Fun with a GoPro for POV shots on side of the RC vehicle. #Lowrider #ModelCar #RadioControl #Jevries #Chicago #GoPro
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Yo quiero uno!! >> Air Swimmers Awesome RC flying shark and clownfish!!! (por MegaWackyvideos)


Parece que últimamente todo va de campeones de alguna cosa del mundo.

Este es el campeón mundial de vuelo de helicóptero radiocontrol.

¿Aplicaciones interesantes a su habilidad? Muchas que se me ocurren y no todas legales.


Dominio ABSOLUTO del helicóptero RC.

by Alan Szabo Jr.

El que alguna vez haya intentado pilotar un aparato del averno similar, sabrá que eso está al alcance de muy pocos…


The FLYING HUNTERS at the Warbird Meeting Oberhausen 2014


El video es un spot publicitario para un pequeño helicóptero de juguete llamado HELO TC, que se puede controlar desde cualquier dispositivo con iOS.

Quiero uno para la oficina :D.

(Vía Microsiervos)


Super Circle Plane | Flite Test

Flying through gates is fun, but flying through something that’s flying is even better! The Super Circle Plane is a giant scratch built foam board Annular Wing airplane that took to the sky at the 2015 Flite Fest event.

Details and links to the episodes mentioned in this video here:…

Learn more about Flite Fest here:

We’d also like to thank everyone who helped with this super circle plane project and the pilots who shared their video footage featured in this episode!

Had these come in the Mail today from “Great Hobbies”. I must have read the info wrong on the shackle. I thought it was 1 pack of 2. Nope… Just one shackle. All this cost me $98.00 Canadian.
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RC Racecars are AWESOME.

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RC Racecars are AWESOME.

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Yeah, I’ve been pretty focused on drone racing, but this is pretty epic.

My first ‘radio control’ experience was building a Tamiya “subaru brat” model when I was in my 20’s, and that helped later when I started building drones. These cars are a little different, but the feeling is similar. Pretty nifty stuff.