radioactive chickenheads


Radioactive Chickenheads sing “Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer” with undead fans at Long Beach Zombiewalk.

The Proxy Show

I can’t begin to explain how different this show was from Anaheim. Anaheim was great, really, but it seemed to be missing something. What it was missing was pure fandom at it’s core.

Radioactive Chickenhead is starting to grow on me. I may take another listen to their stuff and it’s mostly due to the fact that whoever was working the soundboard mixed it properly and we could hear more of the band as opposed to noise. Solid set and Chuckie Cheese got the fuck beat out of him by a fan.

Attack Decay was one of the most average and uninteresting “groups” that I’ve ever heard and I couldn’t wait for them to get offstage. I mean last night I had my reticence with RC, but coming from a guy who’s favorite band was a bunch of folks dressed up like Robots singing about MegaMan, they deserved a chance. THESE GUYS though……..the second they started playing I wanted them to stop playing. The lyrics sounded like they had some sort of message, but with cookie cutter musicianship, it all seemed pointless. Let’s just say that attendance at the bar went WAAAAAAAY up during their set.

Quick sidenote: compliments to the Roxy bar. I didn’t feel hornswoggled by the amount of alcohol put into my drink and the price. Kudos.

My buddy and I each brought someone who had never seen a Protomen show (NOT A CULT) with us and we separated before the show. My buddy Julian and his friend Shawn aren’t Pit folk, so my bestie Steve and I ventured forth into the night. Now, they played essentially the same set as the night before, but everything was different. I completely surrendered myself to the music and as a result reaped every reward. The energy, the burning in my veins, that refuels me creatively and physically is here and was sparked last night. I got to share my favorite band with my best friend and the fact that they played some of his absolute favorite Queen songs made it even more special. Princes of the Universe was a welcome addition to the set last night.

They started playing Breaking Out and I damn near cried. It was everything that I needed to hear and it was absolutely beautiful. 

Being caught in the mosh for Hope Rides Alone was wonderful.

Kilroy, I love him, is a heavy mother fucker. Anyone who’s been to the show knows that he’s a big bot, but I had to grab some serious robot ass in order to lift him. A magical evening indeed.

Reanimator jumped into the crowd too, but a little more stage left from the center. He got rolled back onto the stage before the rest of the crowd could have that robot biz. I shouted “GET DOWN FROM THERE REANIMATOR” at one point during the show and a guy by me responded with, “HE’LL GET DOWN FROM THERE WHENEVER HE DAMN WELL WANTS TO!”…….rather apropos assessment, I feel.

I also can’t express how important The Show Must Go On has become to me. So the fact that it’s such a big part of the set now makes me so ridiculously happy. It’s a great way to end the show and more of what I needed to hear.

Prohemian Rhapsody was beautiful. Ivan and I had a moment. Steve and I had a moment. We all had moments.

The amount of sweat that came from me was immeasurable. I know that may sound gross, but it was all passion. I was sweating so much that the shirt in my POCKET was damp.

That’s another thing. I’m only a few shirts away from having them all and that makes me stoked. I was reminded that I don’t have the Father of Death Vinyl and that made me sad. I totally missed the boat on that one and I think unless the Protomen have extras that they give out to random shmoes like me, I’m outta luck.

Brilliant show. Just what I needed. I got to congratulate most of the band after the show, shake a lot of hands and tell the band that I’ve got to make it down to Nashville before next year.

On my way out, I bumped into Ian from Kirby’s Dream Band, a Kirby-centric but not exclusive group that we saw at CIA a couple of months ago. Apparently his girlfriend is in RC so he came down to the show. We had a good talk and he told me that they’re finally putting an album together! They’re hoping to be done with it by the end of the year, but we all know what album promises are like don’t we? I let him know that despite being rather new that he has a Tumblr street team without even asking. That made him laugh. Really nice guy. Then I bumped into Eric from the Megas and congratulated him on the show last night. He told me what the super secret project they were working on was. Nice dude.


Unfortunately for my wallet, my brain seems to have rationalized the desire to fly to another Protomen show next year. Maybe I’ll make it down for the Act II vinyl release party…….