radioactive explosion

Radiation in The100.

Radioactivity is the property of substances and objects to release ionizing radiation. They become sources of radiation.Radiation contamination of the territory is revealed in cases when dangerous sources of ionizing radiation are found on the terrain. In fact, this is possible in two versions: as a result of the concentration of radioactive substances in a nuclear explosion. Radioactive isotopes fall into the environment under the action of instant gamma radiation. As a result of the dispersal of radioactive particles in anthropogenic accidents - leaks from nuclear reactors, damage to transportation or storage of radioactive waste, with accidental losses from industrial and medical storage facilities.

Main effects of radiation exposure:
• the emergence of malignant neoplasms (cancer),
• violations of the genetic code (mutations in the sex and other cells);
• the development of immunodepression and immunodeficiency and, as a result, an increase in the body’s sensitivity to common diseases;
• metabolic and endocrine balance disorders;
• damage to the eyes (clouding of the lens and the occurrence of cataracts);
• occurrence of temporary or permanent sterility, 
• organic lesions of the nervous system, blood and lymph vessels as a result of death of slowly multiplying cells of the nervous tissue and endothelium (lining of the vessels);
• accelerated aging of the body;
•  Mental development disorders.

There are external and internal radioactive exposures.

External - the source of radiation is located outside the human body.

Internal - when radioactive substance enters the body.

We have seen how the Luna’s clan has contracted radiation from irradiated fish. This is an example of internal irradiation of the body. Radiation got into the body through the stomach and caused burns of the mucous membrane and internal organs, nausea, vomiting and death in the end.

We will see an example of external irradiation, when “black rain” will come to Arkadia.

 The effects of irradiation can be avoided if you immediately wash off “black rain” from damaged skin. This is why we’ll see many shower scenes.

At first the "nightblood" protected human bodies against solar radiation in long space missions. Now, “nightblood’ helps to overcome the symptoms of internal and external radiation exposure.

We can not see the radiation in the real world.  But in the show, radiation is a deadly wave that will burn your body in a few seconds.


On this day in 1975: Genesis of the Daleks (Part Two)

The Doctor finds that some of Davros’s fellow Kaleds are unhappy with the development of the Daleks. Sarah is forced to load a Thal war rocket with radioactive explosives.