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I f*cking love crossovers.
- The Ravenclaw dorm has an unspoken rule: do not turn off the radio
- Back in 1983, a team off Ravenclaws figured out how to make a radio work in Hogwarts, but something was off
- It only picked up one station: Night Vale Community Radio
- The students didn’t know what to make of it. Was it a fictional station? Was it a real place?
- Regardless, they left it on. They never once turned it off, to this day.
- It’s a morale strengthener and bonding exercise for the Ravenclaws
- Every evening all the Ravenclaws gather in the common room to listen to the American’s sultry voice
- Some of them study, some of them create, some of them just listen silently, but all of them listen
- Eventually, one bright student learns that Night Vale is a real place
- The head of Ravenclaw house has to send them all to bed because of the party
- Many Ravenclaws head to Night Vale after they graduate and are just so happy because Merlin’s beard, it’s real
- All of the other houses are completely baffled by the Ravenclaws
- “What the hell are they talking about?”
- Luna Lovegood, especially, takes a shine to the radio station and brings some of her friends to listen one year.
- Namely, Ginny, Hermione, Harry, and Ron
- Obviously, Hermione breaks a little bit
- “Muggle technology can’t work here!” “This is obviously just fiction!” “This can’t be a real place!”
- Ron and Harry work together to stop her and they all listen in rapt attention
- Ginny falls in love with the station, and Harry likes it
- Ron doesn’t buy it
- Hermione is convinced it’s fictional, and that there’s no such place as ‘Night Vale’
- Years later, Luna takes a trip to America after graduation
- And Hermione receives a post card with the words “Welcome to Night Vale” on it and a photo of Luna in front of the sign
- She has to sit down and absorb it
- It’s a tradition for seventh years to tell first years what they need to know about the radio
- Most importantly, not to turn off the radio
- It’s a tradition that still stands today.
- It’s a big reason of why Ravenclaws are the weirdest, wackiest, and most creative house as a whole
(I plan on doing different crossovers with Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin, too, this is just my Ravenclaw pride coming through)

Khoshekh- The feline once found floating above a sink in the men’s bathroom of Night Vale Community Radio Station, now beloved pet of our favourite radio show host and his husband.


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one of my friends is a brazilian exchange student and whenever she finds something weird about america i’ll do that thing where i shrug and say “welcome to america” like

her: why do you eat fries with your fingers?
me: idk
her: we eat everything with a fork in brazil
me: *shrugs* welcome to america

so like basically do you think cecil has ever done that to carlos when he found something about night vale weird like

carlos: why does the radio station door need a blood sacrifice for it to open??
cecil: idk it just does
carlos: where i come from, doors typically don’t need sacrifices of any kind
cecil: *shrugs* welcome to night vale

“Here at the radio station it’s contract negotiation season with the station management again! That’s always an interesting time. Now, obviously, I’m not allowed to go into details, but negotiation is tricky when you’re never allowed to glimpse what you’re negotiating with. Station management stays inside their office at all times, only communicating with us through sealed envelopes that are spat out from under the door like a sunflower shell through teeth. Then, in order to respond, you just kind of shout at the closed door and hope that management hears. Sometimes you can see movements through the frosted glass, large shaped shifting around, strange tendrils whipping through the air. Architecturally speaking, the apparent size of management’s office does not physically make sense given the size of the building, but it’s hard to say really, as no one has ever seen the actual office. Only its translucence.”

Did someone say…crossovers? No? I’m doing it anyways.
- Something the Hufflepuffs soon found out is that in each house common room is a radio. But this radio…it picks up different stations for each house.
- The Ravenclaws have Night Vale Community Radio, and a few of the Hufflepuffs had heard it before, but this? This was new. This was wonderful.
- When they turned their radio on for the first time, they didn’t hear an American voice saying ‘Welcome to Night Vale’. Instead, they heard: ‘Welcome to the Orbiting Human Circus of the Air!’
- It quickly became a fan favorite. Every single time it was on, the Hufflepuffs would be gathered around it. Probably with fresh mugs of cocoa and some popcorn from the kitchens.
- They would all secretly hope that Julian the Janitor would be on it that episode and all of them cheer whenever they hear his voice.
- After they started watching, they would go around madly hugging house elves. If Julian the Janitor does what they do, and he needs comfort, than do the house-elves need comfort?
- Their logic, anyways.
- They adopt Julian as a second house mascot and beg their Head of House to let them bring him to Hogwarts.
- It takes a year and two listens of the radio for the Head of House to agree. Julian can’t go on like this, the poor baby. (Is my bias showing, yet?)
- During the summer months, the Hufflepuffs hatch a plan. They head to Paris, and to the Eiffel tower.
- They all come up to the Eiffel tower and search high and low for Julian. Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders, so it didn’t take long.
- Once they all gathered together in front of the janitor, they told him how much they loved him and showered him with praise.
- Julian started crying.
- In September, they let him come to Hogwarts and he fell in love instantly. (Not-so-subtle reference)
- It was a difficult choice, to be sure, but in the end, he decided to split his time. (This is becoming a post about Julian the Janitor and not a crossover. Oops.)
- He started up his own radio show to be broadcast during the school year and the student body went wild. All of the houses could hear it, not just Hufflepuff.
- It became a very popular show, and Julian has never been so loved.
- The Hufflepuffs still listen to the Orbiting Human Circus, but mostly for a sense of nostalgia
- Every summer, Julian disappears. And one summer, a Hufflepuff learns why.
- Julian is back at the top of the Eiffel tower.
As a whole, we should band together to give Julian the Janitor hugs and cookies and blankets. Hufflepuffs, I’m counting on you. Not sure I like this one as much as the WTNV/Ravenclaw one, but we’ll see how it goes over.

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you had any tips for going to sleep/helping insomnia? This isn't your type of blog but you give great advice sooo pls help✨💕💞

(Warning: long post ahead) 
Ah, thank you for thinking that, okay, i’m gonna do a research and than try to answer this as good as i can. Just keep in mind i’m not a doctor and also, i haven’t been diagnosed with insomnia, so these are really just some personal tips :))
 (I’m gonna skip the basic ones, but you should definitely try to go to sleep at the same time each night, avoid caffeine, eat healthy food, exercise, turn off your electronics, etc etc.)

• Turn your sheet so that you get the cold part on your body (i hope this makes sense XD). Also, it is good for you to sleep with your windows open (depends on where you live and the weather though) As you’re asleep, your body temperature lowers, so falling asleep in a room that is cold should help you (fun fact tho: i also read that sleeping in a cold room makes you more likely to have nightmares. I don’t know if this is true, but if it is, i’m screwed LMAOO)

• Walk around a little bit. Like whenever i can’t fall asleep, i just go to the bathroom or check the fridge, something like that. Also, you can start actually doing something, like stuff for school/work, or cleanin, something that is boring, because then, your body will rather go to sleep, just to avoid doing those things.

• Apparently, you should imagine the color blue a lot. I personally haven’t found this that useful, but it did keep me away from the thought of insomnia (which often keeps me awake)

• Try to focus on your breathing. Here is a youtube video which teaches you how to breathe properly to fall asleep fast!

• This last one is something i’ve read on the internet and i don’t remember where it was, but it’s that you should imagine standing in front of a mountain (feel free to imagine everything around if you want to, like weather, trees and other stuff) and then someone standing in front of you. You don’t know who that is, but you have this weird urge to go and find out who this person is. So you try to get closer to them, but they start running up the mountain. You follow them on the trail and try to catch them. I personally combine this with the blue one, but again, this one didn’t really help me. I thought it was very interesting though, so try it out and maybe it will help you :)

 Things that i do when i can’t fall asleep, that are not really supposed to help you, but… yeah, they’re kind of my habits at this point:

• Listening to something. Either it can be music, radio or, something i would definitely recommend, is Night Vale. It’s like a fictional radio station of a fictional city, very creative, and currently one of my favorite things.

• Writing. Sometimes this helps me, sometimes it doesn’t, but my favorite part of the day to write is night that rhymed, so when i just sort of give up on trying to fall asleep, i just think of story ideas and write.

• Internet. I know, it means using phone, which is not healthy, but usually i watch videos on youtube (Hello Counselor < 3), scroll through tumblr, read fanfics or just answer some asks!

existencial crisis

 To be honest (this is not an advice, i don’t recommend doing it!!!), usually when i have only like two or three hours left till the morning (or till i have to get up), i usually just give up and go make a tea or something. I personally feel worse when i get 2 hours of sleep than if i don’t sleep at all. It is in no way healthy though and i’m not telling you to do it, i just thought i’d mention it!!