Tôi ước một số người có thể hiểu được câu chuyện không còn nằm ở tôi và họ, về cuộc chiến im lặng hay ai sẽ mở lời trước. Đôi khi anh ta/ cô ấy quá tự tin về bản thân mình, họ nghĩ những dòng trạng thái của tôi cùng vài tấm ảnh vui đùa với bạn bè là biểu hiện của sự hiếu thắng - muốn chứng tỏ tôi ổn nếu không có họ. Này, cậu thực sự nghĩ cậu là người duy nhất ở đây biết tớ thích nâu đá hơn latte, Radiohead hơn Coldplay và hoạ tiết chấm bi là thứ cuối cùng tớ sẽ mang lên người? Vậy nghĩ lại đi nhé.

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Oh, Pablo Honey. It all starts so delicately with the trilling and the swaying rhythm and then the polished distortion before “You…are…the sun and moon and sky are you….” Already, Radiohead’s career long interest in the moon is in our face, but the crucial thing with “You” is that it showcases one of Pablo Honey’s great strengths—the constant, successful shifts between soft and loud. The energy doesn’t even have to change—the soft sections of “You” and “Stop Whispering”—maintain a bouncing element. Don’t you wonder what “Exit Music” on OK Computer would sound like if given the same treatment (not as a replacement, of course, but as an alternate take)?

“i won’t let this happen to my children”

What your favorite Radiohead album says about you

Pablo Honey: You don’t like Radiohead.

The Bends: You’re just a chill dude who likes to rock out and have a good time and wish life could be like it was in the 90s when people were making real music instead of this emotionless techno polluting the airwaves.

OK Computer: You want Jonny Greenwood to use you the way he uses that telecaster with that sticker from that volleyball anime that you watched just to feel closer to him and his avant-garde genius and beautiful jellyfish bangs. Thom Yorke is your real dad.

Kid A: You literally masturbate to Pitchfork articles and break down into tears every time you hear a G major chord on an organ.

Amnesiac: You know what time signature Pyramid Song is in.

Hail to the Thief: You read 1984 in high school and now it’s the only book you recommend. You like Banksy.

In Rainbows: “The word ‘hipster’ is actually a slur”

The King of Limbs: While you do enjoy Anthony Fantano’s reviews, you don’t always agree with his opinions. You hate nuclear power.

House of Cards
  • House of Cards
  • Radiohead
  • In Rainbows

House of Cards

“The infrastructure will collapse
From voltage spikes.
Throw your keys in the bowl.
Kiss your husband, ‘good night.’
Forget about your house of cards,
And I’ll do mine.
Forget about your house of cards,
And I’ll do mine.”