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Same situation, same two people, opposite reactions.  Or, why the love square can get confusing.

Stormy Weather / Climatika

The Gamer / Le Gamer


The smirks tell you which one is enjoying that particular moment and how comfortable they are with admitting it.

also it looks like Adrien launched them with an explosive, radioactive fart and now I can’t unsee that 

Deeper Than Skin (Alternatively titled: Wow for a bunch of heroes you guys can be real jackasses sometimes)

Holy crap, Lovestarved surpasses 300 notes and I’ve surpassed 100 followers already?? I have no words! I never would’ve imagined people would like my writing so much! Seriously, a big thanks to all of you, especially those who reblogged and left such nice words! It’s really been making my month a happy one, and really encouraging me to write more! <3 Though that may not be a good thing, hehe And a HUUUUUGE thanks to @paperhatcollection for making it all possible, you have been my role model in this fandom! People, read their works if you haven’t already!!! They’re a brilliant writer!

So speaking of writing, here’s another Paperhat story for you all! This is basically still going off Lovestarved still (not as long and probably not as good though lol kill me), as are the other ones I’m working on, sort of like its own dumb little mini series I guess, he. So here, have some suffering so I can satisfy my thirst for Hyperprotective Boyfriend Mode and also bonding between these gay nerds. Also expanding on/playing with @paperhatcollection‘s ponderings about souleater Flug’s mom and taking the dark aspect of it a step further. I hope that’s ok with you

(Also feel it important to note that I’ve not used every aspect of their portrayal of mr.nerdface, basically just what you learn in Hunger. Though I still feel pretty badass for predicting the fire weakness in a roundabout way pfff must be psychic or something XD)

Previous works: Lovestarved

And fun fact for those who’ve never seen one, this is what a fire whirl looks like:    

Anyways. On to the actual story. :p (Is mobile still being dumb and not letting the ‘Read More’ work? Lemme know and I’ll post a full version again)


Dr.Flug has always had a large bull’s-eye painted on his back since joining Blackhat. For one, he’s vital to the success of the most accomplished villain merchandise organization in the world. And on top of that, he’s known for his timorousness, whereas Blackhat is known for savagery and prowess in battle. In short, he makes a far easier target in comparison. Who wouldn’t take advantage of that?

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Neutron star smash-up shows us first light alongside a gravity wave

For the first time ever we’ve detected light from a gravitational wave event, after two incredibly dense neutron stars smashed together, an exciting discovery that  helps scientists understand some of the most violent and powerful collisions in the universe. 

Neutron stars are the crushed remnants of massive stars which exploded as supernovas. What used to be the core lingers behind as the smallest and densest stars in our universe, a ball just a few miles across but containing more mass than our Sun. Just one teaspoon’s worth of neutron star would weigh a billion tonnes. 

Earlier this month the Nobel prize in Physics was awarded for the first detections of gravity waves, ripples through spacetime. But those waves were caused by black holes merging and so no light, or electromagnetic radiation, was observed because famously light can’t escape black holes. 

Astrophysicists believed that when two neutron stars collided there would be visible light alongside gravity waves, as predicted from Einstein’s theories. But until they saw it happen, no-one knew for sure. 

On August 17 2017 this all changed. 

Not only were were gravity waves picked up from a galaxy 130 million light years away, but so were range of light-based measurements from the merger of two neutron stars as they smashed together.  

These included a burst of gamma rays, light from a type of radioactive explosion called a kilo-nova and, later, X-rays from the gamma ray burst afterglow. 

Thousands of scientists around the world have been working furiously ever since to present the initial findings, published today. 

Together these measurements confirm a host of theoretical predictions, and will greatly advance our understanding of what exactly goes on when these incredible events occur, such as the conditions in which some of the heaviest elements including gold and platinum, are formed.

In one sense the we’ve been lucky to capture all this data in such rich detail because we could have been waiting decades for a neutron star merger close enough to Earth to be detected. But, on the other hand, scientists have been working for decades to get to the point where we have good enough equipment to be able to make the most of it. It’s a case of chance meeting preparation, and it’s paid of for the scientific community. 

Animation & image: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/CI Lab


Brave Enough to be Happy

Well, it’s 11:19 at night on a Thursday. This is 3,654 words long, it’s a Captain Underpants fic, and I’m crying.

Take that as you will.

This is my half of the trade with @crispcomet who for me illustrated the last bit of ch 6 from It’s Hard and it is the CUTEST SMOOCH I’VE EVER SEEN. Look- go look- do yourself a favor and look.

And to note- Baron von Berry Redberry is a real cereal from the 1970′s. Yes, I did check. (Also it’s a guy in a plane and his ‘arch rival’ was Sir Grapefellow who also flew a plane and look, your wiser to the world now. You’re welcome)

      Benjamin gripped the edge of the sink, staring into the mirror and watching his own eye twitch as he quietly whispered to himself, “Come on, come on, come on.”

      He could do this.

      Or, rather, in theory he could do this, but there were a lot of things that only worked in theory alone; quantum theory, string theory, the theory of relativity, so many things yet to be proven and yet held near and dear as though infallible. He wouldn’t pretend to understand any of it, or this, least of all this, but he could make a couple of well-informed guesses.

      If Captain Underpants could fly, and he was Captain Underpants, then by all reason, he too, as Benjamin Krupp, should be able to fly.

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If there’s a single iconic element to the entire Back To The Future franchise, it is undoubtedly this. A badass DeLorean, the vehicle that can travel through time AND be forever associated with sleazy ‘80s cokeheads. It is both the literal driving force of the entire series and a handy image to slap on a cover. It managed to drive through time in one movie, fly in another, and get buried for a hundred years and get pushed by a train in the final installment. And it was completely the idea of the studio. This is what Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale, the creative minds behind the script, wanted.

More specifically, Back To The Future used a nuclear explosion to move Marty McFly around in time. To get back to 1985, Marty was actually supposed to move forward in time from a real life historical 1952 atomic test … in a lead-lined refrigerator. It’s an idea that still causes Steven Spielberg to wake up in cold sweats.

Recognizing the lunacy of showing how cool it was to climb in refrigerators in a movie targeted at least in part to children, as well as the absurd cost of mocking up an atomic test, the studio suggested they make the time machine more mobile and, well, not a giant radioactive explosion. Also, cruising in a magic science car is a little more charming than being propelled into your journey by nuclear horror. Boom (heh), instant icon.

Oh, and because it isn’t just about the money: Doc Brown also had a pet chimpanzee as a buddy in the original script.

5 Times The Studio Actually Knew What Was Best For The Movie

Washington D.C P2

Summary:  Who knew that a a trip to Washington D.C would be the beginning to everything unraveling.

Requested: No

Word Count:  2.3k+

Note: There will be a part three :))

Warning(s)?: Swearing (very lil), kidnapping (without realizing), 

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Part 1  Part 3

Washington D.C

“Hey are you okay?” MJ asks from beside you. It was currently 11pm and you haven’t spoken a word since you found that… thing in Peters bag. You attempted to catch up to him to ask questions but he was long gone by the time you left security. 

“Your quieter than usual” MJ says, glancing up from her laptop screen on her bed. I glanced up to her and smile, shaking my head. 

“No.. I mean yeah I’m fine it’s just-” You heard some commotion outside the door in the hallways. 

“I’m gonna go check something” You muttered, starring at the door. 

“Okay but remember it’s after curfew so don’t get caught homescout” That was her nickname for you. You just nodded your head, getting up and turning the door knob open. You stepped out while slipping on your jumper, the sleeves coming past your finger tips. You’ve always loved big jumpers.

“Hey Y/N!” You turn around to see Cindy and less run up to you, looking a little excited. You stare curiously at them, noticing their swimming attire. 

“We’re gonna go for a swim wanna join?” Liz asks politely. I slowly shake my head, politely declining the offer. 

“Isn’t it after curfew?” you ask. Cindy just squeals in excitement and rushes off, following the others. 

“Yeah but some rebellousness is good for the mind before a big debate” she replies with a smile. You smile back softly. 

“Thanks but no thanks” She frowns slightly then pats your shoulder, skipping past you and further down the hallway. You notice she stops again, talking to someone further down the hallway. Why were you so worried? You had a debate to prepare for tomorrow you should just calm down, take your mind off of things and have some fun!

“Actually give me a sec Liz and I’ll join you guys” You said with a smile. She turns around and smiles towards you, turning back around to continue speaking with the person wearing a hoodie. You quickly scurried back inside into your room and got changed, you offered MJ an invite but she said she was tired and wanted to get an early night. So you made sure to take the room key with you as you left for the pool. 

Once you were in your bikini you grabbed a towel from your bag, walking towards the front door. You open it quickly and step out, colliding with a… wall? There wasn’t a wall there last time.. and this one was.. warm? 

You glance up to see the brown eyes of Peter Parker, the once you have bumped into, yet again.

You stared at his flustered expression for a few seconds then began to laugh. He looked at you confused then began to smile.

“Three times in one day Parker for what do I owe the pleasure?” You tease in a horrible british accent causing the both of you to laugh. 

“You really gotta watch where your going” Peter says then his eyes suddenly widden at his statement. He was obviously expecting some harsh or snarky comment back but instead you smiled… and laughed.

“Well it wouldn’t have happened if you weren’t right in front of the door… wait why were you in front of my door?” you ask curiously. You happened to notice his cheeks turn a faint pink and he ducked his head, causing the hoodie to slip further over his mop of curls. 

You reached out and pushed his hoodie back. 

“And why are you wearing a hoodie when it’s 93 degrees out? You robbing a bank or something?” You laugh. Peter laughed along with you nervously, though you didn’t pick up on his nervousness.

“I-im just heading out for a bit-” he was cut off by a beeping sound. He quickly reached for his phone and answered the call. He didn’t even bother glancing at you while he answered. Okay that was kind of… rude.

“Hey Ned! So where is the trac-” his eyes widen once he realises i’m still standing in front of him. 

“Uhhh the ughhhh the tracingular plural?” You looked at him totally confused. Triangular plural? That wasn’t even a thing. You shake your head and began to walk away, swinging your towel over your shoulder.

“Don’t be late tomorrow Parker!” You call out not bothering to glance back knowing that he has heard you. You began to make your way towards the pool where the others where. You placed your towel down on one of the chairs and walked over towards Liz who was sitting on the edge of the pool, you joined her and dipped your feet in. 

“Oh you made it!” She looks up to you and smiles pulling you in for a hug. You and Liz were friends as well so you laughed and wrapped your arms around her giggling along. 

“Watch out!” Flash yells as he jumps into the water close to you guys, causing a massive wave of water to soak both you and Liz. 

“I’m gonna kill you Flash!” you playfully yelled as you jumped into the water and swam over to him, tackling him in the water. The both of you laughed as you managed to put him under. You fist pumped the air and earned a cheer from everyone in the pool. 

All the while you guys were laughing and having fun, Peter Parker sat on the ledge watching you, wishing he could just stay for one night but he can’t. With one last glance at your face as you laughed he turned around and began to swing deep into the darkness.

Peter’s pov#

~few hours later

“Hey suit lady where are we?” I asked as I glanced around the massive compound that held a shitload of shipping containers.

“You are in the most secured facility on the eastern seaboard… the damage control deep storage vault” I raise my hands to my head in frustration. 

“No Seriously?!” I exclaim aloud, reading the letters ‘DCDS’ across the wall. Great.

I glance around frantically, looking for anyways for me to get possibly get out. I notice a part of the wall that opens and quickly make my way over there. With all my strength I try lifting from the ground, hoping the door will budge. Nothing.

I swing up to the middle and try again. Nothing. 

“The door will likely remain closed till morning’' 

’'Till morning?” I ask, sighing out of defeat I lazily kick the door in aggravation. 

Knowing I probably am going to be stuck here for a while I walk away from the door, I decide to make a hammock out of me webs and lie down, trying to come up with a plan. 

It honestly felt like forever and still I had nothing.

“Hey suit lady… I kind of feel bad for calling you suit lady you know? I should probably give you a name” I wonder aloud bored. I think for a minute before speaking again. 

“Like Y/N- wait no no no that’s t-t-hat’s weird” I say shaking my head, I could feel the warmth crawl up to my cheeks just from even thinking about calling the suit Y/N.

I get up from the 'hammock’ getting tired of it and slip on my back pack again, deciding to go exploring.

As I was swinging from side to side an idea popped into my head.

“What about… Karen?” I ask, god damn I was talking to the freaking suit and I haven’t even been here long!

“You can call me Karen if you’d like” Sweet. 

“Hey Karen what else can this suit do?” I ask, as I hang upside down reading my physics book. I hear the sound of wings?

I glanced to my side to see web like wings come out of the suits side. I gasp in surprise. 

“Woah” I say totally mind blown. This suit can also help me fly!

~20 minutes later

After reading a few chapters of the physics book I makes my way back over to my man made hammock. I begin to slightly rock, causing it to swing from side to side slightly. If I thought about it this is some really good down time. 

“Should I tell Y/N that I’m spiderman?” I ask aloud, just voicing my thoughts in a daze.

“Who’s Y/N?” Karen asks. Gosh Karen has the same amount of curiosity that Y/N does. 

“Who’s Y/N? Aha she’s the best.. she’s awesome.. she’s just a girl who goes to my school” I sigh dreamily. Just thinking about her brought a smile to my lips. 

“And I want to tell her you know? But it’s weird like.. 'Hey I’m spiderman!”’ I finish saying sighing in defeat. Who am I kidding, I have been pining over this girl since freshman year. I have no shot, in fact she hates me!

“What’s weird about that?” Karen asks, obviously not understanding. I close my eyes and sigh.

“I mean what if she was expecting someone like Tony stark and she see’s me? She’d be disappointed”. 

“Well if I was her, I wouldn’t be disappointed at all” I softly smiled from under my mask. 

“Thanks Karen, anyways how long have we’ve been in here?”

“37 minutes” WHAT?!!?

“37 MINUTES?!? I GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE” I yell rushing to my feet. I jump off the hammock and run over to the container box I came out of. Removing my jacket I began opening cages, looking for anything that could help get us out of here. 

“Woah” I say under my breath, holding up a replica of the glowy thingy that Ned has back in the hotel room. 

“That glowy thing is an explosive radioactive core” Karen states. My eyes widen and I stand up, dropping the 'glowy thingy’ to the ground. 

“Woah woah woah you mean we’ve been carrying around a bomb?!” Holy shit! Oh my god oh my god oh my go-

“It will require radiation to transform it into a reactive state” Karen speaks. I quickly reach for my phone and dial Ned’s number. I let it ring through and try again. 

“Come on Ned pick up pick up!” I shout. I pick up my back pack and jacket and swing back over to the doors. 

I climb up to the middle and glance over to my left to see a massive metal box.

“Karen you have to help me override that time lapse’' 

Y/N’S pov#

’'Where’s Peter?” I ask Ned as we make our way through security. We were all due to start competing in ten minutes where the hell is he? 

“Did he come back last night?” I ask when I didn’t get a response from him. 

“Last night how do you know-” He was cut off by the sound of his phone ringing. He quickly answers it and speaks into the phone.

“Hey Peter where are you?! The decathlon starts in ten minutes!” He says into the phone. I shake my head and put my backpack down onto the belt, letting it go through the check out. 

“Peter hey don’t worry it’s safe” I was beyond annoyed right now, in fact I was almost furious. I snatched the phone out of Ned’s hands and began to talk. 

“Peter what the hell is going on with you?” You ask incredulously into the phone, you could hear the sound of moving traffic and heavy breathing on the other line. 

“Y/N?” Peter asks shocked.

“Yes dumbass now where the hell are you?” you ask, this time sternly. 

“Look, look just pass the phone back to Ned I have to tell him some-” Peter began to frantically speak before you cut him off.

“No you don’t get to keep disappearing like this Peter it’s not fair on the team! I mean.. what’s going on with you your all over the place” You raised my voice but it began to soften at the end. I was almost sounding.. worried. 

“Look you have to tell Ned about the-!” he yells then lets out a grunt. What the hell was he doing and where the hell was he? 

“Glowy thing in his pocket?” I ask out. 

“Yes! Yes! Wait how do you know?… Doesn’t matter You have to tell him-” He stopped. It almost sounded like as if he was was jumping. 

“Miss please place the phone down in the box” I haven’t even realized I’ve been walking while screaming a Peter.

“It’s a bomb! The glowy thing is a bomb!” He yells and my eyes widen. 

“Peter…” I stopped and glanced to my side to see all of the other already inside.

“Ned’s already inside” I finish, glancing towards the double set of doors Ned must have walked through. 

“No! No listen to me you have to-’' 

’'Look it’s fine! It’s radioactive it won’t go off unless exposed to radiation just…” You paused. You couldn’t believe these words were about to come out of your mouth. 

“Just get here as quickly as you can in one piece okay?” you spoke into the phone quietly before hanging up. You gave the man the phone who slid into the box. You popped your hands into your jean pockets nervously and walked through the double set of doors. 

“Hey you okay?” MJ comes up to you and asks. You look to the side and put on a fake smile hiding your nerves. You could feel your heart beating a million miles per second. There was nothing you could do, and you know it wouldn’t go off in here and you didn’t want to cause a panic so you’d wait till after the decathlon is over and if Peter isn’t here by then you’d get the glowy thing off of Ned yourself.

Yeah, peachy”.


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A/N: Not sure how long this series is going to be but probably a minimum of three parts :))


An invariable characteristic of Nature is to express life-death cycles of any idea, in nine lesser interweaving cycles enfolded in the one. When we think of man as an idea, we think of him as grown up to fullness of middle age. Until then, we think of generating man as infant, child and youth. Following his generating cycles come the degenerative ones in which he gradually repays ail of his borrowings from his zero of rest and returns to that zero to again borrow power to re-express the idea of man.
This process of Nature, which expresses its cycles of idea in nine lesser cycles, is conspicuously present in the life-death cycles of the elements of matter. Carbon alone expresses the idea of matter. All the nine octaves of the elements are stages of unfoldment and refoldment of carbon. The first four and a half octaves lead to the maturity of carbon by the generative contraction of gravity. It is the hardest of all of the other stages of its transition, having the highest melting point. The last four and a half octaves lead from maturity through old age to disappearance at the end of the nine octave cycle by the radiative expansion of vacuity.
Genero-activity begins at the birth of carbon in the first octave with genero-active, inner explosive speed of light which is 186,400 miles per second. It ends with an equal radioactive, outer explosive speed. This speed is the limit at which motion can reproduce itself in curved wave fields before reaching zero where motion and curvature cease.
Carbon fulfills the plan of the Creator in His desire to create but one form: the cube-sphere. Carbon alone crystallizes in true Cube, with all of the qualities of the true cube and sphere fully exemplified. Al] other elements which crystallize as cubes are octave extensions of carbon. All such extensions occupy the four-zero-four position of wave amplitude.
In carbon are all of the elements of its previous stages, just as in man are all of the actions and reactions of his previous stages. Hydrogen is a one octave younger prototype of carbon. It forms on the wave amplitude at four-zero-four just as carbon forms at four-zero-four one octave ahead. In hydrogen is a whole octave of elemental tones. Several of these have been recently discovered and wrongly named isotopes. Isotopes are split tones such as those which a violinist could produce between full tones.
An amazing thing happens at this point in the unfolding of carbon’s life record. Hydrogen’s melting point is 259 degrees below zero centigrade and in one octave the winding up process of nature acts like a whiplash at its halfway position where genero-activity and radioactivity meet as equals. This effect tightens the winding of carbon into such a dense substance that the melting point jumps to 3600 degrees above zero in that one octave.
Nature immediately counterbalances this accelerative action by dropping nitrogen, the next element beyond carbon, into a gas which melts at 210 degrees below zero centigrade. It does not recover from the gaseous condition during the rest of its octave.
The cosmic seed of the carbon octave is helium.
Silicon is one octave older than carbon. The melting point of silicon drops to less than one half of its younger stage: 1420 degrees.
The cosmic seed of the silicon octave is neon.
When carbon becomes still another octave older at the four-zero-four position of cobalt in the sixth octave, it divides its full tone into ten split isotope tones; five on either side.
Carbon at this stage has lost much of its vitality and changes its character by thus dividing it into cobalt isotopes. Its melting point has dropped to 1480 degrees, which is slightly higher than the silicon stage of carbon. Because of sharing that position with ten others it has lost much of its true cube-sphere quality of balance which the four-zero-four position manifests.
The evidence of that is the metallic quality of cobalt which would be impossible in the true cube-sphere position of four-zero-four in the octave wave.
The four-zero-four position is one of balance between the pairs of metallic opposites such as iron and nickel, manganese and copper, chromium and zinc or sodium and chlorine. When any of these pairs lose their metallic quality, such as iron and oxygen in iron rust, or sodium and chlorine. When any of these pairs lose their metallic quality, such as iron and oxygen in iron rust, or sodium and chlorine in sodium-chloride, they find both rest and balance in the stony quality of the salts; they crystallize in the cubic system if they are equal or near equal opposite pairs. Sodium-chloride is a good example. One can see its approximately true cubes in sodium-chloride (ordinary table salt) or in the distorted cube crystals of sodium-iodide.
The four-zero-four position in the octaves of the elements is the position of rest where any action must end its half cycle and begin its other half. It comes to a point of rest before returning to a point of rest, as all actions and reactions in nature do.
At one octave of still further aging, carbon becomes rhodium and again climbs to its amplitude position at four-zero-four by five efforts and descends by five more. Rhodium is more vital than cobalt. for its melting point is 1950 degrees.
The cosmic seed of the rhodium octave is krypton.
Great vitality is often evidenced in Nature’s creations after they have fully matured. The radioactive death principle is as vital in disintegrating the body as the genero-active principle is in integrating it. That vitality is enhanced by the opposition of the genero-active resistance set up against it. Such strong, vital metals as silver, nickel, copper, tantalum, tungsten, osmium, platinum and gold belong to the aging half cycles of carbon.
Tantalum is a radioactive metal which becomes so dense because of opposition between the two electric conditioners that its melting point reaches 3400 degrees centigrade, or within two hundred degrees of carbon. Osmium follows with a melting point of 2700 degrees and platinum at 1755 degrees. In this octave, the violent drop from carbon’s melting point to nitrogen’s melting point at minus 210 is balanced by this corresponding genero-active reaction.
In the next octave of carbon’s aging. the radioactive death principle becomes more evident in lutecium. After reaching its three position in the positive half of its octave, it arrives at its balance position of four-zero-four only after making thirteen efforts, as evidenced by thirteen isotopes including unknowns.’ These are balanced by thirteen in the negative half cycle. Among these thirteen is the vital tungsten, a negative metal of great commercial value. By bombarding this metal with a sufficiently high current to cause it to disintegrate, it will discharge its seed of inert cosmic gases just as an oak tree will discharge its cosmic seed in acorns.
The cosmic seed of the lutecium octave is xenon.
The cosmic seed of carbon’s last octave of disappearance arises from the inert gas niton.’ Octaves unfold from their past recorded seed and they must have a seed into which their present record can refold. That principle is absolute in Nature.
Radium and actinium evidence the going-to-seed process of all completed cycles of growing things in a strong measure. One can see this process taking place in radium without resorting to the electrocution process referred to as applied to tungsten.
A small telescopic instrument, the spinthariscope, contains a needle upon which a microscopic portion of radium has been placed in front of a fluorescent screen. By looking through its lenses in the dark, one can see the shedding of the cosmic seed of the slowly dying carbon in its radium stage as the rays of those cosmic seeds bombard the screen. The effect is beautiful, like looking into the heavens on a starry night with all of its stars twinkling into appearance and disappearance as fireflies twinkle in the meadow on a dark night.
Carbon never comes within perception at tomium, but its efforts to reach tomium are evidenced in the uranium group of isotopes, of which there are fifteen before tomium is reached. Out of this group several have been found and made use of, especially those from which the atom bomb has been produced.
Radioactivity has so nearly reached its maximum at this point that the speed of the cosmic seed shed by these isotopes has been measured at 180,000 miles per second, which is approximately the speed of light nearing its ending point at tomion where the octave again begins at alphanon.

:::WALTER RUSSELL - The secret of Light:::


The Chronological Superman 1964: 

Kryptonite continues to be a wildly popular story element – or, alternatively, an ubiquitous one – in the assorted Superman titles. Of the established varieties, red and green continue to dominate the roster, while the other three (white, blue and gold, although I assume I didn’t need to tell you that) make scant appearances when required. 

But not even the unpredictable effects of Red K or the mortal menace of Green K seems to satisfy the appetite for new Kryptonite innovations. Superman’s becoming a monster or turning evil every other month, thanks to Red K, but there’s obviously an urge to create and confirm the existence of more varieties.

 In 1963, the hoax of Silver Kryptonite made a singular appearance, and here it’s Jewel Kryptonite. Possibly the only part of planetary material not made dangerously radioactive in the explosion which claimed Krypton, Jewel Kryptonite – a fragment of the Jewel Mountains which are sent into space thanks to the machinations of a time-travelling Jax-Ur in Action Comics vol.1 No.310 – has no deleterious effect on the Man of Steel. Instead, it focuses and enhances the psychic powers of the Phantom Zone inmates, which is itself an unexpected benefit of the extra-dimensional internment. 

(While Jewel K never really entered the exclusive five-part Kryptonite catalog of the Pre-Crisis era, it will pop up again in, well, a few decades from now…)

What You Know

Happy belated birthday to @sarapsys!

She requested a followup of sorts to the fic Overthinking It, which involves Maddie logicking Danny out of flying. It’s  a silly, funny actiony oneshot. this… is not any of those things. But it’s what I came up with, so here ya go.


* * * *

It is terrible to destroy a person’s picture of himself in the interests of truth or some other abstraction.
― Doris Lessing

* * * * 

This didn’t feel real. An advanced double doctorate in physics and biochemistry had been a cakewalk. The fact that ghosts were extradimensional beings formed from an amalgamation of ectoplasmic matter and electricity driven by post-human consciousness had come as a matter of course. That her son was a hybrid of one of these creatures had been a little harder to accept, but in a week it had become normalcy. That said half-ghost son would call her up on a Tuesday asking to leave school so he could help the US government contain a nuclear meltdown had struck her as amusing, not implausible.

But this… this didn’t feel real.

Security checks and steel-plated hallways passed by Maddie in a blur. The aide beside her, a trim young man in a dark grey suit, kept talking. He wasn’t making sense. This didn’t feel real.

“Can’t you do anything?” she asked again, stupidly, as if she hadn’t heard the answer on the phone. Over the helicopter ride. On the drive into the bunker. As the elevator sank her thirty floors into the earth. That depth would protect her from the thing that would kill her son. If her son was really in danger. It didn’t feel like he was. This all felt like some slow grey nightmare.

“We’ve estimated Phantom’s position at around fifty meters from the core,” the aide repeated with well-trained patience. “It’s radiating so much heat at this stage that the enviroment would be impossible for any human to withstand. Even if we did send in personnel, they would succumb to radiation poisoning before reaching him.”

“But there might be another way,” Maddie said, turning to look at him fully. “That’s why you brought me in, right? For my expertise. So I could help you find a solution. If I just knew more about the situation, then–”

The aide paled, taking a step back. His professional facade faltered. “I’m sorry– I – I thought the general was clear on the phone. You can’t…” He squared his shoulders. “Ma’am, there’s no way to stop the meltdown. There’s no one we can send in. There’s nothing you can do.”

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Robert Blakeley, Who Created a Sign of the Cold War, Dies at 95
Robert Blakeley’s yellow-and-black placards reflected Americans’ anxieties about nuclear war while pointing the way to where they might be saved from it.
By Robert D. McFadden


You can still see Robert W. Blakeley’s ominous signs on old public buildings, rusted metal relics of an age when nuclear war was a clear and present danger. They marked the way to the fallout shelters where millions of Americans were to take refuge from the deadly radioactivity of thermonuclear explosions.

A half-century ago, the bright orange-yellow and black placards were ubiquitous on courthouses, town halls, schools and other shelters packed with canned goods and water supplies to sustain anywhere from 50 to thousands of people for days or weeks. To many, they represented hope for survival amid the destruction of cities. To others, they symbolized the insanity of war and the folly of defenses against nuclear attack.

But to Mr. Blakeley, the 1.4 million fallout shelter signs he produced for the Army Corps of Engineers in 1961 were just a routine job, soon forgotten as he moved on to other tasks, never dreaming his utilitarian creation would become America’s most visible symbols of the Cold War.

Mr. Blakeley died on Wednesday at 95 at Brookdale Southside, a senior living community in Jacksonville, Fla., his daughter, Dorothy Carver, said.