radiohead just


Radiohead - Just (1995) - Directed by Jamie Thraves. | “You do it to yourself, you do / And that’s what really hurts / Is that you do it to yourself / Just you, you and no one else / You do it to yourself.” 

What Happens: A man inexplicably lies down in the street. A crowd gathers to try to help him get up but when he refuses they demand to know what’s wrong with him. Meanwhile Radiohead play “Just” in a nearby flat. Eventually, the man reluctantly agrees to tell them why he’s lying down. The subtitles cut out so we only see him mouthing the words. When they hear his reason they all lie down as well.

the (pre) The Bends era b-sides are so important. like Lewis (“Changed shape to fit / In the end you just feel sick / A million love songs under anaesthetic / Hey don’t do it / Don’t jump”), Permanent Daylight (“The easiest way to sleep at night / Is to carry on believing that I don’t exist”), Lozenge of Love (“I can’t sleep / Why can’t someone hold me / I need warmth / A restless body cracks some more / I won’t have the strength / When you really need me”) and the amazing You Never Wash Up After Yourself (“I must get out once in a while / I eat all day and now I’m fat”).

Thom is so precious and so depressed.