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Kwamis and Holders: Nooroo/Gabriel

This is the first in a series of posts I’m writing on the relationship between the kwamis and their holders! Just a series of general thoughts and speculations and observations. Enjoy! :)

With those big purple eyes, sweet voice, and adorable wings, it’s hard to imagine that anyone would want to be cruel to adorable little Nooroo…and yet we can see quite clearly that Gabriel Agreste is not interested in being his friend.

It’s pretty obvious what Nooroo and Gabriel’s relationship is from the Origins episodes—Gabriel forces Nooroo to call him master, and he has no choice but to listen. It is not an equal relationship, and given that Tikki disappeared when Marinette took off her earrings in Origins Part 1, I also wonder if Nooroo disappears when Gabriel de-transforms, because he doesn’t associate himself with the Hawk Moth identity?

Like—here’s the thing. We can assume from the visual cues given to us that Gabriel’s ultimate goal as Hawk Moth is related to his wife (the Klimt inspired painting of Adrien’s mother, the portrait in the brooch, the photo next to the Peacock Miraculous in Gabriel’s secret vault).

And obviously, he wants the ultimate power given to him by Ladybug and Chat Noir’s Miraculous, presumably to bring his wife back. But that’s a means to an end. I feel like there is a distinct possibility that Hawk Moth is an identity Gabriel puts on to get the power to achieve his ultimate goal, but at the end of the day, that’s not who he is. It’s just a tool in the Gabriel Agreste box.

Of course this might not be the case. Nooroo might be hanging around Gabriel when he’s not transformed, and as funny as it is to think about what kind of snacks Nooroo likes to crave and what his personality is like when he’s relaxed and having fun, I can’t imagine Gabriel spending unnecessary time with Nooroo beyond pumping him for information. Nooroo was obviously taken from someone; whether he was stolen from Master Fu’s box, or taken from a previous holder is something we don’t know yet.

And yet then again…that might not be the case at all. Because he clearly senses people’s feelings outside of his transformation, or at least he has heightened senses. Like okay—we haven’t really seen much by way of heightened civilian abilities for Marinette and Adrien, but their functions are different; they create and destroy, whereas the whole POINT of the Butterfly Miraculous is to grant wishes.

So it stands to make sense that the holder of the Butterfly Miraculous would have a heightened sense of empathy outside of uniform, so that when they hone in on someone who really wants to achieve something or accomplish something, they can transform and make it happen.

If that is the case—perhaps Nooroo is actually out there. But then, where does he hide? What is he up to in Gabriel’s free time, if he isn’t hidden away? I doubt they have conversations (though if someone would like to speculate about this in fiction, I would love to see it—they would certainly have an odd relationship)

Another thing I’m very curious about is the whole empathy thing. Does Gabriel/Hawk Moth just feel a vague buzzing of emotions of Parisians? And then feel ripples of anger/frustration/whatever before choosing to hone in on a specific person? What about the emotional signal of his own son? Does Adrien’s signal get muddled when he transforms into Chat Noir? How does Gabriel handle having all of these emotions coming through?

Does Nooroo act as a sort of unwilling buffer? Like some sort of radio tuner that has to only filter through positive or negative or jealous emotions, and Gabriel goes through them and decides really quickly that the furious gym teacher at the college in the 6th arrondisement is a better target for an akuma than the furious pastry chef at the five star Michelin restaurant down the street.

An actually, the whole concept of akumas, as Hawk Moth makes them happen, actually, is something I’m really curious about. Because Nooroo has stated that the Butterfly Miraculous makes it possible for the holder to grant wishes, and obviously the intended purpose is not to turn people into monsters who don’t remember anything afterward.

How did his powers work before? Obviously Nooroo didn’t create monsters before. But the little white butterflies—would they enter inside the people before and just stay there? Do they create a sense of loyalty? Can the Butterfly Miraculous holder speak to them in the same way as Hawk Moth can to the akumatized victims? Or is it like a one time gift, a granting of a wish, and then the wish grantee can live the life they wish to lead?  

I’m also wondering about Nooroo’s holders in the past. I’m convinced that Nooroo would have gone to people who already had a lot of influence, who had a lot of smart, capable people around them, who they would have wanted to help. Given the nature of power structures in the past, I feel like this would probably lend itself to world leaders and leaders of artistic guilds.

For example: I believe some of the people who would have had the Butterfly Miraculous would have been people like King Arthur (I truly believe he must have had the butterfly miraculous), Akbar the Great (who had a court filled with artists, musicians, and courtiers), Eleanor of Aquitaine, Elizabeth I, and almost certainly several influential patrons during the Renaissance.

I am positive that Nooroo’s been a part of many artistic movements, architectural movements, and other important moments in history, and because Gabriel is himself a fashion giant, it makes me think. I wonder, after all is said and done, if Gabriel could wield the Butterfly Miraculous in a positive way, in the way it was always meant to be. He could start his own atelier, find budding young designers and artists, use the power of both his influence and the Butterfly Miraculous to change the industry entirely, bringing all sorts of innovation to the playing field.

Maybe he’d be grumpy about it, but he’s a powerful man, and if things ever turned around, he and Nooroo could actually be a powerful force for good.

Of course, this is me being a total optimist. We know that Gabriel forced himself upon Nooroo and is forcing the kwami to share his powers with him, so he’s corrupting the powers and he doesn’t actually deserve to be able to use them the way they should be used; especially when he’s actively been using them for the better part of a year to turn people into monsters so that he can get his hands on Ladybug and Chat Noir’s Miraculouses.

But I can’t deny that it’s an interesting idea.

At any rate, I would like to see more on screen interaction between Nooroo and Gabriel, to learn more about this strange relationship, and to eventually free the poor little butterfly from his clutches, because as everything stands now, it’s a power and a relationship that Gabriel Agreste simply does not deserve.


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Hey you should totally write a fic where Adam gets a nose piercing and Ronan literally has a heart attack Iove u and ur blog xx

I am under the strict belief that Adam would never get any kind of piercing bc it’s a luxury rather than a necessity and it’s a waste of his hard-earned money… but my god, would he work a nose piercing!!! so I’m just gonna run with this… (love u too)

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And The Story Goes... Chapter 26

I watched him climb in the drivers’ side of the truck, a serious look on his face as he stuffed the keys in the ignition and started the engine.  “Belt.” He said quietly, pulling away from the kerb as I reached behind me and drew my belt across my lap with shaky hands.  This was definitely not the first time we had been alone – yet I was as nervous as that first time he had shown up at my office, that look on his face that silently said he would not be taking no for an answer.

I looked at him out of the corner of my eye, his face calm as he watched the traffic, the sun fading and the evening glow of LA setting in.  I had no idea what time it was now, or how long we had been at The Hive.  I couldn’t even tell if I was tired.  I just knew I wanted to get wherever we were going so that I could touch him. He looked at me, catching my gaze, and that half smile played across his face again as he looked back out the windscreen.  “So… you asked Emma to book you into a hotel?”

I nodded, trying not to fidget in my seat as I directed my gaze forwards and away from him. “Yes. Although I don’t think she did it.”

“You want to stay in a hotel?” he asked.

I paused for a moment, frowning a little.  “Is there another option?” I replied, looking back at him.

He stayed quiet for a moment, focused on the road in front of him while he considered his answer. “I think it’s probably best that you don’t stay at the house.  At least while we’re working together.  I don’t let other staff sleep there… people will start to ask questions.”

“Then what does it matter where I want to stay?”

He smirked, a little laugh huffing out of his nose, and he nodded his head.  “Okay then.”

We drove in silence for a little while, me watching the scenery out of the window and trying not to concentrate on the sound of his breathing, until I couldn’t trust myself anymore not to turn around and throw myself into his lap while he was driving. In an attempt to snap myself out of it I lent forwards and switched on the radio, fiddling with the tuner until we settled on something soft and unobtrusive, breaking the silence without needing to speak and taking my mind off of the overwhelming tension in the car.  I saw him smirk from the corner of my eye and refused to look at him, to acknowledge the fact that I was beyond ready for this journey to be over.

Less than five minutes later we pulled up outside of a hotel, and I jumped out of the passenger side and retrieved my suitcase from the back seat while Jared went to the boot, pulling out a guitar case and a small holdall.  I frowned, watching him sling the bag over his shoulder before passing his keys to the valet, turning to catch me up and walk with me to the entrance doors.

“Are you moving in?” I said, dragging my suitcase along behind me.

“Valet’s are great for parking the truck, but er… much as I appreciate that, I’m not leaving my shit in there for them to steal.” He smirked, holding the door open and letting me walk into the foyer first.

We approached the desk and I stood to one side while Jared spoke to the receptionist, securing me a room for the few days that I was booked to be here, and looked around the nicely decorated lounge area.  There were only a few people here, either on their way in from a day shopping or on their way out for the evening, but those that were here spared lingering glances in our direction.  In his leather jacket and sunglasses Jared stood out like a sore thumb, and I cringed to realise that we were being noticed checking into a hotel room.  So much for keeping a low profile.

I kept my head down, my hair covering my face a little, until I felt him move up beside me and place a hand on the small of my back, guiding me towards the elevators to my right without saying a word. I pulled my suitcase in behind me and stood it up in the corner, turning to watch him walk in beside me and put his bags down, pressing the button for our floor so that the doors slid closed. 

He was on me before I could speak, his body slamming into mine and pushing me back against the mirrored wall of the lift, trapping me and leaving his hands free to grab at every part of me he could.  I groaned into his mouth, the feel of his body against mine the exact thing I had been craving since the second he had walked out of my house a month ago, and reaching up to run my fingers through his hair I pulled gently as I tried to bring him closer to me.  His cold hands slipped inside my coat, quickly finding their way under my jumper and across my back before travelling lower, cupping me and dragging me against his hips as he pushed himself against me.  He kissed me as though his life depended on it, urgent and hard, my lungs desperately trying to draw in a breath without letting my lips leave his for a second.

Leaving one arm wrapped around his neck I let the other hand travel down his shoulder, his arm, sliding across his waist until I could push my hand between us and grab him roughly, instantly feeling how hard he was as he strained against me.  He grabbed my wrist tightly, pulling my hand away as he ripped his mouth from mine, burying his face in the side of my neck.  “Don’t.” He growled, biting down on the skin under my ear as he kept my wrist locked against my side.

I moaned again at the contact, tilting my head to the side to allow him better access.  “Why?” I breathed, trying to move my hand back to my original target only for him to squeeze tighter.  I would have bruises tomorrow.

“Because if you touch me right now this is going to be over before it’s begun.” He said, kissing the raw area of skin he had just bitten down on and tilting his head back to look me in the eyes.

I tried to control my breathing, which was currently huffing out of me in short, sharp bursts, and he let go of my wrist so that he could weave both of his hands into my hair, holding me in place in front of him.  He ducked his head down to kiss me again, gently this time, slowly, running his tongue over my lips while his hips pushed up and down against mine, all but dry humping me in the lift of this expensive looking hotel.

The lift moved beneath our feet and ground to a halt, the ding of the bell signalling that we’d arrived on our floor, and he broke away from me long enough to let me catch my breath.  I opened my eyes again to see him grinning at me, his hands tracing down the curve of my throat as he waited for me to focus.  “Get your bag, now.” He said softly, his tone at complete odds with his instructions as he grabbed his guitar and bag and walked out of the lift, leaving me to struggle with my suitcase on my now shaky legs.  I watched him unlock a door a few paces in front of me and slip inside the room, and I forced myself to take a deep, calming breath before I followed him.

The room was magnificent.  We must have travelled almost to the top of the building, because the view from the window stretched for miles across the city, the sun low in the sky and the street lights starting to twinkle in the semi darkness.  The window stretched across the whole wall opposite me, like some sort of panoramic real-time photograph, with French doors in the middle that opened out onto a little balcony. I let go of my suitcase as the door closed behind me and finally gave us the privacy I had been desperate for since I had walked in to The Hive.

Jared had crossed the room, placing his guitar case against the wall and his bag beside it, kicking off his shoes and switching on the lamp beside the bed, the room now shrouded in soft lighting that only seemed to make the view out of the window more intense.  He turned back to face me, standing at the foot of the bed beside him, and I felt every cell in my body light on fire as he ran his tongue over his lips, looking at me hungrily.  I watched him hold up his hand and beckon me towards him with one finger, completely mesmerised by the way he fixated on me without blinking, and my feet moved towards him automatically as though they couldn’t stay away from him for another second.

His hands lifted to my shoulders as I reached him, pushing my coat to the floor before reaching for the hem of my jumper and lifting it over my head, leaving me stood in front of him in my bra and leather trousers, my high heels bringing my eyes level with his chin.  I concentrated on the curve of his lips as I tried not to burst at the feel of his hands running up my stomach and over my breasts, smoothing my nipples through the fabric.  He was moving slowly, completely in control now and a total contrast to our frantic tangle of limbs in the elevator.

Taking my chin in between his thumb and forefinger he tilted my face up to look at him, his pupils so dilated that his eyes looked black, and I melted against him as he kissed me with one hand round the side of my throat.  He felt just the same as I remembered, and I pushed his own coat from his shoulders and down his arms before letting my hands wander to the belt of his jeans, needing to know if he tasted the same too.  I felt him tense a little as I undid the button on his jeans, and I pulled away from the kiss to look him in the eyes as I pulled down the zip, half checking that I was allowed to touch him now, and half daring him to stop me.  He didn’t. 

I watched his lips part as I pushed my hands inside the fabric of his jeans, and a little breath puff out of him as I slowly pushed the denim and his boxers away from his hips, keeping my eyes on his as I lowered myself to my knees in front of him and ran my hands from his ankles up the backs of his calves, working my way up the back of his thighs and around the sides of his legs before up to his hip bones, carefully avoiding the one place I knew he would be desperate for me to touch.  He stood very still, looking down at me with a carefully controlled expression, the only signs that he was affected by me the clenched fists at his sides and the slight heaving of his chest.

I smirked up at him, leaning forwards to plant a soft kiss on the head of his dick, watching his eyelids flutter as I took him into my mouth slowly, swirling my tongue around him as I worked my way up and down his length.  In no time at all his eyes were closed, head thrown back as his hands tangled into my hair and guided my head to the beat of his own rhythm.  I moved with him, using my hands to grip the base of him as I continued to bob my head backwards and forwards, taking as much of him as I could, relishing the taste of him until his hands wrapped around my hair tightly and pulled me away.

He pulled me to my feet with a jerk, running two fingers across my bottom lip and pulling it away from my teeth, breathing hard.  “Turn around.” He said, watching me as I turned to face the bed beside us.  Sliding his hands up the skin of my spine he undid my bra, slipping it off of my shoulders and then running his hands back down again, pushing me gently until I folded at the middle and bent over the mattress, my hands out in front of me to support my weight as I felt him kneel down behind me.

“These…” he said quietly, running his hands over my arse still clad in the leather trousers. “May be the hottest thing I have ever seen.”

I smiled to myself, now glad that I had spent hours agonising over what outfit I should be wearing when I finally saw him again and worried that leather trousers might just look like I was trying too hard – but the feel of him biting down on my butt cheek through my trousers quickly wiped the smile off of my face as I yelped.  He chuckled behind me, squeezing where he had just bitten.  “Did I hurt you?” he asked, still laughing.

I didn’t get the chance to answer before he bit down on the opposite side, hard, and I clamped my lip between my teeth to stop myself from yelling out.  He reached around my waist and lifted me back up to standing, pulling me flush against his chest as his hands ripped at the button of my trousers and shoved them down past my knees, biting down on the top of my shoulder before pushing my face back towards the mattress.  I groaned quietly as he caressed the now bare skin of my arse, sore from where he had bitten me, and as his fingers slipped between my legs I heard his own intake of breath as he positioned himself behind me.

Cold hands grabbed my hips as he slammed into me, and I cried out at the sudden sensation – not quite pain, but full, my body stretched to its limits to accommodate him. He gave me no time to adapt, pulling out and slamming back into me again, harder this time, and then again, a soft grunt escaping his lips with each forceful stroke as he picked up the pace. I clutched at the blankets on the bed, trying to keep myself upright as he pushed and pulled at an unforgiving speed, the feel of him behind me almost enough to tip me over the edge.

“Touch yourself.” He growled, his fingers digging in to the skin below my hip bones. “I want to feel you come with me.”

I did I was told, balancing my weight on one hand and sliding the other between my legs, circling my clit with my thumb and stretching my fingers backwards to feel his cock as it moved in and out of me.  It was too much, the sound of his throaty moans combined with the pressure I was applying to myself, and my orgasm snuck up on me violently, throwing me forwards onto the bed as my arm gave way beneath me.  He moved with me, not allowing us to break apart for a second, and thrust into me one last time before letting go of his own release with a cry.

We stayed there for a minute, my face against the bed as he slumped over my back, hands still holding my hips as we both came down from our high, heart rates and breathing slowly returning to normal.  Eventually he moved, pulling out of me gently and laying on the bed beside me, wrapping an arm around my waist and pulling me round to face him, tucking me under his chin.

“Mmm… hi.” I mumbled, my face squished against his neck.

“Hi,” he said, smiling against my forehead. “How was your flight?”

“Good. Long.” I said, feeling the wave of tiredness wash over me just thinking about it.

“How was business class?”

I pulled my face away from his skin, looking up at him with a smile. “Lovely. But you didn’t need to do that – I’m just as freaked out in a posh seat as I am in a normal one.”

His eyebrows darted down in a question, shooting me a curious glance, and I sat back a little further. “You upgraded me because I told you I was scared of flying, right?”

He blinked, slowly shaking his head from side to side. “I upgraded you cos I thought you’d like it… when did you tell me you were scared of flying?” he asked.

I opened my mouth to tell him, to remind him of the cold afternoon and the conversation we’d had while he was on his laptop, to laugh about how only ten minutes after that conversation I had pushed his Mac off of his lap and crawled on top of him to make him forget all about work and think only about me – but looking at his face, I realised he had no idea what I was talking about.  He didn’t remember our conversation, or me confessing something that frightened me.  I closed my mouth again, shaking my head.  “It doesn’t matter.” I said, smiling.

He looked at me for a moment, clearly trying to decide whether to push the subject and deciding not to, squeezing me to him briefly as he kissed my forehead.  “Why don’t you go have a shower, relax a bit and then come and get into bed. You must be exhausted.” He said, letting go of me as I struggled to sit up.

I sighed, running my hands through my hair as I looked across the room for my suitcase. Exhausted didn’t quite cover it – I was so tired I wasn’t sure I could even stay awake long enough to stand up. “I do need a shower… god I don’t even know what time it is.” I groaned, swinging my legs off of the bed and padding across the room to try and find my wash bag and pyjamas, before stumbling back towards the en-suite, glancing at Jared who was still laying on his side, watching me with a smile on his face.

“Are you just gonna lay there and watch me?” I asked, flicking the light switch for the bathroom and watching his eyes travel down the length of me.  I had never been more acutely aware of being naked.

He nodded, not moving another muscle, and I rolled my eyes at him as I walked into the bathroom and pushed the door closed behind me, laughing at his cry of outrage from his place on the bed.  I showered quickly, knowing that if I closed my eyes under the stream of hot water I would definitely be asleep standing up, and quickly towel dried my hair and pulled on clean underwear and a t-shirt.  I opened the door half expecting him to still be laying on the bed, naked and sprawled across the fresh bedding, waiting for me to come back to bed – but I stopped in the doorway to see him fully dressed, sitting up against the headboard of the bed, guitar in his hands.  I ignored the little wave of disappointment that he clearly wasn’t going to be spending the night with me – why would he want to stay in an uncomfortable hotel bed when his own house was just down the road?

He looked up from the strings of the guitar, casting his eyes over my sleeping attire, not missing a note of the tune that he was playing.  I recognised it instantly – the song he had been playing in The Lab, that first night we had spent together.  I smiled, dropping my towel over the back of the chair as I listened to him play.

“I have something for you.” He said, holding my gaze before gesturing with his chin towards his bag in front of me.

“Oh?” I smiled, crouching down to pick up his bag and hand it to him, not wanting to go through his things.

He shook his head, looking back down at his guitar.  “It’s in the box on the top.”

I unzipped the holdall, curiosity getting the better of me, and felt my mouth drop open as I lifted out the box containing my new camera – my Christmas present.  I snatched it up out of the bag, feeling the smile split my face in two, and looked up at where he was watching me with a grin of his own. “Really?”

“I bought it for you didn’t I?!” he laughed. “No good it collecting dust at The Lab when you should be using it to take amazing photographs for your new boss.”

I bounced slightly on the spot, pulling the camera out of the box and realising he had left it exactly how I had given it back to him – memory card in the slot, lens attached, ready to rock. I switched it on, testing the weight of it in my hands as I turned it over to drool over the sheer beauty of my new baby – giving this back had almost been harder than storming out of his house that day.  With it back where it belonged, in the hands of someone who was going to love it, I lifted the camera and snapped a shot of him sitting on my bed, guitar in hand, one leg crossed over the other.  

 “Oh I see… like that is it?” He grinned, putting the guitar down beside the bed and pushing himself up to his knees, reaching forwards to grab my wrists and yank me towards him.  I stumbled into the side of the bed, laughing as I fell forwards and he wrestled me to my back, snatching the camera out of my hands as he stood up on the mattress above me.  “Two can play at that game!” he laughed, snapping photos of me as I laughed, kicking my legs apart so he could kneel between them on the bed and lean in closer with the camera to my face until I squealed at him to stop.

Laughing, he put the camera down on the night stand beside me and I breathed out a little sigh, tucking my legs around him as I lent up on my elbows.  “I missed you.” I said, the words out of my mouth before I thought about them.

He stilled, looking down at me for a moment.  I wanted to take it back, as soon as it became clear that he wasn’t going to say anything in return, but I’d said it. It was the first time either of us had said anything remotely sentimental, and I wanted to slap myself for being the first one to do it.  He rested his hands on my knees, breathing out  a little sigh.

“I have to go,” he said quietly, smiling slightly, leaning down to plant a kiss on my lips before sliding off of the bed.

I watched him grab his guitar and sling it back in its bag, slinging it over his shoulder as he picked up his bag from the floor and his jacket from the chair, pausing for a second to look back at where I was still frozen in place on the bed.  “I’ll send a car for you in the morning, okay? Try and get some sleep.”

I nodded, wanting to say something, anything to take away the awkwardness that had settled over the room like a thick blanket, but I couldn’t think of any words.  He hesitated where he was stood, his tongue running over his lips like he was about to say something else, and then he turned on his heel and walked towards the door, throwing one hand up in a little wave as he left the room.  Shit.