans man a female or woman.

That’s why we do it that way.

We do what they do.  So if we come across as crazy, or stalking, or mean – well, that’s because that is how radphlegm’s come across.

That’s it.  That’s’ all we are doing.

We are not social justice warriros

We are not trans activists

we are just people who are sick and tired of the phlegm that some people hurl at trans people and so are giving it right back to them.

That’s called a mirror.  And sometimes, that means the mirror we hold up to them isn’t going to be pretty.

Because what they are doing isn’t pretty.

So, I talked to two of the members of Peak Radphlegm today...

And I was informed that they are having a hard time getting a quorum together since two of them were in a car accident just before the weekend.

Everyone is ok, just trying to get things together.  

They asked that I put something up to let people know, so here it is.


yayyyyy, i finally finished making elika!

most of the first draft was admittedly from memory. i edited her jaw (it wasn’t rounded enough), makeup (gotta have the dark lipstick!), and nose (had to widen the end of it and add mass to give it a rounder look) after looking at her pictures again. 

[skips off to make me, too, and give us an apartment in the city]