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“I know that key has to be somewhere around here.”

I sat my backpack down and looked under the flower vase and the rug only to be welcomed by an empty stand and a ladybug. The area was clean and plain except for a lone shoe hiding halfway in a bush by the porch.


Once I shuffled my way to the bush, I leaned down, picked up the dirty shoe, and shook it out. Surprisingly, a solid silver key fell onto the grass.

“Wow that actually worked. I did not expect that.”

I inserted the key into the doorknob and turned the handle quietly. Even though Phil and Dan were at the radio station, I still tried to be as quiet as I could so that the neighbors didn’t catch me breaking and entering.

“Alright. First the outfit and then the waiting.”

I pulled out a long, bloody white dress and slipped it over my body. Afterwards, I grab the black wig and makeup from my bag. After applying white paint and blood to my face, I pulled the black wig onto my head and let it fall in front of my face. Once finished with the attire, I check the mirror to make sure everything looks okay.

“Perfect. I look just like the girl from the ring.”

The sound of a car pulling into the driveway jars me from my admiration and I exit the bathroom and slide behind the kitchen counter.

As soon as I get my breathing quiet, the door opens and Phil’s voice immediately fills my ears.

“…dropped my coffee.”

“Phil, you have been moping about that all day. Plus, there was only a swallow left anyways. It’s no big deal.”

“It’s still coffee, Dan. My poor coffee.”

Dan snorts from laughter and Phil says something about going to the loo.

I leaned to the side and peeked at Dan pulling a chair from the dining table and then sitting down. He pulls his phone from his pocket and starts to play some kind of game. Watching his back, I stand up slowly, trying not to make a sound. I take a few silent steps forward and then sidle up to the table.

“Phil there’s this new app on iTunes and it’s freakin amazing you have to play this….”

He suddenly looks up and everything seems to slow down. His eyes grow wide, his mouth opens big and then…


He falls from his chair trying to get away and then stands up.

I laugh hysterically and pull the wig from my head. Dan points at me.

“Y/n! How could you do that to me.”

I suck in air as I’m laughing and almost choke.

“Chris paid me to scare the living shit out of you. Said that you pulled the most evil prank the other day and almost sent him to an early grave.”

“That little shit! And you agreed?!”

“Hey he paid me 22 euros for this. I couldn’t turn that down.”

Phil runs into the kitchen while zipping his pants back up.

“What’s going on?”

“You waited this long to come check on me?  I could have been dead Phil!”

“I had to go. I’m sorry. What happened?”

He took one long look at me and then looked back at Dan.

“What’s y/n doing here?”

“She pranked me by pretending to be the girl from the ring.”

“Wait how did she get in?”

I looked at them and blushed.

“Uhhhh Chris told me you had a key hidden outside.”

Dan stares at me and then knits his eyebrows together.

“Get out of my home!”

I continue laughing as Dan escorts me out the front door.

“But Dan. We’re friends.”

I give him the pouty face and Dan’s face melts. But he seems to regain control fast and shakes his head.

“No. You’re grounded for a week.”

“What? Did you just seriously ground me?

Dan smiles. "See you in a week, Y/n.”

The door shuts and I frown.

“I can’t believe he grounded me.”

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Favorite characters -> Frances Janvier, Radio Silence 

I am a very sad person in all senses of the word but at least I was going to get into university.



Day 1 - The first song you heard → Starlight

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