Smutty Sundays Collection - Richonne Drabbles and Naughty One Shots Chapter 4: Say Yes to Submission, a walking dead fanfic | FanFiction
Michonne had never known the delicious pleasure of submission until the world ended and she found herself falling in love with Rick Grimes. After all they had been through together, she had always known that he was dominant; that his role as a leader sometimes left him callous and filled with rage. He often returned home from a laborious day, his complexion red with feeling and the vein in his forehead throbbing as he relayed his grievances. Sweaty and covered in the blood of his enemies, frustrated and heated words left his angry lips, and she began to realize that he needed an outlet... And she wanted to be one for him...

Three Months Prior To Present Day

The front door slammed and she could hear those hurried, heavy-booted footsteps clopping on the wooden flooring below her, then ascending the many steps with purpose. Michonne knew without a doubt in her mind that the love of her life was home and he was extremely upset. She sighed and looked down, meeting Judith’s wide eyes as she bounced her little girl in her arms.

“ Daddy’s home, ” she whispered to her, kissing her flaxen curls softly and placing her in her crib. Judith cooed and babbled a little. She tried to say something, reaching out, and Michonne grabbed her little hand and squeezed it gently. “ He sounds a little mad, doesn’t he? Let’s see if I can fix it before Daddy wakes the whole house up with his bad temper. Get some rest, sweetheart. ”

She bent and kissed Judith’s forehead and raised the crib barrier, securing it before she turned off the light and left the room. Michonne walked lightly down the hall, avoiding the creaks in the floor. She knocked at Carl’s door for a final time and found him reading in bed, his gun at his side on the nightstand. She whispered a ‘goodnight’ and closed the door, hurrying off to the bedroom she shared with the man she loved.

He was pacing furiously when she pushed open their door and saw him, his bowlegged stride a quick shuffle on the carpet. He looked up at her as she entered and his face softened a bit, but his brows remained furrowed in anger.

“ Rick? ” she started gently, knowing he was tense by the tight movement of his shoulders. He didn’t answer. Michonne didn’t like to see him like this, and was becoming a regular occurrence. “ What’s wrong? ” she asked, searching his blue eyes and stepping closer. He always fell victim to her concerned stare, forever wanting to pour his heart out to her.

“ Nobody fuckin’ listens to me! ” he said, all of his vexation squeezed into the first sentence. “ It’s drivin’ me crazy. I’m sick of this shit. ” He raked his fingers through his hair, disheveling his curls and huffing out a labored breath. “ Dwight hasn’t been back in days. I don’t know what the hell is going on. If he lied, so help me, I’ll kill the fucker myself.” Michonne blinked. He had such a dirty mouth when he was pissed off. Her cheeks warmed.

She squeezed her thighs together and shook her head to herself, listening to Rick continue. “ I haven’t seen Carl all day. I asked him to go with Enid to check on the conditions at the ammo manufacturin’ facility and Aaron says he was here. All day. Doin’ absolutely nothing. He knew I was relying on him, Michonne. Every one else was busy today; I needed him. And Rosita won’t fucking listen to me either. Her rigging up those bombs here, where we live?! It’s dangerous. I know I asked her to look into it little more but is she outta her mind? I asked her to find another place to do it, but has she done it yet? No. Of course not. Have you talked to her? ”

He didn’t wait for a reply, sitting down on the edge of the bed to pull off his dark, worn cowboy boots. He sucked his teeth. “ Shit. I forgot. She’s pissed. She told me you heard Negan radio in something about Eugene. She thinks we need to get him out of the Sanctuary. She’s not convinced that he’s turned against us, but we can’t spare the ammo or the lives for him right now, takin’ into account our recent loses and all and she just doesn’t fucking get it. ”

Michonne kept offering her listening ear, knowing that he needed to vent and wanting to be there for him. She pressed her back against the wall and waited for him to continue. “ And I just saw Tara. She’s real worried about Heath. Keeps asking for a search group and it’s the same damn thing. We can’t risk it and either everyone wants to defy me and argue with my decisions or they go about doin’ whatever they fucking want anyway, even if it puts us on our backs and leave us vulnerable. ”

He took a deep breath and yanked his watch off his wrist, rubbing the worn places where it dug into his skin. He unholstered his Python and set it down on the nightstand. “ I didn’t mean to start ramblin’, hun. I just-. ”

“ I don’t like it when you’re like this, ” she whispered. Rick’s eyes glimmered and the wrinkles round them softened as he relaxed his face. His gaze settled on her features and he exhaled, realizing how much she’d been on his mind throughout the day.

“ I’m sorry, ” he apologized, worried his outburst had hurt her somehow. “I didn’t mean to upset you.” Michonne shook her head and stepped closer. His eyes flickered to her choice of clothing; a tight red tank top and black shorts, her curves hugged by soft fabrics. He licked his lips.

“ No, I meant that… I don’t want you to be angry like this anymore. You come home like this so frequently. And you lose so much sleep. It’s bad for you , ” she said. Rick smirked, eyeing her as she inched closer, her fingers finding their way into his curls before she lowered herself into his lap.

“ Well, I’m not so sure I can avoid it, ” he mumbled, melting at the contact.

“ But maybe there’s a way I could help… ” she whispered. He kissed her shoulder and ran a hand up her back, sneaking his touch under her top and stroking the dip in her spine as he lifted his gaze to hers, expression inquiring.

“ How so? ” he asked.

Michonne bit her lip. She had been hoping for an introduction into a conversation like this for quite some time. Rick saw her big brown eyes light up and he was intrigued.

“ Remember all those books you found in that library? The ones you brought back in the old trunk for me to read while I was recovering? ” He raised a brow and his eyes narrowed.

“ Yeah. Had your nose buried real deep in one or two of them about a month ago… Couldn’t get much of your attention sometimes, ” he murmured. Michonne giggled and her cheeks tingled with warmth. He had noticed.

“ Well… I read about some stuff… ” she started. Rick laughed, his wrinkles reappearing. She loved that laugh, noting she had already coaxed one from him minutes after his angry release of words.

“ What kinda stuff? ” Michonne stood swiftly and rushed to her drawer to retrieve the books. She grabbed both of them and ran her hand over one of the smooth black covers, turning to face him and holding them out for him to take. His eyes dropped and he read the golden font, smiling slowly when he did and Michonne watched his cheeks and neck turn bright red as he took them from her. “ The ABCs of BDSM, ” he read aloud, eyeing one and then the other. “ The Secret Submissive Within. ” And she liked to hear the drawl on his thick tongue as he read the titles.

“ They’re really good, ” she whispered. “ I’m so curious. ”

Rick felt his heart propel into a fluttering beat and suddenly, his loins were literally aching for her. God, this woman is perfect, he mused. Does she read my mind?

He had thought about things like this before, even dreamt of her in such a way, but Christ, as if he would ever have the courage to ask. He never knew how to bring it up; had never even asked if she would be open to it. And though he had noticed her submissive side countless before, he never thought she would consider any of this. He looked up and searched her eyes, immediately feeling their natural, understanding gaze connect and mingle silently for a while. “ You’d do this? For me? ” Rick asked. Michonne smiled.

“ For us. But yes, especially for you. I think you need it. I think it’d be good for you. I read about how much it relieves stress… how closely bonded the couples are who practice it together… Every night you come home, you say no one ever listens to you. That no one does what you want… So I will. I’ll be the one. I’ll do anything you want. Everything. You spend so much of your time making me happy, trying to make everyone else happy. ”

Rick’s heartbeat accelerated into a frenzied pace, his blush deepening, spreading, his eyes hooded with lust as he began to imagine all the possibilities; the delicious opportunity of becoming her dominant and seeing her submit herself to him completely.

For the thousandth time in only a few months, he told himself how lucky he was, asked himself how it was even possible with the world around him in complete disarray.

“ But I don’t… I don’t want to hurt you or anythang, ” he began, his hesitation not quite as convincing as he thought it would be. Michonne smirked.

“ It’s not like we haven’t done things like this before, Rick. The handcuffs. The spanking… The biting… ” Rick moaned, the memories swarming him. She was right. And of course she was. “ We even talked about role-playing once, remember? Tried it a little. And we talked about…” She bent and whispered her next word in his ear. “ …Anal. ”

His heart nearly stopped and he squeezed her ass, her plump cheek filling his hand, a groan trapping itself in his throat. He blushed, realizing he had never dreamed of doing things so deliciously vulgar as the fantasies they talked of rarely and were about to explore moreover. Not until he met Michonne.

She moved to sit in his lap again, her fingers tangling in his curls and he felt all of his blood rush from his already scattered brain down to his twitching cock, and he stiffened so fiercely that he could feel his heartbeat in his erection. His eyes fluttered closed.

Leaning forward again, Michonne spoke in his ear once more. “ I know it might sound a little strange but… I like it when you hurt me. I love your aggression when we make love. And I want more of it.” His breath whistled through his nose and she watched the blood pump and his heart thump at the warm pulse point on his flushed neck, felt his dick, hot and stony against her ass. “ I’m safe with you, Rick. I trust you. I want to try this… And I know you want it too. We need it. ”

“ I don’t… know what to say, ” he stuttered, and it was hardly the truth. He just couldn’t find the right words to speak.

“ Say yes, ” she murmured.

“ Yes, ” he said a second later, and their lips met furiously and he was lost. “ W-we’ll practice, right? ” he said after kissing her for what felt like an hour. Time stood still when this woman pressed her lips to his. The daydreams flooded him with thoughts of what was to come and he drowned in the lust swarming him, woozy from her kiss. “ And… you’ll let me read those books so I can learn what I need to know? ”

“ Yes, ” she replied, her tone hushed and sweet on her tongue when she slipped it into his mouth. She smiled against his lips. “ Or rather: 'Yes, sir.’ ” A low groan fled him unexpectedly.

He liked the sound of that… Maybe a little too much…

Rick pressed himself against her, hearing the faintest moan deep within her.

“ I’m sorry I came in here rambling on about everything. I didn’t even say hello. I missed you,” he whispered. Michonne massaged his curls and scalp until his eyes fell closed.

“ I missed you too. And you don’t have to apologize for anything, Rick. We’ll deal with Dwight when we see him again. And we can talk to Carl and Tara and Rosita tomorrow morning, okay? ” Rick’s hands ran winding paths down her smooth skin and he nodded and brought his lips to hers again, kissing her passionately.

“ So you think you can handle it? ” he asked out of curiosity, his mind racing, excitement clear in his bright sky eyes when he opened them again. Michonne smiled.

“ Oh, I know I can, ” she retorted. Rick smirked and turned her over so quickly, she hardly noticed until she was on her back in their bed and he was between her thighs, his lips and teeth on her neck, and she gasped loudly, his erection grinding against her clit roughly.

“ We’ll see about that, ” he growled.


Friday, I'm in love
Jack and Eugene
Friday, I'm in love

Eugene: Hey, Jack?
Jack: what?
Eugene: you know, I’ve been thinking.
Jack. Oh yeah? What is it now?
Eugene: Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that, I don’t care if Monday’s blue
Jack: Or, Or, like, if Tuesday’s grey?
Eugene: And Wednesday, too.
Jack: And Thursday, I don’t care about you.
Eugene: It’s Friday
Jack: Friday
Eugene: Yeah, it’s Friday, and I’m in love
Both: *laugh*


My ZR Secret Santa this year was the lovely mousecarter42​, who requested “seriously, literally anything that has to do with Random Playlist/Radio Cabel(/Eugene being sexy)” and, I mean, c'mon, could there be a more perfect prompt?

 Thank you so much to Laura for organizing it this year too! It was a TON of fun, as always :) HAPPY HOLIDAYS GUYS! ♥♥♥ 

Jack and Eugene

Jack: Songs with Christmas in the Title. GO!
Eugene: I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.
Jack: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Eugene: Do They Know It’s Christmas
Jack: Last Christmas
Eugene: AH! All I Want for Christmas is You 
Jack: Lonely This Christmas
Eugene: Oh, no, Hang on!
Jack: I Wish it Could be Christmas Everyday! It’s Christmas Time! Don’t Let the Bells End. Wumbling Merry Christmas.
Eugene: Now you’re making these up.
Jack: Rocking Around the Christmas Tree. Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo. Christmas Alphabet, the Gift of Christmas.
Eugene: Hang on!
Jack: What?
Eugene: Show me.
Jack: No, show you what?
Eugene: You’ve got them written on your hand! Did you just ROFFLEnet these? The only person you’re cheating, mister, is yourself. 
Jack: Father Christmas, do not touch me. 
Eugene: No, that’s not real. 
Jack: It’s by the Goodies. Should we do presents live on air tomorrow?
Eugene: Oh, uh, Yeah, awesome. 
Jack: YES! I love Christmas.

Zombies, Run! headcanon: Radio Abel, with Janine’s permission, tap into the runners’ headset frequency live so the listeners can hear and better appreciate what the runners do for everyone. Thankfully, most of the runs are relatively safe although that makes for a pretty boring radio segment. So, the runners will often try to “liven” things up a bit, much to Janine’s and Sam’s chagrin. No one does anything deadly, though, and they always come back safe. Each, time a runner is in danger the feed is cut and every listener, Radio Abel included, has to wait until long time later to find out the outcome. Once Jack and Eugene fund out the runner is safe, they immediately bring the runner in for an interview. Most, of the time it’s Runner Five who was in danger. The interviews for Five are always interesting, since Jack and Eugene insist that Sam is present for all the interviews with Five.

Radio Abel S1 05.04
Zombies, Run!
Radio Abel S1 05.04


Eugene: Great stuff there, Jack.

Jack: Why, thanks, Eugene. You’re not doing too bad yourself.

Eugene: Thanks. [Laughs] Alright! This is a quick shout-out to anyone who was in the Quad this morning. I’m sorry for flashing you. I had an unfortunate trouser related malfunction, and well, um, [Laughs], I’m sorry.

Jack: [Through Laughter] You flashed in the Quad? You didn’t tell me about that!

Eugene: Because I knew you’d find it funny! 

Jack: [Laughs] What happened?

Eugene: Well, I-I was trying to readjust my crutch—

Jack: [Bursts out into Laughter]

Eugene:–my crutch! While I was out walking and well, I-I I hadn’t done up my belt up properly and I guess I, ye-yeah… my pants fell down. [Laughs]

Jack: [Laughing]

Eugene: [Laughing] Oh, oh, sure! Thanks, you’re so supportive! Anyway, listeners, I’m sorry  if you saw that, if not, let’s forget I mentioned it. Here’s a song.


ZR Graphics Meme | 2/5 Relationships: Jack Holden and Eugene Woods (Radio Abel)

E: You tell that story to everyone we meet.

J: It’s a great story!

(Ft. Mark Rendall as Jack Holden and Sacha Dhawan as Eugene Woods)

Featuring my foldable water bottle which… oh my god it’s holy! I always have it clipped to my bag when I go out and when it’s empty I can juse fold it up until I can fill it up again
A doodlish sketch I made of “Runner 5” The main protagonist of Zombies, Run! Whom is… you…
So in a way this is a self portrait!
Only in this one “I” am a looooot fitter XD
The app is available on IOS and Android and I definitely reccommend it!!!
Especially check out Radio Abel! As Eugene and Jack are precious!

And for those who are wondering… I do in fact talk to my ‘radio’ when I’m out on a run.

Jack and Eugene

Jack: Now, Obviously there are some children out there who know it’s Halloween tonight.
Eugene: A Holiday we keep celebrating.
Jack: Because it’s brilliant!
Eugene: I just don’t know if that’s true anymore. Anyway, Major De Santa has requested that, and this should be obvious but, NOBODY is to dress up as a zombie. Just to repeat that, NOBODY. IS TO DRESS UP. AS A ZOMBIE. 
Jack: If you do dress up as a zombie, you may well be shot. 
Eugene: Which will probably put a damper on your trick or treating. 
Jack: Stay safe guys.

I was assigned the lovely The-Jeneral for this year’s ZR Secret Santa! She requested holiday traditions and staying warm in Abel, and I can never resist the opportunity to draw characters in winter clothes.

Also, a big thank you to Laura for organizing everything for us this year.  It’s been really fun! Happy holidays, guys ♥ 

Sir Jeffory
Jack and Eugene
Sir Jeffory

Jack: Right, listeners, welcome back. What’s up next, Gene?
Eugene:Uh, uh, You know, I’m not sure, why don’t you check the schedule?
Jack:Wait, we have a schedule?
Eugene: yeah, I think it’s, uh, I think it’s under this pile of socks.
Jack: Are you sure? Wouldn’t it be in the “in” tray? Well the in pile? Mound? Heap?
Eugene: no, no, I’m pretty sure it’s, Just look under the socks, would you?
Jack: oh, Alright. Grumpypants. Gimme a second. Hey, what’s?
Eugene: do you like it?
Jack:What’s this?
Eugene: Well, you know, since you broke WG,
Jack: Gene! This is…
Eugene: I’ve had the runners keeping an eye out, and 21 picked this up the other day. Is it, uh, is it ok?
Jack: It’s perfect. Perfect!
Eugene: WG II
Jack: No, no, no. No, it will be, Sir Jeffory.
Eugene:That’s another reference I don’t get, isn’t it?
Jack: of course! Be no fun if you understood me.
Eugene:Sometimes I wonder why I bother trying

Friday Morning Spoiler Delight

Here’s a nice little bit to start your weekend. The voice coming over the radio at the end of ‘Always Accountable’ is none other than Eugene! As the walkers flood the safe zone in the mid season finale, Eugene radios for HELP!