radio tubes


Hi everyone…

Am almost done with the Graetz radio project (pictures coming soon), so I’m continuing on with the Philco 39-45. I’m diving into the electrical restoration. Got the tuning preset buttons removed (will work on those separately) and started replacing the old paper capacitors. This project is going to be more complex because in addition to the old capacitors and resistors, the wiring (which has insulation made from natural rubber) has decayed and hardened, so it will also need to be replaced.

Ordered some spools of wire yesterday, so hopefully they’ll be here this week and I can really make some progress on this.

Stay tuned!


“Dear Thelma did you reserve the radio tubes I sent you if not let me know for I insured them I am sending Aunt Mary the arch supports and the patern [sic] I forgot to send the cat is fine Every body is fine & dandy hope you are all the same love from Carrie Hunter"
New York, NY
Postmarked 1933