RobThier’s Coin Lottery Giveaway!

My dear Lords and Ladies,

Thanks to mylittleifrit and fireflyloosen who nominated my stories during the recent #RadishVlog event (Youtube Link here), I won 120 Radish coins. And since I am not Mr Ambrose, I do not intend to stuff them into my safe, but instead will share them with you, my dear readers! :)

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So we’re having a little coin lottery! Leave a comment on this blog post with your Radish username to participate. 

The winners shall be picked randomly, and receive the following prizes:

1st and 2nd Prize: 30 coins each

3rd to 8th Prize: 12 coins each

The deadline for commenting is Sunday (August 28, 2016). Good luck to everyone! And thanks so much to the two nominators for making this little lottery possible! :)

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Yours Truly,

Sir Rob