radiohead just


Radiohead - Just (1995) - Directed by Jamie Thraves. | “You do it to yourself, you do / And that’s what really hurts / Is that you do it to yourself / Just you, you and no one else / You do it to yourself.” 

What Happens: A man inexplicably lies down in the street. A crowd gathers to try to help him get up but when he refuses they demand to know what’s wrong with him. Meanwhile Radiohead play “Just” in a nearby flat. Eventually, the man reluctantly agrees to tell them why he’s lying down. The subtitles cut out so we only see him mouthing the words. When they hear his reason they all lie down as well.

what your favorite Radiohead album says about you

Pablo Honey: this isn’t really your genre of music, is it? you would probably rather listen to some good early Green Day, which I totally respect, Radiohead doesn’t have to be your favorite band.

The Bends: you are introspective, sure, but there is so much more to face out there than within yourself. you feel all of that so intensely. when you read about poverty and war and famine you get a feeling in your chest and you know it is your responsibility to fix this and you know when to cast off your own problems and turn to face the world. you know why you are alive.

OK Computer: much like the album, you are passionate but neurotic: the world has left you angry and disappointed, and you responded by becoming sharp and cold. you appreciate the strange time signatures. you are not afraid of the dark. you are warm on the inside, but cerebral: the fire that gives you all that intensity is in your mind, not in your heart.

Kid A: you have nightmares sometimes. they are sometimes nonsensical, but sometimes very real. it’s hard for you to name your emotions. the album is abstract, but full of feeling - you don’t need it to be concrete to get something out of it. you don’t understand when people say Kid A is frustrating and incomprehensible: what, in life, is not?

Amnesiac: you’re deeply philosophical and think a lot about your purpose in life, but you still somehow feel hollow. you’re detached. your thoughts are bizarre. that’s ok. you’re still warm at the core and Radiohead will fill the hole in your heart.

Hail to the Thief: like the album itself, you’re intense and politically charged. you don’t mind the kind of emotional passion that scares other people away because you: oh, you feel it. you’re sarcastic and sharp witted and not afraid to get your hands dirty - or afraid of the length and energy of this album.

In Rainbows: you are focused and introverted: you see the world one person at a time. this is one of the least angry Radiohead albums - you relate far more to the intimate, personal darkness that leaks through these songs. this doesn’t mean you lack emotional intensity. this album cuts you straight to the core.

The King of Limbs: you’re really into this rough electronic rusted industrial aesthetic. you only know all the lyrics because you’ve read them online so may times… because in the songs, they’re completely distorted and inaudible. you like that. you have to deserve King of Limbs.

A Moon Shaped Pool: you appreciate the majesty of an album like this. Radiohead has never just been about the lyrics. it’s about the feeling and depth contributed by the whole. you feel a hell of a lot of emotions when your bare feet touch the wet grass in the springtime. this album is alive and you can hear it breathing.

the (pre) The Bends era b-sides are so important. like Lewis (“Changed shape to fit / In the end you just feel sick / A million love songs under anaesthetic / Hey don’t do it / Don’t jump”), Permanent Daylight (“The easiest way to sleep at night / Is to carry on believing that I don’t exist”), Lozenge of Love (“I can’t sleep / Why can’t someone hold me / I need warmth / A restless body cracks some more / I won’t have the strength / When you really need me”) and the amazing You Never Wash Up After Yourself (“I must get out once in a while / I eat all day and now I’m fat”).

Thom is so precious and so depressed.

I just wanna talk about a thing that I LOVE about Radiohead and Thoms singing/songwriting - when he mumbles/slurs his words so that you can’t make them out 100% and it could be 2 different words - like in Present Tense (“This dance” - “Distance”) or Glass Eyes (“I feel this love to the core” - “I feel this love turn cold”), I’m sure there’s more instances but I’m 99% sure he does it on purpose, to leave it even more open for interpretation? Because he doesn’t talk much about what his songs are about, especially not these days lol, and I think that’s because he wants people to find their own things in there, and by leaving these words unclear he deliberately gives even more options for that? Because they kinda change the meaning of the songs drastically and idk I do think it’s on purpose and I love it.