Fun with a GoPro for POV shots on side of the RC vehicle. #Lowrider #ModelCar #RadioControl #Jevries #Chicago #GoPro
Song: Let Down (Nas) by Eshon Burgundy


My son likes the #drought for the dust bowl fields it has created. #rccar #rc #rctruck #radiocontrol #4wheeler #4wheeling #dirt (at Brandon Elementary)


Parece que últimamente todo va de campeones de alguna cosa del mundo.

Este es el campeón mundial de vuelo de helicóptero radiocontrol.

¿Aplicaciones interesantes a su habilidad? Muchas que se me ocurren y no todas legales.


Yo quiero uno!! >> Air Swimmers Awesome RC flying shark and clownfish!!! (por MegaWackyvideos)


Dominio ABSOLUTO del helicóptero RC.

by Alan Szabo Jr.

El que alguna vez haya intentado pilotar un aparato del averno similar, sabrá que eso está al alcance de muy pocos…


The FLYING HUNTERS at the Warbird Meeting Oberhausen 2014


El video es un spot publicitario para un pequeño helicóptero de juguete llamado HELO TC, que se puede controlar desde cualquier dispositivo con iOS.

Quiero uno para la oficina :D.

(Vía Microsiervos)

Another future project. My old Schumacher (Fusion?) Supposedly the fastest at that time at about 75mph due to the Picco engine and three-speed transmission. Too fast, I can’t handle it. So cool to hear the transmission shift and surge but so fast and low to the ground, a pebble can make it fly off the pavement. I remember I needed a suspension arm for it. Otherwise intact. #radiocontrol #nitro #remotecontrol #hobby

New! RC10B5M Factory Lite Kit #90000

Team Associated’s RC10B5 and RC10B5M have been met with wild success by racers around the globe at both the club level and at major racing events. Always looking for a challenge, Team Associated’s Area 51 engineers took it upon themselves to make the best RC10 to date even better! A version of the B5M that would optimize the platform to excel in classes requiring spec motors and for certain track conditions that allow the racer to take full advantage of the performance offered from reduced weight.

Enter the RC10B5M Factory Lite Kit. Shedding over 75 grams of weight, the RC10B5M Factory Lite includes a 3-gear transmission for lower rotational mass, a lightened hard-anodized aluminum chassis, titanium turnbuckles, and aluminum front axles.

Coming in at fighting weight, the RC10B5M Factory Lite is sure to be a winner!

RC10B5M Factory Lite Kit
UPC: 784695 900004
Available: March 2015

Source (specs, photos, manual):