The car pulled up to the castle. It was big, spacious, not unlike the one that the young woman herself lived in. There was a sense of dread in the pit of her stomach, though. This was not home. This was about as far away from it as she could imagine. She didn’t want to do this. She didn’t want to go in and meet her future husband. She took a deep breath as the car slowed to a stop, her heart fluttering around, leaping into her throat, hands shaking the tiniest bit in a decidedly unprincessly like fashion. She took another calming breath as the driver parked, getting out hurriedly to open the door for her.

“Radovich castle, Your Highness.” Her bodyguard, Aimery, said, coming to stand next to her. She gave a small smile, trying not to betray the total devastation she felt in her heart. She wanted to do what was best for her people, of course, she loved her kingdom, but she didn’t want to get married -or even think of it- quite yet. She was young. She wanted more. “It’s… lovely.” She said politely, her years of etiquette training coming in handy. She looked up at the castle doors, waiting for the royal family to emerge, to get her first peek at her husband-to-be. She bit her lip, heart thudding at the thought. This was it. This was really it.

Jay Z and Rihanna will kick off “Thursday Night Football” festivities with their hit song “Run This Town,” Fox Sports reports. The 2009 track featured on Jay Z’s The Blueprint 3 album will serve as Thursday’s NFL recurring theme song for the 2014 season.

The opening melody will not feature Kanye West’s verse, but will gain a guest orator spot from actor Don Cheadle who’ll introduce each team that plays that evening.

“This open combines one of music’s biggest stars with one of the most dynamic actors in Hollywood,” said CBS Sports Creative Director, Pete Radovich. ”The energy that both talents give the opening to every Thursday night the big-game, primetime feel it deserves. It is a dream scenario for any director.“