radio tour 2012

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SAN JOSE VIDEO SERIESVIDEO 8  - “Twitter Questions”

This entire video is an exercise in orbiting each other. Watch them. They always know where the other is, and always find there way back to each other’s side. They can’t stay away for long.

  • 0:10-0:15 - Harry & Louis talking behind the couch. Louis starts to dance, Harry joins, but they stop. GIFS HERE.
  • 0:28-0:44 - Harry starts to dance again, Louis joins as Zayn begins to sing “Shot for Me” by Drake.
  • 0:55-1:08 - Louis tells Harry to hit a big note, so Harry does, and does it mostly for Louis’ benefit/amusement.  GIFS HERE.
  • 1:36-1:44 - They kept saying “Samantha” “Sam” “Row N?” After the Drake segment to thank the girl. Niall began to say “Sam” in his X Factor announcer voice. Harry turned to Louis and said “Sam” in the same voice and they both laughed. Then Louis kept saying “Sam” in the same voice and Harry was amused. Why do they share funny things only with each other, even when they aren’t the person who said it first. 
  • 2:17-2:33 - SNL dance.
  • 3:13-3:28 - Liam is asked to beatbox, which means Harry & Louis get to orbit each other until they’re standing together staring at each other WHY. LIAM IS THE ONE BEATBOXING???
  • 3:29-3:32 - Harry then goes to beatbox with Niall and Louis’ face is the stuff of legend. What has Niall done to Louis. WHAT HAS HE DONE TO YOU THAT YOU ACT LIKE THIS ABOUT NARRY, LOUIS. GIFS HERE.
  • 3:32-3:41 - Harry dances off by himself a bit after leaving Niall and that’s Louis’ cue to follow him and make sure no more Narry ensues.
  • 4:44-4:53 - Liam had been telling a story about how he peed himself in front of a girl he liked on holiday and Louis stopped him and said “The question is: did she still COME TO YOU.” Which reminded me of “Come to me” from the Japanese interview and radio tour in October 2012. Liam answered “No, She didn’t come to me. She was much older.”
  • 4:55-5:00 - Louis interrupts Liam trying to explain himself to say “Liam. Was it the fact she was ‘much older’ than you. Or was it the fact you wee-ed yourself.” Harry pauses to look at Louis tease Liam with a smile on his face. 
  • 5:34-5:38 - Harry yells the name of the girl who sent the twitter question in and Louis says “COME TO ME.” Liam says “WHAT?” And Niall laughs. 
  • 6:21-6:51 - Fresh Prince of Bel Air rap.