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1. Novocaine - Fall Out Boy

2. Welcome to the Rock - cast of Come From Away

3.  Traicionera - Sebastian Yatra

4. Immigrants (We Get the Job Done) - K’NAAN, Snow tha Product, Riz MC, Residente

5. Meera - Raja Kumari

6. Centuries -Fall Out Boy

7. Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

8. Twins Skeleton’s (Hotel in NYC) - Fall Out Boy

9. My Songs Know What You Did - Fall Out Boy

10. Light My Body Up - David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj

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Saw the Simulacrum thing the anon asked about (face cracking, does he not have a face anymore), and had an idea that I wanted to share. "Marinette lands a solid punch on Adrien--no, Simulacrum, got to think of him as Simulacrum--hitting him square in the face with enough force to knock him back a few steps. There's the sound of clattering pottery as he drops the rapier and clutches at his face with both hands. 'No, no, no," he mutters over and over as shards fall between his" (cont)

(cont from prev) “desperately grasping fingers. ‘No, no, no!” he repeats in a howl as Marinette backs up. ‘My face! You took away my face!’ She takes an instinctive step back as Simulacrum looks up at her. His face is gone; in its place is a seething mass of absolute empty darkness, a concentrated blaze of black fury in which his eyes glow like twin radioactive embers. 'Give it back to me!’ he screams, rapiers reappearing as if by magic in his hands.“ (cont)

(cont from prev) “Marinette glances down at the mirror that Lucky Charm had produced for her, and she suddenly knows how to win. 'I took away who you are, didn’t I?’ she says to him, as calmly as she can manage. 'Yes!’ he howls. 'Give it back!’ 'Okay.’ She takes a breath and continues as he lunges at her, a rapier’s needle point whining past her face. 'You are Adrien Agreste–’ 'No I’m not!’ ’–you are the kindest, sweetest person I know–’ 'Shut! Up!’ He slices at her throat.” (cont)

(cont from prev) “’–I mean, for the love of god you put up with Chloe every day’, Marinette continues, dodging his increasingly erratic attacks, 'you put up with your FATHER every day–’ 'Shut! Up!’ A rapier clatters to the ground as he starts slashing at her with powerful, double-handed blows more suited for chopping down trees. ’–you are Adrien Agreste!’ Marinette shouts at him, catching the blade in her free hand and squeezing down, feeling the edge bite into flesh and bone.” (cont)

(cont from prev) “'No, I’m not,’ Adrien snarls at her. 'No, I’m not! I’m not!’ 'You are!’ Marinette counters. 'You’re more than this, you’re more than what your father wants you to be.’ Adrien stares at her, gaze blank and burning and furious with denial. 'Prove it.’ Marinette doesn’t say anything, but raises the mirror. For a second, Adrien just stares. Then his hand comes up to touch the smooth, flushed skin of his cheek, and in a blaze of sudden light, Simulacrum vanishes.” (fin)




N  I  C  E

L: And…and you're sure that this will get him to like me?

B: Honey please, when you give him that gift, that Walter won’t be able to ignore you

L: …

I imagine B to be that kind of ‘older sister’ figure to Lady that tries to help her with boy problems but ends up making things a hell of a lot worse.

[She’s got a crush on a certain Walter and decided to seek help from B. Not the best decision, is it?]