I’ve been a massive fan of Radiohead for nearly six years now and I love ALL of their music but the one song I always come back to is “Life in a Glasshouse” from Amnesiac. This song was the only track recorded after Kid A was released because the band wanted the song to have a jazz sound, but realized that they couldn’t do it on their own. So precious angel Jonny Greenwood wrote a letter to Humphrey Lyttelton (a jazz trumpet player) asking that he have his band, the Humphrey Lyttelton band (in the gifs above), play on the track. Humphrey agreed to help after his daughter showed him OK Computer.

Listen to the trumpet, listen to the trombone, the FUCKING CLARINET IS PERFECT and not many songs translate better when played live but their 2001 Jools Holland performance (above gifs) will always be #1. Thom dancing in his Atari shirt (a shirt I love more than I love myself probably), Jonny on piano, and again the CLARINET (I played for six years so maybe I’m biased). You’ve got Thom singing these eerie lyrics inspired by a story he’d read of a celebrity’s wife so fed up with the paparazzi that she papered her house windows with their photographs, this amazing smooth jazz opening and build up and then WHAM you get hit with this brilliant New Orlean’s funeral jazz climax. The denouement always leaves me with a heavy chest.

Sadly, Humphrey Lyttelton passed away in 2008. Jonny wrote on Dead Air Space: “We were all sorry to hear of Humphrey Lyttleton’s death - he was an inspiring person to record with, and without his direction, we’d never have recorded/released ‘Life in a Glasshouse’. So go and find 'Bad Penny Blues’, and celebrate his life with some hot jazz……”


You’re so fucking special! <3

Day 112-Radiohead! I have to admit I didn’t want to like this band bc they were too damn big, but someone just kept telling me not to judge and to have an open mind. And after watching the Bruce Jenner interview and being touched, I thought this was fitting. “Jigsaw falling into place. So there is nothing to explain. You eye each other as you pass. She looks back and you look back. Not just once. Not just twice. Wish away your nightmare. You’ve got the light you can feel it on your back. A light you can feel it on your back. Jigsaw falling into place. #Radiohead #JigsawfallingintoPlace #InRainbows #Projectbandshirt #ThomYorke #JonnyGreenwood #ColinGreenwood #PhilSelway #EdOBrien #BritRockers #Experimental #Alternative #musicappreciation

She looks like the real thing
She tastes like the real thing
My fake
plastic love
But I can’t help the feeling
I could blow through the ceiling
If I just turn
and run

It wears me out…

If I could be
who you wanted
If I could be
who you wanted all the time

All the time…


Have mercy.

This cover of Radiohead’s Creep by Postmodern Jukebox featuring Haley Reinhart just sends me. 

Just … wow. Classy take on a familiar tune. One of those songs that hit me hard back in the day. Remember those feelings of self-loathing while in the presence of an angel that accepted them as they are. Not fun. But geez, this is just good.