How ginger *is* Thom Yorke, really? It seems to be the accepted wisdom that he’s a ginger - but his hair doesn’t look very ginger to me in most pictures. His beard sometimes does, though. Eyebrows and eyelashes, too. So… is he partially ginger?

Or maybe he does dye his hair. But not his beard.

Kind of weird, that, though. Wouldn’t it make more sense to dye the hair the same colour as the beard?

(I am aware that “sense” is a tenuous concept when applied to Thom Yorke’s hair-related choices, sometimes.)

Can’t really trust the colours in photographs, of course.

To clarify my own position on this important issue:

Ponytail: Eh. It’s okay. Occasionally it’s cute, almost like a bunny’s tail.

Long hair, 2012 style: Perfectly okay, most of the time. Occasionally slightly unfortunate.

Long 1990s hair: LOL.

Short 1990s hair (various versions): Yum.

Short hair and beginning beard (ca. 2001): Even better.

2003 hair: cute. The most pixie-like he’s ever looked.

Eraser-era hair and beard: YES PLEASE.

2009/2010 hair: I’d consider taking up residence in that, too.


Bonus answer to the obvious question:

Headband: Oddly endearing.

“We’ve supported every band in the world,” - says Jonny. - “Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts!”
“The Funking Bastewards,” - Ed adds.
“We’d say yes!”
“Bum Gravy,” - admits Colin daringly. - “We were there”.
Why did you bother?
“We wanted to play! We wanted to reach out to the kids!” adds Ed, wryly. - “We played 100-odd gigs before anyone knew who we were!”
Which rather flies in the face of the assumption that, because Radiohead signed to a major label straight off, you were cobbled together in somebody’s A&R workshop.
“Yeah, right! If they had… they’d have done it much better!” Colin laughs.
“Photogenically,” - Jonny says, looking over at Thom, who is searching for volunteers to cut his hair. - “Musically! Less annoyingly!”
“Better prepared!” - Ed snorts.
Colin says, “I was talking to another person in another Famous Name Band who said, ‘Well, of course, we always prepare our interviews beforehand…’ And I thought, 'Oh no! Oh God!’”

- Melody Maker, October 1994