Science Fact Friday: Homology

I’ve also found this a helpful art tool. Whenever you forget which way a particular joint bends you can just reference your own!


Ask Ethan: Why Do Stars Come In Different Sizes?

“Why can suns grow to… many different sizes? That is, ranging from somewhat larger [than] Jupiter up to suns exceeding Jupiter’s orbit?”

“Bigger mass makes a bigger star,” you might be inclined to say. The smallest stars in size should be small because they have the least amount of material in them, while the largest ones of all are the largest because they’ve got the most material to make stars out of. And that’s a tempting explanation, but it doesn’t account for either the smallest stars or the largest ones in the Universe. As it turns out, neutron stars and white dwarfs are almost all larger in mass than our own Sun is, and yet the Sun is hundreds or even many thousands of times larger than they are. The most massive star known is only 30 times the physical size of our Sun, while the largest star of all is nearly 2,000 times our Sun’s size. As it turns out, there’s much, much more at play than mass alone.

Why do stars really come in different sizes, and how do we even know how big a star is at all? Find out on this week’s Ask Ethan!


Hey guys!

So, I’d promised to give you a little review of the movie “Radius” after I went to the world premiere, and OMG!  Where do I even start?

First, as you can see, yes, I had the incredible pleasure and great privilege of meeting with Diego  Klattenhoff.  Actually, I had not been expecting how ridiculously relaxed the whole premiere would be.

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Period Cube: Radius Walkthrough

Period Cube Walkthroughs: [Hiroya], [Libera], [Zain], [Astrum]

✘ = choice picked

(⇪ up) = affection increase

(▲ up) = almighty increase


*The Prologue choice doesn’t matter

Quest 1
Knife [Route for Hiroya or Libera]
Harp [Route for Astrum (and maybe someone else later on?)]
Run [Route for Zain or Radius]

Choose Run for Radius

Use knife (No change)
Play harp (Radius’ Route) (▲ up)

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