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anonymous asked:

I bet the Radio Times cover includes both of them because that's the way Sam wanted it. 😍


I found Captain Obvious.  He’s on the cover of Radio Times digital copy for winning TV Champion 2015…with his co-star (aka the woman Google told the world he was married to and then he proceeded to tell everyone thereafter).

Yup.  Captain Obvious.

In The Fleshdom looks back at 2014

There’s nothing quite like a year where a fandom is effectively born is there?

We were fans of In the Flesh from the off, tuning into its first airing on BBC Three in 2013. All a bit bereft following the cancellation of Being Human, and the broadcast of the final episode the week before, we were possibly expecting more of the same from In the Flesh but instead saw something very different. The grey tones, lingering sadness and bursts of astute and brilliant humour lifted In the Flesh above other genre shows for us immediately, and so when news came that a second, longer series was on the way in 2014 we were hugely excited.

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