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If there’s a single iconic element to the entire Back To The Future franchise, it is undoubtedly this. A badass DeLorean, the vehicle that can travel through time AND be forever associated with sleazy ‘80s cokeheads. It is both the literal driving force of the entire series and a handy image to slap on a cover. It managed to drive through time in one movie, fly in another, and get buried for a hundred years and get pushed by a train in the final installment. And it was completely the idea of the studio. This is what Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale, the creative minds behind the script, wanted.

More specifically, Back To The Future used a nuclear explosion to move Marty McFly around in time. To get back to 1985, Marty was actually supposed to move forward in time from a real life historical 1952 atomic test … in a lead-lined refrigerator. It’s an idea that still causes Steven Spielberg to wake up in cold sweats.

Recognizing the lunacy of showing how cool it was to climb in refrigerators in a movie targeted at least in part to children, as well as the absurd cost of mocking up an atomic test, the studio suggested they make the time machine more mobile and, well, not a giant radioactive explosion. Also, cruising in a magic science car is a little more charming than being propelled into your journey by nuclear horror. Boom (heh), instant icon.

Oh, and because it isn’t just about the money: Doc Brown also had a pet chimpanzee as a buddy in the original script.

5 Times The Studio Actually Knew What Was Best For The Movie


The Chronological Superman 1964: 

Kryptonite continues to be a wildly popular story element – or, alternatively, an ubiquitous one – in the assorted Superman titles. Of the established varieties, red and green continue to dominate the roster, while the other three (white, blue and gold, although I assume I didn’t need to tell you that) make scant appearances when required. 

But not even the unpredictable effects of Red K or the mortal menace of Green K seems to satisfy the appetite for new Kryptonite innovations. Superman’s becoming a monster or turning evil every other month, thanks to Red K, but there’s obviously an urge to create and confirm the existence of more varieties.

 In 1963, the hoax of Silver Kryptonite made a singular appearance, and here it’s Jewel Kryptonite. Possibly the only part of planetary material not made dangerously radioactive in the explosion which claimed Krypton, Jewel Kryptonite – a fragment of the Jewel Mountains which are sent into space thanks to the machinations of a time-travelling Jax-Ur in Action Comics vol.1 No.310 – has no deleterious effect on the Man of Steel. Instead, it focuses and enhances the psychic powers of the Phantom Zone inmates, which is itself an unexpected benefit of the extra-dimensional internment. 

(While Jewel K never really entered the exclusive five-part Kryptonite catalog of the Pre-Crisis era, it will pop up again in, well, a few decades from now…)

What You Know

Happy belated birthday to @sarapsys!

She requested a followup of sorts to the fic Overthinking It, which involves Maddie logicking Danny out of flying. It’s  a silly, funny actiony oneshot. this… is not any of those things. But it’s what I came up with, so here ya go.


* * * *

It is terrible to destroy a person’s picture of himself in the interests of truth or some other abstraction.
― Doris Lessing

* * * * 

This didn’t feel real. An advanced double doctorate in physics and biochemistry had been a cakewalk. The fact that ghosts were extradimensional beings formed from an amalgamation of ectoplasmic matter and electricity driven by post-human consciousness had come as a matter of course. That her son was a hybrid of one of these creatures had been a little harder to accept, but in a week it had become normalcy. That said half-ghost son would call her up on a Tuesday asking to leave school so he could help the US government contain a nuclear meltdown had struck her as amusing, not implausible.

But this… this didn’t feel real.

Security checks and steel-plated hallways passed by Maddie in a blur. The aide beside her, a trim young man in a dark grey suit, kept talking. He wasn’t making sense. This didn’t feel real.

“Can’t you do anything?” she asked again, stupidly, as if she hadn’t heard the answer on the phone. Over the helicopter ride. On the drive into the bunker. As the elevator sank her thirty floors into the earth. That depth would protect her from the thing that would kill her son. If her son was really in danger. It didn’t feel like he was. This all felt like some slow grey nightmare.

“We’ve estimated Phantom’s position at around fifty meters from the core,” the aide repeated with well-trained patience. “It’s radiating so much heat at this stage that the enviroment would be impossible for any human to withstand. Even if we did send in personnel, they would succumb to radiation poisoning before reaching him.”

“But there might be another way,” Maddie said, turning to look at him fully. “That’s why you brought me in, right? For my expertise. So I could help you find a solution. If I just knew more about the situation, then–”

The aide paled, taking a step back. His professional facade faltered. “I’m sorry– I – I thought the general was clear on the phone. You can’t…” He squared his shoulders. “Ma’am, there’s no way to stop the meltdown. There’s no one we can send in. There’s nothing you can do.”

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- Smoke Skills -

It is able to keep the toxic fumes emanating for a short period of time, which. Mark seeing how dangerous it was he locked it in a vacuum jar, no longer breathe, it is a being made of smoke
 It has remorse of what it has provoked after trying again to have its powers and creating a radioactive explosion that mutated its near or at least ¼ of the place, that did not affect to the immobile and movable things, only to alive beings.


-Habilidades de Humo-
Es capaz de mantener los humos tóxicos que emana por un corto periodo de tiempo, lo cual  Mark al ver lo peligroso que era lo encerró en un frasco al vacío, ya no respira, es un ser hecho de humo.

Tiene remordimientos de lo que ha provocado tras intentar de nuevo tener sus poderes y creando una explosión  radioactiva que hizo mutar a sus cercanos o almenos ¼ del lugar, eso no afecto a las cosas inmóviles y muebles, solo a seres vivos.