radio thingy


Sorry for the bad pic I took it earlier after I woke up after I fell asleep listening to mcr on full blast. Fun fact: my phone was on my radio charger thingy and when I woke up it was in my bed with me. Btw I’ll try to post some smut requests tomorrow.


REQUESTED AU MEME: You got to go to a radio performance that 5SOS are at and Luke has taken an interest in you

I changed it to being like a radio concert thingy bc I feel like it’s more intimate, so sorry!! :-)

Not my gifs, just my edits.  R E Q U E S T S - H E R E

M A S T E R L I S T / / M O B I L E M A S T E R L I S T

Two ideas about the UFO

1. When Stanley was little he might have been an alien geek and loved everything about outer space and when he became older he sent out a radio signal out of a self made radio thingy.

What if the aliens actually responded and visited Gravity Falls, so this is why there is a visible UFO on the GF card (which does seem like it has been printed out in the 80′s)


2. GF might have been a place where people have SIGHTED UFO’s and that is what made Stanley come there and live there thus actually stumbling upon all the anomalies and mysteries.

which could also explain the way the cliff is formed? 


My random rambling of the day

Sasuke’s voice makes me melt every single fucking time <3

This SSS radio thingy seems so real it hurts my poor heart ;—; 

btw, HAPPY NOVEMBER 5th YOOOO!! It’s been one year since chapter 699 got out, so I guess we could talk about the aniversary of Sasusaku being cannon :D 

And I hope you enjoy the SS smut month as well hehe ;) 

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