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I’m growing parsley, rocket ,watercress and radishes in my garden.😊🥕

とか言う名前で 簡単にセット出来る物を


I made pizza with garden rocket and radish
grown in my garden.
It was very delicious. :p 🍕🌱🍷


Pantone 1945 color match. A teeny tiny radish. I found it at my local supermarket, amidst the regular size radishes. It just jumped right at me saying “Take my picture, lady!” 😁

You can can find this pretty radish and other curious and mundane objects in my book “Tiny Pantone Objects”. If you didn’t get it for Christmas, get it for yourself for New Year 😉 Available at abramsbooks.com, most book stores, or Amazon.com. Hope you all had a lovely time with your family and friends this Christmas and Holidays!

RobThier’s Coin Lottery Giveaway!

My dear Lords and Ladies,

Thanks to mylittleifrit and fireflyloosen who nominated my stories during the recent #RadishVlog event (Youtube Link here), I won 120 Radish coins. And since I am not Mr Ambrose, I do not intend to stuff them into my safe, but instead will share them with you, my dear readers! :)

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So we’re having a little coin lottery! Leave a comment on this blog post with your Radish username to participate. 

The winners shall be picked randomly, and receive the following prizes:

1st and 2nd Prize: 30 coins each

3rd to 8th Prize: 12 coins each

The deadline for commenting is Sunday (August 28, 2016). Good luck to everyone! And thanks so much to the two nominators for making this little lottery possible! :)

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  • baked white (purple) sweet potato, 
  • orange sweet potato, 
  • avocado, 
  • radish, 
  • shallots, 
  • cucumber, 
  • tomato, 
  • peaceloveandvegetables SuperKraut

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Healthy Monday: When the summer markets are full of great ingredients like corn, basil and sunflower sprouts, F&W’s Justin Chapple makes his fresh and colorful summer rolls. He adds avocado for creaminess and chicken to make them more substantial, but you could pick any protein you like or skip it altogether. The Asian-style oil-free dipping sauce is key, as it’s basically the dressing for all the lovely fresh fillings.

Recipe: Vegetable-Chicken Summer Rolls        

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  • baked potato fries, 
  • avocado, 
  • baked pumpkin, 
  • grilled zucchini slices,
  • radish, 
  • cherry tomatoes, 
  • shallots,
  • bed of rocket, 
  • drizzled with mayversfood Tahini