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I wish Star Trek had more prank based sub plots like House MD did.

I wanna see Bones and Scotty see how long they can keep a chicken each on the Enterprise before Spock finds out.

Chekov stealing Sulu’s fave plant and sending him cliché ransom notes. Sulu steals Chekov’s secret vodka collection in retaliation.

Bones starts eating healthy so that Jim stops stealing chips off his plate.

Uhura, Chapel and Rand have a competition to see who can steal Jim’s underpants. Somehow, Spock wins.

Bones keeps sending different masseuses to the Bridge. Everyone is v happy except for Spock, who doesn’t need to calm down, Doctor, cease this foolishness.

Chapel keeps sending Bones pages w increasingly impossible scenarios, he turns up each time and she hands him a pile of paperwork. So… no radioactive killer spiders attacking?

Jim and Bones spend ages trying to surprise Spock, but his Vulcan superiority wins out. They throw water ballons at him, round the corner w water guns, turn the lights off, a whole bunch of classic stuff.


When Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, he gained the proportional speed, strength, and agility of a spider. After learning that with great power there must also come great responsibility, he became the crime-fighting superhero called… THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN!

Spider-man AU

(aka my baby)

  • Percy Jackson is a high school student who works for the school newspaper and lives with his mom and stepdad.
  • He’s on a field trip when he gets bitten by a radioactive spider.  Which he’s not sure is a blessing, because the cute girl from his Calc class is terrified of spiders.
  • He was right to be worried, because the first time she sees him as Spider-man she screams. It takes her awhile to get used to it.
  • (Avengers!7 works with this too!)
  • Iron man!Leo
  • Captain America!Jason
  • Black Widow!Piper
  • Scarlet Witch!Hazel
  • (Hulk!Frank? Bucky!Frank? Where does Frank fit? VISION!FRANK???)
  • (Annabeth, though more similar in appearance to Gwen, is definitely MJ.)
  • Leo shows up at his house one day to get his help to fight Jason and Percy goes for it because “It’s the Avengers”
  • (Leo calling him Underoos)
  • just peter parker!Percy Jackson is my favorite thing
Peter Parker reacts to Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
  • Student: Radioactive, Radioactive. Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, I'm radioactive, radioactive.
  • Peter Parker: Radioactive? What's what? I never heard of Radioactivity??? Radioactive spiders?? Never heard of those and Radioactivity....
  • Student: What?
Education vs. Communications: Social Media Civil War

Anonymous submitted: 

Meet our Education department, which is staffed by a wonderful group of people who are equal parts creativity, anarchy, and an all-consuming dedication to interpretive education.  

And I’d also like to introduce the Communications Department, who are so adept at marketing, spinning, fixing and tweeting that I’m 99% sure they might have all been bitten by radioactive spiders during a full moon and developed superpowers.

Recently, the Education team decided that they no longer wanted to abide by the social media policies established by the Communications department, which they considered too rigid. 

In short, they went rogue and created unsanctioned “official museum” accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Tumblr and probably some other places that I’m too unhip to know about. 

Anyway. Naturally, when Communications found out about these accounts, they were… not pleased. 

Education delivered a succinct counterargument. 

External image

Meanwhile, here’s everyone else on staff, waiting to see how this all plays out. 

There’s a pretty obvious compromise available that would make everyone happy (interdepartmental collaboration). But at this point both sides see it as a war for honor, if there’s any honor left to be found on social media. 

The Make-up artist Pt. 2

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Part. 1

“So how long have you been part spider? Your whole life or…“ you had been sat on Peters bed in silence for a while, him holding an ice pack to his side.

“well,  technically I’m not actually part spider.” Peter replied, shifting slightly on the bed “I was bitten by a radioactive spider which voluntarily passed its powers to me, therefore giving me these ‘powers’ and also making me a totem of sorts”

Another silence fell upon the both of you. Standing up you paced to your window, running a hand through your hair, “who actually knows about this - Does Aunt May know?” you asked.

“you’re actually the only person I’ve told.” Peter awkwardly smiled at you but it came out as more of a wince.

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Good Kisser (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word Count: 846

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: Um if you haven’t seen the Star Wars prequels there’s kind of a spoiler in here but not really. Hope you like it :)

You’d been best friends with Peter Parker ever since you can remember. You were always with each other and May often refers to you two as “two peas in a pod.” You tell each other everything, so of course you were the first to find out about him being bitten by a radioactive spider and becoming spider man. You both were inseparable, pretty much joint at the hip, so as you grew older people often assumed you were dating. But to your disappointment, you were just friends. So what, you had a big school girl crush on your best friend? It happens.

You didn’t always have feelings for Peter, not until last year anyway. It was in the school hallways one day and Peter was, well he was staring at popular girl Liz Allen. You caught him staring and questioned him about it, which lead to him admitting he had a huge crush on her. He started to talk about how beautiful he thought this girl was and how much he wanted to be with her. You remember the pain you felt in your chest and it took you a few days to realize what that pain was, hurt. You were hurt that Peter felt that way about another girl and you quickly became jealous. Maybe you always loved him, but didn’t realize until he started taking interest in girls that weren’t you. But you could never tell Peter. If he didn’t love you back, you knew that would be the end of your friendship, and you couldn’t bare living your life if Peter Parker wasn’t a part of it. So you kept your feelings swept under the rug and promised yourself to never tell him the truth.

It was a lazy Saturday night at the Parker home, you and Peter wrapped up in blankets on the couch watching Star Wars: Episode III. Peter knew how much you loved this movie, so when you called him feeling down, him being the best-est friend ever, invited you over to watch your favourite movie.

You were paying all your attention towards the screen and sighing dreamily at your fictional crush. “Anakin Skywalker is just the cutest guy. I mean, I know he turns evil. But it really isn’t his fault, since he was born from the force and basically he was born to balance out the galaxy. Well, at least that’s my theory. But my poor cinnamon roll didn’t deserve his fate. And before he turns to the dark side he is the coolest hero.” You rambled on, not really thinking that Peter was paying attention to anything that you’re saying as you’ve probably already said those words 1,000 times to him now.

“Yeah, but you love this hero more, right Y/N?” Peter, realizing what he just said OUT LOUD, blushes like crazy. He basically just asked you if you loved him. He mentally scolds himself, “she can’t know how I feel about her. It would ruin everything!”


“Wait what…?”


Peter sit’s upright, turning his body towards you and you couldn’t help but giggle at the sight in front of you. His blanket was now wrapped around his legs, making him look like a mermaid. “Pete, you look like a mermaid.” you giggled out, but he wasn’t really worried about that right now. He could have sworn he just heard you indirectly say that you love him.

“What-What did you just say?” He looks seriously at you and you’re confused as to why he’s acting this way. I mean, you just said he looked like a mermaid? What’s the big deal? 

“Uh, I said that you look like a mermaid?” You gave him a questioning look.

“No, before that.” He asked so urgently. You were trying to remember what you said before that and then it hit you.

You basically told Peter that you loved him! Oh no, I did not say that did I?! I just ruined everything. All those years of friendship are going to be wasted, why am I so stupid! You started mumbling words to try to come up with an explanation, you couldn’t let him find out how you really felt. However, your mumbling was cut off by Peter’s voice.

“Wait…do you have feelings for me too?” His expression wasn’t judgmental, more curious. Your cheeks start to redden and you get really nervous. Wait, did he just ask if I had feelings for him too?

“What do you mean too? You have feelings for me as well-” But you didn’t get to finish your sentence because Peter leaned forward and kissed you. You didn’t hesitate in kissing back, wrapping your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to you. Holy shit! Your best friend was kissing you and he liked you back! Was this a dream?

You both broke apart, panting out of breath, smiling at each other.

“That was better than I’ve ever imagined.” His hands were resting on your shoulders.

“Fuck, Spider-boy you’re a good kisser.” Peter chuckled and you leaned in again, you couldn’t get enough of him.

Crack headcanon, 50% of Ezekiel’s abilities to just deal with situations the Library puts them in is because he’s Australian.

“Why didn’t anybody say anything about giant radioactive spiders, wait Jones what are you doing?”

“Mate, it’s cool, I got this.”

Like he’s probably the dude that laughs when watching the movie ‘the Birds’ because “that’s like an annual event home, deal with it losers”


This scene always makes me laugh. And then I feel a little guilty because it’s such an awful scene.

Dukat is just being so unbelievably creepy, so unbelievably horrible and in that super Dukat way that Marc Alaimo plays brilliantly. He’s just so deluded and egotistical and living in his own reality that it goes from horrible out the other side and becomes absurd and hilarious.

They both play it so good, Nana Visitor and Marc Alaimo. I can really emphatize with how trapped Kira must be feeling. It’s a fucked up situation - here’s the genocidal dictator that murdered thousands of your people basically saying “You’re hot when your angry” like boys in middle school that provoked you until you got angry and then belittled you for it.

With the difference here being that Kira is in constant threat of actual harm because Dukat will never take no for an answer and now he’s got the power to touch her without her being able to do much about it. (besides pushing away his hand like he’s a radioactive trash spider).

Dukat just makes me feel icky in my entire being in this scene. Which makes it absurdly hilarious and absurdly horrible at the same time.

Like his entire character. 

“You cannot change fate. However, you can rise to meet it, if you so choose.” -Hii-sama, Princess Mononoke

Every hero has one thing in common: they rise. The actions we take from this point forward will define our lives and the world’s future.

All of you who once wished to be bitten by a radioactive spider or to open a letter from Hogwarts or to be gifted a transformation brooch from a talking cat – now is your time. This is your mission. Will you rise?

Y/N the Explorer

Peter x reader

Imagine request: Hi could you make an imagine where I am Peter’s (Tom Holland) girlfriend and I visit him after his transformation into Spider-Man and I walk in on him changing and explore his new muscular body 😉

Warnings: Implied private parts jokes. (Lol ‘private’) Another heated story? Eh.

Note: Okay, okay, it seems you guys love Peter and his body as much as I do. This story turned out very short, but it’s short and sweet. Like me. Whoops. By the way, have you guys seen the pictures of Spider-Man: Homecoming? It looks great. Enjoy the imagine!

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“Hey, Ms. Parker. Is Peter home?” You asked May at the front door of the apartment. You wanted to go see how your boyfriend was doing with the whole ‘venom’ thing.

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PeterParkerXReader~ Spider Women Part 1

Summary~ Your dad was a major and famous scientist. One day you went to his lab and started messing around with things. He was working on extracting the DNA from radioactive, genetically modified spiders to help with curing diseases and other things. When you were playing one of the spiders it bit you. Ever since you were bitten you could shoot webs, climb walls, have spidey senses (vision,hearing,etc…), you had super strength, you could fly using your webs, and could heal quickly. Him and your mom were murder when you were 8 because his discovery was falling into the wrong hands and he refused to participate, so he destroyed his work. But somehow he knew you were bitten so he actually saved his work, gave it to you, and then destroyed it. When you moved into your Aunt June’s apartment, it was right next to Peter’s which was how you guys met. You guys had been best friends ever since and you were the only person who knew he was spiderman, so when he kept coming to your apartment for you to patch him up, he started to come more and more which made think you that he could use your help out there.

Superpower~ you’s a spider!

Warnings~cursing, things probably spelled wrong

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!Takes place after Spider-Man: Homecoming!

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My Boys Drabbles - The Right Shepherd (Part 2)

Thank you so much to the lovely @jia911 for proofreading this and to everyone else who’s sent the love! 

Part 1 can be found HERE

My Boys Drabbles – The Right Shepherd (Part Two)

When Owen made it back home that evening, he found his wife sitting on the couch between his two oldest sons.

“Hey, dad,” Lucas greeted him, looking back to the TV right after with a grin on his face. “You have to come watch this with us.”

“What are you watching?” Owen asked while taking off his coat, noticing how the three of them looked involved with the scenes on the TV.

“It’s a thriller about radioactive spiders who develop super strength and try to take over the world from the human race.” Thomas informed without taking his eyes off the screen, speaking very seriously.

What?” Owen asked, unable to believe that was actually a movie plot. He sat down beside Lucas and looked at the screen, horrified. “This is ridiculous,” He added after two minutes, noticing the awful visual effects of what looked like a B type movie. “Why are you even watching that?”

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