Check it out! It’s PEDICAB Live at 2299!

Sorry for the shots. I tried to take a decent photo but for some reason… it didn’t turn out nice. :c

Anyway, Pedicab sounded great today. I really enjoyed their performance. I loved the energy, their answers, and their reaction during the show.

I also enjoyed the contest! It was really hilarious! hahaha. Whoever thought about the whole ‘Sando’ thing is a genius! :p

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The Jerks LIVE AT 2299! After all these years, their music is still super infectious! Super angas ng political songs nila. Kahit 80s pa yun, angkop pa din sa panahon ngayon. Awesome performance. I really enjoyed watching them. :)

Chikoy Pura: “Kung gusto mong magkaroon ng pagbabago, kailangan nandito ka." 

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GUITARMAGEDDON is by far my most favorite ROCK BATO episode ever!

Great job, Radio Republic for making this happen. I really learned a lot. 

Big thanks to: Junji Lerma, Noel Mendez, Tirso Ripoll, and Jun Lopito for playing such wonderful music today. 

You guys inspire me not to give up.

Thank you also to our surprise guest, Luis Galang. 


Grabe, I hope we can get to watch the replay soon.

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My favorite singer dropped by the office yesterday! <3 It’s Cooky Chua of Color It Red!

Ang galing ng version nya ng ‘Paglisan’ with Sir Jay Durias. I DIED sa sobrang ganda!!

Not to mention, I’ll be jamming with her this FRIDAY! Hihi. I’m so excited!

Details to follow soon. <3

Hey, look! I just jammed with a bunch of great musicians. hihi. I can now rest in peace. :p

It’s the dream team! hehe. Zach Lucero (of Imago) on drums, Karel Honasan (of Yosha) on bass, Francis ‘brew’ Reyes (of Peso Movement) on guitar, and (the saling kitkit) yours truly on vox! 

Trial run lang naman at the Radio Republic Studio. Hehe. :)

Big thanks to Kelley Mangahas for this awesome 'digital proof’! hihi. :D



I’ve been hearing this song a lot here at Radio Republic. Massive airplay, I tell you. Good job for being Radio Rep’s Pick of the Week! Awesome song. :D

Ang Bandang Shirley - Iyong

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I’m now watching the FREESTYLE FLOW on SWAG @ RadioRepublicPH! With J-Skeelz, Los Magno of The Out of Body Special, and Vince Bueno!

Super AMAZING!!! I wished I stayed at the office (edi sana na document ko yung showdown) :/

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Big thanks to Q-York for the shout out! :)


COSPLAY EPISODE @ Celebrity Spin! (2012.10.29)


Dan ‘Spider Dan’ Geromo - best known for his band, Kiko Machine and The Discoball.

Captain Hank 'Sparrow’ Palenzuela - best known for being part of the bands: Color It Red, Agaw Agimat, and Elektrikoolaid.

Don Robert Torio aka Man of Iron - best known for wearing the Iron Man costume at Cosplay conventions. 

Adrian Arcega as Anakin Skywalker - best known for being the frontman of stereodeal AND for being radio rep’s awesome content manager!

Hosted by Aryn Cristobal (as Daenerys Targaryen aka Khaleesi)

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Muchikahan: Jamming Special hosted by Jay Durias featuring: 16-year old protege, Joey Ynion, and campers batch 2 (singer track): Gene Roca and Jhunmyr Flores.

Awesome episode as usual. I felt a bit giddy when Sir JayD played ‘Ikaw Nga’. hehe. (It’s one of my favorite South Border songs). :D

Kudos to Muchikahan for featuring another batch of campers. Thanks for the exposure!

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Itchyworms LIVE AT 2299! (01.24.13)

Amazing set last night! This band never fails to crack me up. Very entertaining! :) Catch the replays on Saturday and Sunday, 2pm & 11pm only at!

Support Filipino Music!


Wolfgang LIVE AT 2299! (9.20.12)


So glad to see Francis Aquino performing with the band. 

As usual, he still plays very loudly! Walang nabago. I remember back in College, his band (Monkeyspank) played at my mom’s bar and he accidentally ripped a huge hole on the snare, bass drum, and floor tom! Kawawang drumset. Butas na butas! haha! Ang masakit pa dun, sound check palang yun! :p

Check this nice article about them written by Dylan Vizcarra:

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Photo by: Kelley Mangahas (Instagram)

Amazing set by Giniling Festival. Such wonderful “kreeechas”. :p

For some reason, even if Marco’s not in character, I can still see him as Bogart the explorer. haha. 

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“Hariparot talaga… Chong, boyfriend mo pokpok, boyfriend mo malandi…” - Giniling Festival

Hilarious lyrics. Grabe! hehe. :)