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Survive Said The Prophet reveal new MV for their song Network System.

The song Network System will appear on their upcoming album WABI SABI, to be released on August 2nd.

#614: BTS Talks About the Costume Mishap Incident

Jimin: At first, I didn’t even know that I revealed myself. The cheers were really loud so I confidently walked forward. At that time, Jungkook was supposed to come to the front as I go back. Then I suddenly saw the white cloth on my body waving in front of me.

SD: Then you saw your own body?

Jimin: The muscles inside…

Suga: Jimin was okay, but Rap Monster was nearly shirtless.

SD: Were the other members like that too?

Suga: No, just them two.

Rap Monster: In my case, the two sides were torn.

SD: Really?

Rap Monster: What I thought at that time was I can’t reveal both sides so I held onto the cloth. I just wanted to slightly cover it so I continued dancing while covering myself. Afterwards, the fans gave me the nickname “Ji Mon” (Tit Mon), as well as “Kim Actress” because I was like an actress.