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Arrow 5x23 “Lian Yu” After Thoughts

Main thought

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Not only someone ( @almondblossomme was it you?) had called it already but all the hint’s about an explosion and a big cliffhanger pointed in this general direction.

Lian Yu was blown up and like I posted last night we are yet again involved in a Schrodinger’s cat kind of experience.

To does that don’t know the  Schrodinger’s cat theory. It’s basic physics, if you take a cat and close it inside a box with “a Geiger counter, there is a tiny bit of radioactive substance, so small, that perhaps in the course of the hour one of the atoms decays, but also, with equal probability, perhaps none; if it happens, the counter tube discharges and through a relay releases a hammer that shatters a small flask of hydrocyanic acid” (taken from Wikipedia). We are unable to see the cat, hence the cat is neither alive nor dead (to our knowledge) until we open the box. 

That’s pretty much what Season 5 Arrow left us with. We know Oliver and William are alive; we know Chase is dead; as for the rest (all of them) only when we open the “box” aka Season 6 will we know if they are dead or alive.

I’m use to cliffhangers, we all are. As I said before, a cliffhanger with Oliver survival was mute so it had to be someone else.They decided it should be everyone else… I’m okay with it… 

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As for the episode I’ll be honest things came in so fast I felt I didn’t even have time to process and lose my head over them before the next one came on. I truly was the person trying to catch up and forever getting there just late enough to be blown away by the next big shock.

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Let’s dig in.

Team Oliver (He didn’t had the mask on so Oliver)

Working with opponents takes finding common ground. Oliver and Slade found common ground in their son’s. They are both father’s; they both want their son’s safe and with them; that’s common ground, one both Slade and Oliver can live with.

Nyssa and Malcolm made me laugh. I loved their bickering.

No one was surprised by the plane being blown up. Note to writers: In a fic I hid the plane over on the Amazo, Oliver should have been a bit more clever. 

The Team splitting up made sense. The trap was too predictable. Harkness betrayal, not so much, I always thought Slade would betray Oliver. I guess it took me a while to think about how there was  no point in bringing Harkness to the foil, except for him to be the traitor. Harkness has no personal connection to Oliver, all the other Team Oliver members do. I get the writers, they do not wanted Slade to betray Oliver but someone had to, hence Harkness.

Everyone is shocked to see Slade, especially Thea. She already has to endure Malcolm Merlyn being there; Slade killed her mother, right in front of her and Oliver. Thea doesn’t have the connection Oliver has with Slade, a connection that is hard for Oliver to explain to her.

But Oliver needs Felicity (for his sake) and Samantha (for William’s sake) safe he’s counting on Thea to pull through in managing just that, getting herself to safety in the process… I see you Oliver Queen, I see you

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Lian Yu is a constant surprise. Turns out it has a LoA type of monastery on it

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Okay let’s just go with that as this is the perfect setting for Talia vs Nyssa.

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Loved their fight. We got to understand a bit more on the sister’s relationship. Talia left, leaving Nyssa to deal alone with their abusive father. She feels betrayed by Talia; Talia feels like she did what she had to do.

Talia accusing her sister of allying herself with their father’s murderer would have been the perfect moment for Nyssa to answer something along the lines “the man our father chose to impose as my husband” but Nyssa doesn’t even mention it; it’s like it never happened. Marc told us that the “marriage” thing would be dealt with I don’t think this was it… I fear for Nyssa survival at this point.

Nyssa beat Talia though and that was huge. Granted Talia’s minions would have given Talia some advantage back, so I was very glad Slade showed up.

Talking about Slade. People that followed my live watching know the all betrayal thing felt off to me. And it was. I really liked Slade.

In my “What we know What we expect” I expressed the wish that Oliver would have been the one taking the gadget Curtis made for Dinah . The gadget protects her from any soundwave blocker and it was left lying on the ground when Curtis was taken

Turns out it was Oliver that took it and the only way he can get it to her is by being caught. Hence Slade “betrayal”. Deemed as a friend by BS Slade also has more freedom of movements but he can’t find William.

The battle we all have been waiting for starts. Chase vs Oliver or Team Chase vs part of Team Oliver.

I’m very glad they did the Flashback fight with Kovar parallel with the fight with Chase.

We get the opportunity to really watch how Oliver evolved in these 5 years. He’s so very different. He finds other ways

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He has been struggling to find other ways since the beginning of Season 2 but it’s now, end of Season 5, that that evolution becomes final. After 2x01 Oliver later on returned to the old habits; that’s not going to happen anymore. Season 5 finishes that cycle.

Chase tries every trick, he uses William, to force Oliver to kill, but Oliver finds another way, every time. Chase meets the end by his own hand; mimicking what Robert Queen did

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Chase is a psychopat by killing himself he destroys Oliver’s world completly…

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All of Oliver’s friends and family, except William, are, as far as Oliver knows, dead.

Oliver trusts his Team, he trusts them to save themselves, but believing that they survived must be close to impossible as the all Island is blown up and Oliver knows it was impossible for the Team to have gotten to the ARGUS plane in such a short time.

Oliver is crushed. He holds on to William as they face a future they have to tackle together without anyone else.

We know that really isn’t going to happen, we know some people will survive, both friends and foes (Yes Chase’s Team was also in the Island) but that’s us, the viewers, not Oliver the character.

He fought 5 years to let go of the Island, he fought 5 years to get all his humanity back and now he’s alone in his humanity, all his world gone.

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You can say there wasn’t much and you would be right, there wasn’t, on the surface.

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The little exchange wasn’t much but it was everything at the same time because it’s a promise of moving forward

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Slade call’s Oliver up on him not being married to Felicity

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And even Chase knows exactly who truly matters to Oliver (and William) in that Island

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That kiss, that promised talked will haunt Oliver until Felicity is found.

And she will, for the more doubtful, she will because there’s no way Oliver would get back from losing her. Chase knew that; he kills himself because that’s his last move on the game, Oliver won’t survive as the Oliver we know now without Felicity. Without her he will lose it, without her he will go either on a killing rampage or a suicidal path, so killing her is Chase last move; he kills himself in order to win. The only way the show can ensure that Chase doesn’t win is by keeping Felicity alive.

And Olicity will have that talk. A talk that the simple nod of Felicity agreeing to having it made Oliver smile

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Malcolm Merlyn

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He may be dead or alive but one thing’s sure Malcolm sacrificed his well being for Thea.

It was a surprising thing to watch happen as usually Malcolm sees to himself first, not this time, this time Thea took precedence.

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And Thea fells, at last, that she does have a father in Malcolm. In the end he came through.

Quentin Lance

My heart feels for Lance but I’m so very happy he understood that that woman isn’t his daughter.

Quentin was key, first by validating Black Canary Dinah

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Second by taking down BS

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And that blow felt like a release; it was heart felt, you just have to look at Lance’s face.

Slade Wilson

I loved Slade Wilson. Turns out he’s still the foe that knows Oliver the best.

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He’s on point about Oliver letting go of his guilt about his father’s death. He’s on point that this is a difficult thing to do but Oliver needs to do it.

Slade knows how it is, he speaks from experience. He knows perfectly well what damage he did to Oliver by killing Moira which in turn makes him appreciate even more the fact that Oliver comes to him for help.

Maybe Slade will betray Oliver (if Slade survives) maybe he won’t but one thing I am sure of, Oliver will find Slade’s son; he will reunite him with his father, even if Slade is dead I think Oliver will do it.

Stray thoughts

- It’s going to be a hard Summer but I feel like the cliffhanger was a bit overkill to us viewers. For Oliver, the character, he’s in Hell at the moment; for us we know many in that Island survived. They have to or the show would have to start all over again. Not impossible but as the news from Season 6 gets public we already know John Diggle (David Ramsey), computer-science expert Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards), his vigilante-trained sister Thea Queen (Willa Holland), Deputy Mayor Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne), brilliant inventor Curtis Holt (Echo Kellum), and his new recruits, street-savvy Rene Ramirez (Rick Gonzalez) and meta-human Dinah Drake (Juliana Harkavy) and BS survived.

- The episode (that I have to rewatch) was so fast paced it was hard to keep track of everything happening without my head spinning and I loved it

- Moira scene was sweet but it was kind of lost in all the madness.

- If I’m seeing correctly (and I confess I may be partial on this) after what I saw yesterday BS has no redemption possible. The only heart that she could get to was Quentin’s and it was clear he’s not having any of it.

- Flashbacks powered up current timeline to perfection. That view of what it seems to be Kovar’s body was on point.

- Oliver finally get’s to hold his son without hiding he’s his father.

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- I’m curious to see what they are going for in Season 6. We already have a few information flowing in here . It doesn’t say much but what it does tells us Oliver will go back to Star City and be Mayor, and the Team will still be the Team we know. Over the hiatus the cliffhanger will be solved or at least handled in order to be solved in 6x01.

- I love this show. I love the GA / Oliver Queen the show produced. It’s a man I can respect; not a playboy jackass like he was 10 years ago but a Man set on doing the best he can and live with honor after the Hell he lived for 5 years forced him to be a monster. He doesn’t let his past define him, not anymore, and I’m very excited to watch him live this new life, a life he fully deserves. 

- Haters accuse everyone of us that Olicity ruined GA; they love the GA from Comics I respect that, but I love this version of adult, respectful, grown up, deserving Oliver Queen better; was it Olicity that make it so? It helped, I have no doubt it help but only because Oliver Queen himself didn’t want to get back being what he was before, he wanted to be better, and he is. I’m so very very happy to have witness this journey.

And that’s it for Season 5. I won’t say it wasn’t rocky it was… there are characters I wish never existed, there are episode that will always, ALWAYS, make me vomit a little but in the end it all came together nicely.

Thank you all for following my ramblings. I’ll be around, I won’t go away, I’ll just concentrate on my long fic, long overdue long fic, and share any news on the show that crosses my way. Feel free to tag me and give me shout out’s whenever you want.

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So there’s loads of different neuroimaging methods out there that are used depending on what it is you’re looking for! I’ve had the privilege of actually studying it and there’s so so many different types more than just functional MRI that people don’t really know about so here are a few and what they’re used for an how they work.

MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging

The most commonly used form of neuroimaging and for good reason. MRI uses the body’s tissue density and magnetic properties of water to visualise structures within the body. It has really incredible spatial and temporal quality and is predominantly used in neuroscience/neurology for looking for any structural abnormalities such as tumours, tissue degeneration etc. It’s fantastic a fantastic form of imaging and is used in numerous amounts of research.

Functional MRI (fMRI)

These images are captured the same way as MRI but the quality is a little bit lower because the aim is to capture function (those blobs you can see) as quickly and accurately as possible so the quality is compromised a little bit. Nonetheless, fMRI usually uses the BOLD response to measure function. It measures the amount of activity in different areas of the brain when doing certain things, so during a memory test for example, and it does that by measuring the amount oxygen that a certain area requires. The increased oxygen is believed to be sent to an area where there is more neuronal activity, so it’s not a direct measurement but rather we’re looking at a byproduct. There are numerous studies trying to find the direct link between the haemodynamic response and neuronal activity, particularly at TUoS (where I’m doing my masters!) but for the moment this is all we have. This sort of imaging is used a lot for research and checking the general function of the brain, so if you were to have had surgery on your brain, they may run one of these just to see which areas might be affected from it and how, or in research we’ve used this a lot to research cognition - which areas are affected during certain cognitive tasks (ie my MSc thesis - Cognition in schizophrenia and consanguinity). 

Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI)

This is my current favourite type of NI right now! DTI is beautiful, unique and revolutionary in this day and age, it’s almost like sci-fi stuff! DTI measures the rate of water diffusion along white matter tracts and with that calculates the directions and structural integrity of them to create these gorgeous white matter brain maps. They are FANTASTIC for finding structural damage in white matter - something that is making breakthroughs in research lately ie. schizophrenia, genetics and epilepsy. It measures the rate of diffusion which tells you about possible myelin/axonal damage and anisotropy, so the directions and if they are “tightly wound” or loosely put together - think of it like rope, good FA is a good strong rope, poor FA is when it starts to fray and go off in different directions - like your white matter tracts. My current research used DTI and it was honestly surreal to work with, the images are also acquired through an MRI scanner so you can actually get these images the same time you’re getting MRI’s done, functional or otherwise! 

Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

One of the “controversies” (if you could call it that) is the use of radioactive substances in PET scanning. It requires the injection of a nuclear medicine to have the metabolic processes in your brain light up like Christmas! It uses a similar functional hypothesis to BOLD fMRI, in that it is based on the assumption that higher functional areas would have higher radioactivity and that’s why it lights up in a certain way. It depends on glucose or oxygen metabolism, so high amounts of glucose/oxygen metabolism would show up red and less active areas would show up blue, perfect for showing any functional abnormalities in the overall brain. However it has incredibly poor temporal resolution and due to it’s invasive nature, MRI is chosen more often. (The pictures are gorgeous though!) 

Electroencephalography/Magnetoencephalography (EEG & MEG)

These are not “imaging” types in the stereotypical sense. They create a series of waves that you can physically see (think of the lines you get on a lie detector!). Electrodes/Tiny magnets are placed on the scalp/head in specific areas corresponding to certain brain structures. EEG picks up on electrical activity which is the basis of neuronal function, whereas MEG picks up on magnetic fields - the same property that is utilised by MRI. One of the biggest issues with EEG is that deeper structures passing through tissues get distorted, whereas MEG doesn’t because it only measures the magnetic properties. I’ve not had a lot of experience with either of these but I do know EEG is used in a lot of medical procedures to measure brain activity, from measuring seizures and sleep disorders to measuring brain activity in a coma. It’s fantastic and if you can actually figure out how to conduct and interpret results it’s an invaluable tool into looking at electrical activity. 

Introducing: Kalustra

“Land of the Glowing Crown”

(Notable Beings: Amy and Kathryn)

Kalustra is the figurative light of a small system a couple light years away, with a beautiful landscape of rolling blue hills and purple skies. Technologically advanced with a ancient monarchy, their presence in the Alliance is one of intense respect and trust.

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In the early 1920′s, Radium girls used the radioactive substance to paint numbers on watches, being told it was safe. The brushes would lose shape, so the U.S. Radium supervisors encouraged workers to point the brushes with their lips or tongues to keep them sharp.

Many of the women died, wasted away, others had their teeth fall out, developed bone fractures and “radium jaw”.  Those still alive in 1938 were each awarded a settlement of $10,000 (equivalent to $138,000 in 2015).

     ┊╳ Matthew’s white symbol cane swung from left to right as he walked, checking the area was safe in front of him. Of course, he didn’t really need the cane, it was mostly to keep up appearances. He was blind, yes, but he could see in a way that others couldn’t. His senses were heighten due to the radioactive substance that blinded him all those years ago, this city was a lot less violent than Hell’s Kitchen but that didn’t mean it was free from Crime, so yes, at night he still continued to bring justice to those who deserved it. “Excuse me, Hi, my name is Matthew Murdock, I was wondering if you had any idea of where I could find a office building for rent? I’d quite like to open a law firm, here, just like back home.”

Schrodinger's Cat Explained: YUMMY EDITION

So you’re here to learn about quantum physics? We’ll start out with something easy.


This is the start of Schrodinger and his cat, Maxine.

Erwin Schrodinger arrives home from a whole days work studying quantum physics, frustrated with the Copenhagen view of quantum physics. He sat down by the fireplace in his favorite chair, poured himself some Bourbon, and started to think about his work.

Maxine the cat, however, was annoyed. “Why on earth has he not fed me yet?!” thought Maxine. “It’s not like he has anything better to do than to cater to my every need! ” Maxine was quite serious about this.

So Maxine devised an ingenious plan.

About an hour later, Schrodinger was thoroughly surprised when his cat fell from the sky onto his head.

Here is a little known history fact:
In the instance that Maxine jumped off the bookshelf, she suffered a heart attack, sadly causing her to die mid-flight. So Schrodinger was ACTUALLY surprised with a DEAD cat falling on his head.

After dealing with the aftermath, Schrodinger, like any good physicist, started to think again.

Two days later, Erwin Schrodinger published his so called “thought experiment”.

Here is what he said: (approximated for brevity’s purposes, lol)


 Schrödinger’s cat: a cat, a flask of poison, and a radioactive source are placed in a sealed box. If an internal monitor detects radioactivity (i.e., a single atom decaying), the flask is shattered, releasing the poison that kills the cat. The Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics implies that after a while, the cat is simultaneously alive and dead. Yet, when one looks in the box, one sees the cat either alive or dead, not both alive and dead. This poses the question of when exactly quantum superposition ends and reality collapses into one possibility or the other.

[ Schrodinger’s posed question was this: "when does a quantum system stop existing as a superposition of states and become one or the other?“ (More technically, when does the actual quantum state stop being a linear combination of states, each of which resembles different classical states, and instead begin to have a unique classical description?)]

One can even set up quite ridiculous cases. A cat is penned up in a steel chamber, along with the following device (which must be secured against direct interference by the cat): in a Geiger counter, there is a tiny bit of radioactive substance, so small, that perhaps in the course of the hour one of the atoms decays, but also, with equal probability, perhaps none; if it happens, the counter tube discharges and through a relay releases a hammer that shatters a small flask of hydrocyanic acid. If one has left this entire system to itself for an hour, one would say that the cat still lives if meanwhile no atom has decayed. The first atomic decay would have poisoned it. The psi-function of the entire system would express this by having in it the living and dead cat (pardon the expression) mixed or smeared out in equal parts. It is typical of these cases that an indeterminacy originally restricted to the atomic domain becomes transformed into macroscopic indeterminacy, which can then be resolved by direct observation. That prevents us from so naively accepting as valid a “blurred model” for representing reality. In itself, it would not embody anything unclear or contradictory. There is a difference between a shaky or out-of-focus photograph and a snapshot of clouds and fog banks.
— Erwin Schrödinger

Wikipedia. Com (100% accurate, bro)
Schrodinger’s Written works

(Note: some of the information in the introduction is definitely fictitious.  This doesn’t mean it isn’t funny though.)

Summed up:

Schrodinger was a genius Austrian Physicist in the mid-20th century.  He devised a though experiment (which is thought to be a paradox)  that explains how quantum mechanics deals with a system (in this case, a cat)  when it transitions from one ‘state’ (like life)  to another (death). The theory also explains that at some point,  the cat is both alive and dead at the same “time”. However,  an observer can only see one of those two states at once.  (Like how an atom can be either positively charged,  or negatively at the same time. And how we can only ever view one of those two states at a time)

Confused?  Yeah,  you should be. This is an experiment in quantum physics that has had people coming up with whole new interpretations of quantum physics since it was published in November of 1935.

Thanks for reading! Throw a follow at me if you liked it!  :D

Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft; A Geographical and Historical Overview


Lara Croft’s adventure starts when she arrives in the depths of a rainforest in East India near the river Ganga, looking for an ancient temple that supposedly holds a beautiful crystalline relic named after the local tribe that resides there: the Infada Stone.
After making her way through the dense jungle she stumbles upon the temple ruins along with a crew of scientists that are looking for the same object. The treasure hunter tracks down one of the explorers who took the stone with him and after disposing of him and getting back out of the forest she runs into the leader of the expedition, Dr. Willard, who quickly understands how capable Mrs. Croft is and decides to let her in on the true history of the artifact she just obtained in exchange for her skills.
The Scottish businessman reveals that the Infada Stone was in fact much older than Lara believed; it dates back to millions of years ago when a meteor crashed onto the surface of the earth. Much later, a tribe of Polynesians carved four artifacts out of the rock and proceeded to worship it for its extraterrestrial powers. In the early 19th century, a group of British sailors embarked on a circumnavigation of the globe on behalf of Charles Darwin to compile information about the species of the earth. They got off course and landed in the deserted Antarctica where they stumbled upon the remains of the ancient Polynesian settlement and their meteorite artifacts that they took home with them. In the course of the later lives of each of the remaining sailors the four relics were scattered across the earth and ended up in various places.
Dr. Willard managed to get his hands on one of the sailors’ journal and was able to locate all four artifacts including the Infada Stone that Lara just found. He offers her the chance to track down the other three and after she learns of the locations the adventurer begins her journey across the globe. 


The first job takes Lara back to her home country where she is supposed to track down entrepreneur Sophia Leigh who runs a powerful cosmetic company from her headquarters in London. According to Willard’s information the ruthless businesswoman somehow got her hands on what he believes to be one of the meteorite artifacts that is also known as The Eye of Isis which was presumably stolen or bought by Miss Leigh herself from the local National History Museum and has since been in her posession.
Lara manages to find a way into the skyscraper via the abandoned Aldwych subway station after running into an underground gang of thugs that call themselves The Damned. She learns that they are in fact victims of Sophia Leigh’s pharmaceutical and cosmetical products and have been abused for testing purposes, resulting in complete deformation of their faces which forced them to shut themselves away from society. 
The treasure hunter gains entrance to Leigh’s offices and faces her in a showdown on the rooftops and after a failed escape while trying to fight Lara off with her artifact, the adventurer manages to defeat her and take the meteorite stone.


On this highly dangerous and risky mission Lara takes a trip to the desert of Nevada where she is trying to locate the infamous Area 51 military base that supposedly houses another one of the meteorite artifacts that government scientists are experimenting with. 
The adventurer finds a military outpost with patrolling guards and tries to steal a quad bike to cover more ground and reach the laboratories. However, she is caught and taken to the local prison. 
Being Lara Croft, she doesn’t stay put and manages to break out of her cell and make her way to a loading bay for military trucks and convoys where she swiftly sneaks into the back of a truck that is about to take off and head to the main structure where after avoiding deadly lasers and automatic machine gun turrets she finally reaches the highly guarded meteorite fragment that the US government titled “Element 115″ according to the eponymous chemical substance it contains.


Her last trip takes Lara to an uncharted island in the South Pacific Ocean where a native tribe guards the secret to the last artifact and possibly more of its origins and history. When the treasure hunter arrives at the coast of the isle she soon realizes that there are more explorers here as she stumbles upon a heavily wounded Australian mercenary that tries to warn her from something dangerous that is lurking in the jungles. 
The Brit sets out to track down the temple inhabited by the locals and encounters more of the soldiers as well as tribesmen trying to protect their land. After crossing a white water gorge and making her way through an underground cavern she finds a hidden passageway that leads her right into the Temple of Puna. On her way, she meets another one of the natives next to a big mural who warns her of the dangers of the meteorite and reveals his tribe’s history to her. Lara learns that after realizing how the possibly radioactive substances from the meteorite affected and disfigured the Polynesian people that inhabited Antarctica millennia ago they fled the continent in fear and abandoned their settlements completely. 
The treasure hunter proceeds to the sanctuary of the temple and defeats the powerful leader of the tribe to take his meteorite fragment, which the natives refer to as The Ora Dagger, with her. 


After Lara successfully gathered all the meteorite fragments she meets up with Dr. Willard in Antarctica near a digsite lead by his mining company RX-Tech to hand over the artifacts. However, the ruthless scientist reveals that if the still physico-chemically active substances within the relics are combined he is able to create evolutionarily superior mutations however he pleases and accelerate the natural human evolution.
When Lara refuses to give him the stones he manages to overwhelm her and take them with him into the depths of his digsite where his men have been working hard to unearth the remains of the ancient Polynesian city and the original meteorite crater that has long been frozen over.
The treasure hunter follows Willard through the mines and eventually faces him for a showdown right next to the gigantic sinkhole where he throws himself into a pool of the green acid-like liquid that has been boiling in the crater ever since, only to emerge again as a grotesque looking monstrosity with several more limbs and a spideresque body. Lara puts an end to the mad scientist’s plans and defeats him before escaping the forgotten city and taking off with one of his helicopters.

In Bloom - Bucky Barnes Imagine

Request: Can you make an imagine where the reader has the power to make plants and other nature stuff and she’s dating Bucky ? And maybe one day Bucky hates or mad for having a metal arm cause if reminds him of what he used to be and the reader made a flower bloom on his arm and maybe say “the most hateful, painful thing always have beauty to it” idk

 Notes: I thought this was such a cute idea. I really hope you like it :D!! (Y/N - your name). 

 Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader. 


Having superpowers was not always what it’s cracked up to be, it usually came at some form of price as Y/N’s and her friends, the Avengers, were living proof. Everyone believed that because they could do things no regular human could, their lives were perfect. Of course having super strength was fun and being able to manipulate thunder probably had some good uses but there was the downside, Bruce for instance turned into something he couldn’t control, Natasha had been through hell to become bio-technically enhanced and then there was Bucky, he may have a silver arm that has super strength and abilities that kids wished they could have but Bucky would much rather not have any of that at all. Especially not the arm, definitely not the arm.

When Y/N was younger she had been experimented on and the product of that experiment meant that she had the power to manipulate nature. It wasn’t a power that she would frequently use, she enjoyed nature how it was, but it did come in useful when in a fight. There wasn’t much someone could do once they were entangled in vines though here was the downside that if she over used her powers it could take her days to recover. She wasn’t sure just how powerful she could be, not wanting to maybe do herself some permanent damage. Despite all this, Y/N decided to look on the positive side, if these thing hadn’t of happened she wouldn’t be living in the Avengers tower with her best friends and her boyfriend, Bucky Barnes.

“Morning, handsome” Y/N said as she lay in bed next to Bucky, his eyes fluttering open. A lazy smile appeared on his face, “morning, beautiful” his sentenced finished with a yawn. “What time is it?” He asked, not really wanting to move yet. “Eight forty five” Y/N told him, laughing at the groan she’d expected from him. “Will Steve be that bothered if I miss training with him” he looked up at Y/N with those pleading eyes she had difficulty saying no too. “I wish he wouldn’t be, but you know Steve” truth was Steve was looking out for Bucky, his training was both physical and mental. He was still adjusting and he probably would be for years. What Hydra did to him isn’t something anyone could get over quickly, if ever. But everyone was pleased with his progress and Y/N understood the importance of get Bucky back into the real world.

The beginning of the day was standard, not much going on. Something Y/N cherished, because if there was something going on and the Avengers need to be involved, the chances are it wasn’t something good. That was another downside of having powers, you got left with the job that no one else wanted. Usually due to the high risk of death. “Hey sunshine” Tony greeted Y/N as she sat in the living room reading the new book, Steve had gotten her for her birthday. “Hey To… Whoa, what’s the hell is that?” Y/N looked at the billionaire in alarm. He was carrying what she could only describe as a radioactive green substance, that looked like it was going to pulse out of its container and it didn’t look like it would have a friendly effect. “Just something I picked up”
“What from target?” Y/N replied sarcastically. “Funny. It’s just for something I’ve been working on” he said. Y/N raised her eyebrows, “last time you worked on something with things that aren’t human, you created a murderbot” she pointed out. “That was on time, can we forget about it. We all make mistakes” he replied, she rolled her eyes. “Whatever, Tony, just try not to break anything” but Tony could make another comment a loud crash sounded above them. Tony and Y/N exchanged a worried glance.

Y/N and Tony went to the floor above to see what had happened, Y/N rushed over when she saw Bucky surrounded by broken glass. “Buck, it’s okay. It was an accident” Steve reassured his friend. “Steve I just threw you through a glass wall, because for one second I lost control” Bucky was angry at himself, Y/N realised the training must have gotten out of hand. “Hey James, it’s okay” Y/N placed her hand on his reassuringly. “No it isn’t, what if that had been you or Tony?” He pulled his arm from Y/N’s touch and stormed out of the gym. Y/N watched sadly as he walked away, she knew he needed to be alone when it got like that, but she just wanted nothing more than to hold him. “You okay?” Y/N asked looking back at Steve, she knew he could stand being thrown through a wall, her question was more aimed at his feelings. “Yeah” he sighed defeatedly.

After a couple hours of pacing and Tony telling Y/N that she was going to through the floor if she carried on wearing it down, she decided it had been enough time to let Bucky have his alone time and went to where she knew he’d be. Opening the door to the room with a view, as Tony called it and accurately so. It was an empty room with a couple of couches and had a view of New York people only dreamed of having to call their own. Bucky was stood at the window.
Slowly Y/N walked over to him. Bucky knew she was there and turned to look at her as she stood at this side. “Is Steve okay?” He asked breaking the silence. “Of course he’s okay” she said looking up at him, her heart breaking at his broken expression. “I just keep thinking. What if it was you I had been training with, what if it had been you. You have superpowers, but you’re still human” he said turning to Y/N. “I can take a hit” Y/N said trying to lighten the mood, but Bucky wasn’t for it. The topic of Y/N’s safety was never something he took lightly. Softly, Y/N brushed her hand against the cool metal of Bucky’s forearm. “It’s a weapon” Bucky said in disgust as he watched Y/N’s fingers trace over the silver surface. “It’s nothing but a symbol of the pain and suffering that I’ve caused”
“That Hydra caused” Y/N said warningly, knowing where this was heading. “I was the one who pulled the trigger”
“And they were the one pulling the strings” she argued.

A few minutes of silence passed between them before Y/N took Bucky’s hand and led him to one of the plush black sofas that sat in the middle of the room. “Can I try something?” Y/N asked. Bucky nodded, despite his slight wariness, he trusted Y/N, more than he trusted anyone, including himself. Lifting her hands, she took a deep breath, channelling the inner power. The slight vibration that always seems to radiate within her started to rise to the surface. She watched Bucky’s arm as a small green stem bloomed from between the metal panels. She looked at Bucky to make sure it was okay, he nodded and continued looking towards his arm.

It’s only took a couple minutes before Bucky’s arm was entwined with vines and flowers of all different colours. His metal arm could scarcely be seen under the botanical display that now adorned it. He just stared at it in wonder before meeting Y/N’s eyes. “God, I love you” he breathed, pulling her in for a kiss. A smile on her face as she pulled back, “I love you too” she said admiring her handy work. “Even the most hateful and painful thing can have a beauty to it. You just need to see that James, beyond the hatred and pain that you hold inside you, is a beautiful person, a good man” he couldn’t argue with her, she was too stubborn and too good with words. “Come on, let’s go see Steve” she said pulling him from the sofa. He really did feel like he could get out of even the darkest of times if Y/N was by his side.

Pietro and the electric girl. (Part 1.)

“If you are a success we can build an army out of you.” Professor Coleman smiled as he placed the electrodes on your head and chest. You were laying in a tube like bed strapped down with electrodes and IV’s in your arms, pumping something inside of you that made you drowsy but nonetheless scared.
“An army!?” You thought,
“What the hell was he talking about? What the hell was going to happen to me?”
The professor walked to the console.
“Initiating test sequence 347-738 in 10 9 8 7 6” the computerized voice started. The metal walls of the tube enclosed you. You could vaguely see him through the small glass opening, trying to keep your eyes on what was going on.
“5 4 3 2 1” the electricity jolted through your body. The pain was excruciating, you could feel it in every cell of your being. Your veins glowed blue with the radioactive substance flooding through the iv. You screamed and writhed, trying to break out of the tube. Suddenly you went unconscious.
When the professor opened the tube you were lying limp, with foam coming out of your mouth.
“Computer, note that subject 347-738 was not a success.” He checked your pulse to be sure. The scanners had flat lined, he was sure you were dead. He turned away to the console again and began recording his findings. He was deep in his thoughts when he heard the heart monitor start beeping again.
He turned around to see you breathing.
“(Y/N)? Are you awake?” He questioned, surprised.
Your eyes shot open with a gasp, they were glowing white. You screamed and broke the bonds of the tube, floating above the ground.
“What have you done to me?!” You shouted. Bolts of lightning shot out of your eyes, frying the computers.
“(Y/N)…calm down, you’ll be alright…” He tried to reason. He was clearly afraid.
“We just need to do a few more tests.”
“More?! You will not experiment on me anymore!” You moved your hands and lightning traveled across the room, destroying more equipment, a bolt struck the professor, killing him instantly. The lab was on fire, You had to escape. You flew high up in the air, breaking through the glass ceiling. You flew away from the building a ways before collapsing.
There was snow all around you, you crawled to a cave opening & hid inside, fearing for what or who would come looking for you. You could see the smoke from the lab billowing up into the night sky before passing out.

The next day you stammered to a nearby village. You were barefoot in nothing but a hospital gown, torn electrodes still on your body. You found it strange that the cold didn’t bother you; you knew you should be dead from hypothermia. Yet your body showed no signs of frost bite. You came to the first house you saw.
The villager took you in, giving you warm clothes and something to eat. You explained that you had been in an accident but didn’t go into details. The villagers were nice, they didn’t ask too many questions. You stayed with them for a few weeks, making friends with the old villagers grandkids you started to think that maybe you could hide here forever. After all no one knew of your condition, you told them you had an accident & escaped a burning hospital. They believed it until it happened; Your caretaker had walked passed your room and saw you asleep and floating above the bed.
“Salamointi!” He cried. You had subconsciously created an electric current around yourself. He was in shock, afraid of what he was seeing when he reached for you & was immediately electrocuted to death. You awoke to see him, burnt & scorched.
You were ashamed and sickened with grief. You had killed him without even knowing it. You felt like a time bomb, unable to diffuse your own ugliness.
Quickly, you gathered your things & left. Flying as fast as you could.
“People and I don’t go together,” you thought.
“I must remain alone to protect everyone, including myself.”
“What was Coleman working on?” Tony mused as he linked J.A.R.V.I.S into the scorched circuitry of the labs main frame. He soon uncovered video footage of the incident. He saw you break out of the tube, levitating with electricity ribboning around you.
“Oh boy, looks like we’ve got a search & rescue ahead. We’re looking for a girl who can manipulate electricity.” He stated.
“A small village 100 miles out from the lab reported a girl staying there. She left shortly after killing one of the elders.” Natasha said as she scrolled through her phone, reading the news headlines.
They agreed to send Cap, Pietro and Wanda on the mission. They wanted to find her and help her, stop her from hurting herself or anyone else.
• • •
You hid in your cave for weeks, trying to figure out your powers. You had learned to make fire by shooting an electric bolt at kindling.
“Maybe the powers weren’t all bad.” You thought. You learned to make the safety cocoon around yourself as you did when you were sleeping when you were awake, nothing could get through the field of electric current that circled around you. You were meditating, floating in the back of the cave when you felt something whiz past you.
“She’s in there, I saw her floating with her eyes closed.” Pietro said as he stood in front of Cap and Wanda.
“What are we gonna do?” He asked.
“Ask her to come with us, if that fails we’ll have to bring her in the old fashioned way.” Cap said as he picked up his shield. The three entered the cave, creeping slowly, looking for the electric girl.
“Leave this place!” You shouted. They couldn’t tell where it had come from. Pietro began zipping around the place trying to locate you. You were crouched down behind some rocks, you had heard voices and assumed some locals had stumbled upon your hiding place.
“(Y/N) we do not want to hurt you, we know what Coleman did to you. We want to help.” Wanda spoke telepathically as she rounded a corner, getting closer to where you sat.
“Who are you, how did you speak to me in my head?” You stood now, Wanda had her back to you.
“I’m Wanda, my brother Pietro and Our friend Steve are here with me, we saw the lab and heard about the villagers…we want to help.” She said as she turned to face you. Just then you felt something behind you, you turned to see Pietro creeping just a couple feet away, it startled you causing you to shoot a bolt of lightning out of your hand.
“We just want to help.” Pietro said as he dodged the shot.
“I don’t need help! I need everyone to stay away from me!” You floated into the air now, looking down on the pair.
“No can do, you have to come with us.” Steve appeared from behind you, shield in hand. You tried to electrocute him but the shield could withstand your blows. A battle ensued. You tried to fly away but Wanda’s telekinesis brought you to the ground, you ran until Pietro appeared in front of you causing you to run into him and fall to the ground. “It doesn’t have to be this way!” He exclaimed as he tried to help you back up, you glared at the silver haired man. How could they help you? You got up and pushed the electric bolts through your hands trying to hit Pietro but Steve appeared just in time with his shield which refracted the blow causing it to hit you as you fell to the ground. You groaned, feeling the ache crawl through your body as you started to pass out.
“It’s ok (y/n), we’re taking you somewhere safe. Just stay calm.” Wanda’s voice spoke in your mind again, you thought you could feel her hand stroke your face.

You awoke in a hospital bed, with the old familiar IV and electrodes.
“Before you go all short circuit, calm down. My name is Bruce, I just want to see what’s going on in your nervous system.” Doctor banner said this as he cautiously looked at the monitors, watching as they fluctuated.
“You cannot possibly fix this, I will forever be a deadly thing. I can’t be around people.” You stated, looking away as the doctor shined a light into your eyes.
“You’re probably right about undoing the damage professor Coleman did but we can teach you to control it, so you won’t hurt anyone.” Doctor Banner smiled.
“So you just take in military experiments gone wrong here?” You asked.
“Something like that.” Tony walked into the room, munching on grapes as he looked through the data splayed across the screen.
“Those bolts you shoot are the equivalent of 150 volts of electricity, you damn near fried sonic! Do you remember how long he had been testing on you?” He turned to you now as you sat up in the hospital bed.
“No, I can only remember waking up as the experiment was about to begin.” You shuddered at the memory, the pain of the electricity powering through you, the image of the village elder who you fried. You wanted to shrink into nothingness.
“He had you for a long time, did a number of tests & experiments. What can you tell us about your condition?” Bruce asked as he scrolled through the research Tony had taken from Coleman’s burnt up lab.
“I can float, I can shoot electricity, my skin doesn’t get frost bitten. Sometimes things happen and I don’t mean for them too…like the old man in the village. I was asleep, I woke up hovering above my bed with something like a force field around me…& he was gone.” You spoke with sorrow in your voice. You knew you needed help, you didn’t want to hurt anyone anymore.
“Miss (y/l/n), we want to help you. Train you to control the powers. But you’re going to have to trust us.” Tony stated. You agreed to let them help, hoping that his words were sincere. After Tony and Bruce left Wanda and Pietro appeared.
“Hello (y/n).” Wanda spoke out loud. You remembered her voice from the fight.
“Hi.” You answered, for some reason you felt uneasy and afraid.
“We wanted to check on you, how are you feeling?” Pietro asked as he approached the bed.
“I’m ok, a little afraid.” You confessed.
“It’s ok, we understand. We were experimented on too, it’s hard to trust people who want to hook you to machines.” Wanda smiled. They shared their story of being experimented on by hydra, you listened intently. You found yourself at ease with the twins, maybe these Avengers weren’t so bad after all.
After being held up in the lab for two days Tony set up a room for you.
“You’re room is right next to ours, so you can always stop by whenever you need anything.” Wanda said as you walked down the hallway with her and Pietro. You rounded the corner walking passed one door and stopping at the next.
“This is your room, mine is the next one up and Wanda’s is the one on your right.” Pietro said as he opened the door for you. It was a nice, spacious room. Simplistic in design with a comfy looking bed against the left wall, a desk to the right, a wardrobe, a small couch and a door leading to the bathroom.
“We hope you will be comfortable here.” Wanda said. You sat on the bed, testing the mattress.
“Me too..” You said, looking down.
“What’s the matter?” Pietro asked, sitting beside you.
“I don’t know…its just…” You began, unsure of where the sentence was going.
“You’re afraid of being here?” Wanda asked, she had now joined you and Pietro sitting on your bed.
“I’ve killed people. I have a place here and everyone wants to help but what happens when I accidentally ruin it again?” You huffed. They looked at you sympathetically. Pietro wanted to say something to make you feel better but couldn’t find the words, he managed to place his hand upon yours before Wanda spoke.
“(Y/n), what happened before was an accident and now you are with people who can teach you how to control your power. I promise as long as you are with us you will be safe. Let us show you the rest of the tower.” She said. Her words soothed your apprehension once again.
“I suppose if I’m gonna stay here I’ll have to know where everything is.” You agreed. You spent the rest of the day with Pietro and Wanda. They showed you all around the tower, including the common rooms, training areas, the other labs, and finally the kitchen.
“I’m starving!” Pietro said as he ran around the room in a blur, opening cabinets as he assembled a plethora of snack foods. You watched this in awe.
“Pietro likes to eat, watch where you leave your snacks.” Wanda giggled.
“Would like something?” He smirked as he munched on a bag of potato chips.
“Sure, I’ll take a pack of gummy bears.” You say as you sit in a chair. A man appeared in the doorway wearing combat gear and a bow & arrow.
“I see the twins have gotten you acquainted with the tower. I’m Clint, we’ll be training tomorrow morning.” He introduced himself and shook your hand.
“Yeah, they’ve been really nice. What do you mean training?” You asked apprehensively.
“Target practice, 0700 hours, teach ya how to aim those bolts!” He smiled.
“7am? You wanna scare her away? That’s way too early!” Pietro groaned.
“Aw do you wanna train too speedy? You and Wanda can join us, 0700 sharp kids.” He smirked and left the room.
“Good going Pietro.” Wanda groaned and narrowed her eyes.
“Clint seems kinda tough..” You comment.
“He’s ok, we’ve got a bit of a, how do you say…rivalry going.” Pietro smirked.
“More like you can’t keep your mouth shut.” Wanda stated.

• • •
That night you slept surprisingly well, knowing that Pietro and Wanda were right next to your room relieved your apprehension. In the morning you got ready and headed down to the training room with Wanda and Pietro. Clint was already there, with targets in place.
“Wanda hit the target.” Clint instructed. Her irises change to a deep red as her arms come forward, a red bolt of energy flys through her fingers hitting the target and destroying it. In the blink of an eye Pietro runs to the target, destroys it and runs back.
“You didn’t see that coming.” He says smugly, crossing his arms.
“Always a show off, (y/n) I want you to hit the target.” Clint says.
You try to focus on the target, gathering your strength you put your hand out as the anxiety builds within you. All you could think was ‘please don’t hit anyone, please don’t hit anyone.’ You hold out your arms and shoot the lightning bolt, it misses the target completely and scorches the wall behind it.
“Damn it.” You mutter.
“It’s ok (y/n) try again.” Clint encourages.
You try again, and fail. Your shoulders slump as you turn to leave.
“Wait, try like this.” Wanda says. You turn back around and face the target.
“Stand more square, and relax your shoulders.” Wanda says as she demonstrates the proper stance.
“Focus on the target, you can do it.” Pietro smiles. You take in a deep breath, extend your arms and release another bolt, striking the target.
“Thanks Wanda.” You smile. You continue hitting targets, gaining more confidence in your abilities.
“Lesson 2: Sparring. You need to be able to fight without your powers. Pietro will work with (y/n) and I’ll try to not get my butt kicked by Wanda.” He chuckled.
“Ok, what do I do?” You ask as you stand in front of Pietro, he’s smiling in his tight under armor sweater, silver locks hanging in his face.
“Try to hit me.” He says. Before he can register it you punch him in the gut. He grabs his stomach and looks up at you with a shocked, hurt expression.
“What? You said to try and-ow!” You say. Before you could finish your sentence he’s behind you pinching your arm.
“I thought we weren’t supposed to use our powers?!” You glare.
Wanda looks over at the two of you with a raised eyebrow.
“Brother, do not pick on (y/n). This training is important.” She scolds,
using her power to gently push Pietro.
He runs over to her in a blur, pushing her back before appearing next you again.
Soon the rules are forgotten, the three of you play fighting. You use your ability to fly to your advantage, swooping down to tackle Pietro from behind as he’s about to get Wanda again. He quickly rolls over and pins you down, tickling you.
“Stop it! I’m gonna pee my pants please!” You giggle, tapping on his shoulder as a sign of forfeit.
“Cut it out guys, that’s enough.” Clint’s tone is less easy going than before.
“Now I have a teammate to stop your teasing.” Wanda smiles at you. Pietro stands up, grabbing you by the hands he pulls you to your feet.
“I don’t think she’ll do you much good considering her weakness for tickles.” He chuckles as he pokes you in the side causing you to flinch. A blush creeps across your cheeks as you smirk up at him. Clint concludes the session saying that tomorrow there will be absolutely no use of powers when sparring. The three of you exit the training room laughing about what just happened.
“Would you like to join us for lunch?” Pietro asks.
“Actually I have to get to the lab, they’ve got some follow up tests for me to do, I’ll catch up with you guys later. Thanks again for the pointers today Wanda!” You smile.
“No problem.” She replies.
“See ya speedy.” You wave and head off to the lab.
“You are not fooling anyone.” Wanda comments as her and Pietro walk toward the kitchen.
“What do you mean?” He asks with a smirk.
“You think she is cute, no?” She raises an eyebrow.
“She’s nice, she’s been through a lot. I don’t know, she’s sweet, I want to make her comfortable.” He smiles as the pair head into the kitchen.
(A/N: this is an old idea that I polished up a bit, hope you all enjoy it! It’s probably going to end up being at least 3 parts with this 1st installment being more of an introduction to the reader insert character. Again I hope that this is good & I hope you’ll want to read the next parts!


The Radium Girls

SciShow explores the harrowing tale of the so-called Radium Girls, factory workers who were the first who for years worked with one of the world’s most radioactive substances – and suffered the consequences. 

Hilde Levi

Hilde Levi was a German-Danish physicist. She was a pioneer of the use of radioactive isotopes in biology and medicine, notably the techniques of radiocarbon dating and autoradiography. In later life she became a scientific historian, and published a biography of George de Hevesy.

She was Jewish, and by the time she received her doctorate in 1934, the Nazi Party had been elected to office in Germany, and Jews were no longer allowed to be hired for academic positions. She went to Denmark where she found a position at the Niels Bohr Institute of Theoretical Physics at the University of Copenhagen. Working with James Franck and George de Hevesy, she published a number of papers on the use of radioactive substances in biology.

When the Nazis began rounding up Danish Jews in September 1943, Levi fled to Sweden, where she worked for the biologist John Runnström at the Wenner-Gren Institute for Experimental Biology in Stockholm. After the war ended, she returned to Denmark to work at the Zoophysiological Laboratory in Copenhagen. She spent the 1947–48 academic year in the United States learning about the recently discovered techniques of radiocarbon dating and autoradiography, which she introduced to Europe. She retired from the Zoophysiological Laboratory in 1979, but became involved with the Niels Bohr Archive, where she collected papers of de Hevesy, eventually publishing his biography.

Daredevil may have all the trappings of a stereotypical superhero story (a young kid gets exposed to a radioactive substance, loses a parent, and, before you can say Peter Parker or Bruce Wayne, commits himself to a life of vigilante justice), but, thanks in large part to the grounded nature of the comics themselves, this show manages to tell Matt Murdock’s journey as an actual human story first. Sure, we find out how Matt went blind, lost a parent, and learned parkour. But only eventually, slowly, and over the span of 13 episodes. And for all his powers (he can tell if you’re lying by your heartbeat!), Matt Murdock is very much a mortal. In this show, when people fall off buildings, their bones break. By the second episode, Murdock has collapsed a lung. There is an entire character—Rosario Dawson’s fantastic nurse Claire Temple—devoted to patching our hero up when he falls apart. (Thank goodness, this being a nuanced show, that’s not all she does.) Here is a man breaking and battering his body over and over in the desperate attempt to protect those he loves.

anonymous asked:

why ninja turtles? i dont get it

i’ve read on some articles that TMNT is a parody/inspired from DD. Charlie also mentioned this on one of his podcasts that the same radioactive substance that blinded Matt fell into the sewers and exposed the turtles. 

on DD #1

Matt saved an old man right.. and we all know what happened with those canisters with radioactive chemicals etc etc and on TMNT

a blind old guy is saved by a kid from getting run over… and the same radioactive substance ends up going down the drain with the turtles.

the turtles’ ninja enemies were called the Foot Clan named after Daredevil’s ninja clan The Hand. their sensei is Splinter named after Stick, lol. watch this for more info!

Society produces lots of waste. We’re all part of the problem. If you went back a 150 years, you’d find that the waste stream contained mainly of natural products so it would be paper, wood products, animal products, wool - the fibres cotton [and] wool were all naturally produced. What’s happened in that intervening time - a 150 years - is that the waste stream has become progressively more toxic. So we’ve seen increasing levels of heavy metals, radioactive substances, synthetic plastics… So 150 years ago, you could’ve taken the waste stream, you could’ve stuck it in a hole in the ground, and it would have rotted, and there would not have been any long term consequences. Now, if you want to go looking at a modern waste stream, you need to be very careful, they’re actually quite poisonous.
—  Professor Vyvyan Howard, Professor of Bioimaging and a toxico-pathologist quoted in Jeremy Iron’s 2012 documentary Trashed.
World War II Bombs Still Threaten German Cities

Today, on February 24, 2016, 12,000 citizens of Oranienburg, a town 15 miles north-east of Berlin, had to be evacuated in a radius of 1 kilometer around an unexploded world war II bomb, which was found during construction works and had to be defused. The evacuation zone in the city center comprises 7 kindergartens, five schools, and a hospital. Five more bombs are suspected to be still buried on the site.

With more than 16,000 bombs, Oranienburg was one of the most severely bombarded cities of the German Reich and is still one of the most infested cities with unexploded bombs. Since 1990, about 200 bombs have been found and successfully defused or removed, causing major disruptions of public life on every instance. Officials estimate that at least 300 unexploded bombs are still buried underneath the city, posing an increasing risk as their chemical fuses tend to spontaneously go off as they are ageing – this has happened before in other places in Germany.

The reason for the heavy bombardment of Oranienburg was a chemical factory of the Auergesellschaft, specialized in handling rare earth metals. Originally founded to produce mantles for gas lanterns, they found themselves producing significant quantities of radioactive metals such as thorium, radium, and uranium as waste products. After the nuclear fission of uranium nuclei was discovered in 1938 by Otto Hahn, and the gigantic energies that this reaction sets free became apparent, the German military got interested and started research on the question how much uranium would be needed to make a bomb. The Oranienburg works of the Auergesellschaft were ordered to produce the material. When the American ALSOS mission caught a number of German physicists involved in the development of a nuclear power reactor in Western Germany, they learned about the site of uranium production and immediately decided start a heavy bombardment campaign from the air – not only to stop production, but also to prevent the Soviet Union from getting hands on this resource of already processed uranium (it turned out later that the Soviets were still able to retrieve enough uranium to speed up their nuclear projects by several years). As there were significant quantities of uranium and other radioactive substances present in the factory, Oranienburg became – and still is – the most radioactively contaminated city of Germany as a result of this bombing.

Officials estimate that about 100,000 bombs are still buried underground in Germany; about 5,000 of them are discovered every year. The publication of air reconnaissance photos of the Allied forces greatly facilitated the identification of suspisious or dangerous sites. But still, fatal accidents by spontaneous detonations or during defusing or controlled explosion of the bombs happen.