RP Starter: a-wind-of-freedom

It was one of those days.

The kind of dank, dark evening on the bad side of town that made you shiver from the inside out, rather than the outside in. The kind of day where you wanted to rush inside and ward off the cold with a blanket, a pet, a friend, even though it was only 60 degrees.

A slight red glow in one of the alleyways illuminated the silhouette of a male rabbit, searching cautiously around for danger as he walked the streets.

Three to four in the morning is going to be an ordeal, he thought, the psychic glow on his forehead casing long shadows as his feet rose and fell, rose and fell across the pavement. I hope no one is alone tonight.

Winter had fallen on the Eggman Empire. The already chilled environment became frigid, ice forming on rocks and around the upper portions of trees in the forest near the metropolis. Grey powder, wet and heavy, covered the ground as far as the eye could see.

In the deafening quiet, small, disjointed sounds began to struggle through the air. A blue hedgehog sat cross-legged against a tree, trying not to shiver as the wind cleaved through his cotton sweatshirt as if it wasn’t there at all. A guitar rested in his lap, neck pointed away from him as his fingers mindlessly plucked notes. No chords, no melody, no tempo. Just notes, carelessly tossed to the wind just to shortly be smothered by the snow.

China is cold and makes me feel like an achey old-timer. Plus it’s harder to wake up in the morning x 100 the curse of a warm and toasty blanket

Thinking of starting a streetstyle blog or incorporating it into http://radparty.tumblr.com

to document funky silly interesting incomprehensible Asian style/dem Asian grannies are so ahead of their time.