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Seriously. I get it. The promo talking points suck. The way in which they’ve made him do a minimal local radio tour as if he’s someone who isn’t an actual global popstar is ridiculous. I get that it makes us all feel tired, exhausted and demoralized.

But Louis needs us. The Sun is always going to exist. Simon Jones is always going to be an asshole who refuses to actually do his job. Dan is always going to be a fucking dick who should be removed from his function as a journalist. 

Nothing is going to stop them from doing what they do. The only thing we can stop them from doing, is succeeding in ruining this for Louis. They already are.

His numbers aren’t great. He’s below Niall on the UK iTunes Charts, at #16, when Niall’s song has been out for weeks, months even, and Louis’ song is fresh and new. His streaming numbers weren’t even hitting the UK Top 50 until yesterday and still they are dangling at the bottom of the list. Despite his local radiotour, he’s not being played on the big radio stations with the actual big audiences at all, and radio spins also aren’t even used in the UK Official Charts calculation anyways. It’s just a way of broadening your audience, but they aren’t letting him do that either. There’ve been zero live performances, he’s done tv stuff, but most of it focused on 1D, or his private life, rather than his professional career. Yes he was #8 in the midweek charts, but that’s absolutely no guarantee whatsoever.

He said he got his confidence from us. Please, let’s continue to supply that confidence to him and get him a top 10 debut like he deserves. 

Harry Stylesโ€™ new single โ€œTwo Ghostsโ€ does not officially impact pop radio until August 8, but two noteworthy pop stations are already providing support.

According to Mediabase, Radio Disney and SiriusXM Hits 1 both played the song during the seven-day window between July 15 and 21.

Radio Disney offered 10 spins within that timeframe, while Hits 1 played the song twice.

—  Headline Planet.

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so i was checking the website all access (i'm sure you are familiar with, about radio plays/adds/spins stuff like that) and i see Back to you is credited to Epic and not Syco (Niall's is credited to Capitol, Liam's to Republic's and Harry's to Columbia)

Yes it does, that’s interesting. It also confirms that it will impact US radio on Tuesday, so get ready!

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May I request a BTS reaction to them helping you cook? Btw you have a great blog!! ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’•

Of course, and thank you!

He’d be thankful for the help, since left to his own devices he’d probably set the kitchen on fire by accident. He’d smile fondly at you, his dimples showing, and would listen to what you suggested since you were probably a better chef than him.

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He’d like to keep up his reputation of the best cook, and he didn’t want to lose the title to you, so he didn’t accept your offers of help most of the time. When he did, he’d watch you carefully, partly to make sure you didn’t hurt yourself and partly to check that his skills were still superior.

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Usually he didn’t do the cooking, and always let you do it if you asked, prefering to watch, his arms around your waist from behind and head on your shoulder. When he baked he’d always accept your help and would simply smile gratefully.

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You two loved to bake together, and you’d bustle around the kitchen excitedly with music playing loudly. He’d plant random kisses anywhere on your face as he passed you stirring soup at the stove before returning to cutting vegetables on the other counter. 

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Jimin:                                                                                                                   He was very proud of his ability to cook food that brought a smile to your face all by himself, but he didn’t mind the idea of you two baking together. He’d insist on doing all of the tiring things, and his eyes would turn into crescents at the feeling of you hugging him from behind.

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Cooking with him would end up very messily, with more of the ingredients on the two of you or spread around the kitchen than in the actual pot. You’d both dance around to the music playing on the radio, him spinning you around while your meal cooked on the stove.

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He’d refuse your help at first, being headstrong that he could do everything for you by himself, but would cave when you pouted at him. He’d find out you were actually really good at cooking and made a mental note to step up his game.

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On this day in music history: September 19, 1983 - “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)” by Michael Jackson is released. Written by Quincy Jones and James Ingram, it is the sixth single released from the “Thriller” album. The song initially begins as a demo by Jackson and keyboardist Greg Phillinganes after producer Quincy Jones suggests the title to Michael. The song takes its title from a brand of lingerie worn by Jones’ then wife Peggy Lipton Jones. When the initial demo is not considered suitable to fashion into a finished studio track, it is completely re-written by Quincy Jones and James Ingram except for the title. Though a sizable hit at the time of its release, the record is in direct competition with “Say, Say, Say” (released on October 3, 1983), Jackson’s second duet with Paul McCartney. With the two singles released so closely together, results in a lower chart placement for “P.Y.T.” than any of the previous singles from “Thriller” (with radio favoring the superstar duet over the other single), and is on and off the radio in a relatively short time span. During the 2000’s, it becomes a huge recurrent airplay favorite on R&B oldies radio, receiving more spins than it did as a new release. “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)” peaks at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #46 on the R&B singles chart. The original demo version of “P.Y.T.” surfaces on Jackson’s box set collection “The Ultimate Collection” in 2004.
Lily Collins 'makes a move' on Niall Horan after he admits fancying her
FANS believe Lily Collins is making a move on One Direction’s Niall Horan, after the star admitted he has a crush on the actress. Singer Niall, 24, admitted that the stunning movie star ฬต…

Singer Niall, 24, admitted that the stunning movie star - who is the daughter of singer Phil Collins - would be his “dream celebrity date” during a recent interview with an Irish radio station.

Spin South West radio hosts Ed and Meghann asked the star: “Name one girl you would love to date.”

To which he replied: “Lily Collins.”

Lily, 28, seemed to be happy with his answer as she went on to follow the singer on Instagram after the radio chat.

The To The Bone star then proceeded to like several of Niall’s pictures, something that was instantly noticed by the pair’s followers.

Fans began speculating that the actress was trying to get the singer’s attention as one pointed out: “Lily Collins has been liking nearly ever picture of Niall’s so what I’d like to know is why haven’t they started dating yet (sic).”

While another stated: “I always see Niall and Lily Collins liking each other’s pictures, can they like get together.”

Niall has previously revealed some of his other celebrity crushes over the years and was believed to have had brief romances with the likes of Selena Gomez, Ellie Goulding  Demi Lovato and model Barbara Palvin.

While Lily has previously dated actors Taylor Lautner, Zac Efron and Jamie Campbell Bower.

Lily was most recently pictured enjoying a romantic trip in Italy with former classmate Jason Vahn in July, but the pair have not been spotted together in recent weeks.

However, Niall previously claimed he is too busy for love as he focuses on his solo music career.

The One Direction star has had great success with his second single Slow Hands but despite being world famous he hasn’t got time to meet anyone special.

The Our Town singer told Notion magazine that his life is too hectic to even think about dating.

He said: “We’ re talking 11-12 hour days, every day which is like work, studio, home, bed, eat, you know - I have no time for Tinder!”


“Pearl Jam performed ten songs as part of an Eddie Vedder-hosted radio program on January 8, 1995. Played in the studio in a Seattle home and broadcast on numerous radio stations”

Spin the Black Circle ~ Seattle 08-01-95

hello and welcome to the strip that down streaming/request party! here’s everything you’ll need to help us get liam more spins on radio/billboard hype:

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Ed Sheeran talks to Mijo in Miami about his appearance on The Simpsons, winning Artist of the Year at the VMAs, cutting dickheads out of his life, why radio should stop spinning Shape of You preeeeetty soon, and picking up the cello again for Divide. 


On this day in music history: July 4, 1995 - “Foo Fighters”, the debut album by Foo Fighters is released. Produced by Barrett Jones and Dave Grohl, it is recorded at Robert Lang Studios in Seattle, WA from October 17 - 23, 1994. The album is mostly a solo effort by Dave Grohl who plays all of the instruments (except for the track “X-Static” that features Greg Dulli from The Afghan Whigs). Recorded in just eight days of studio time, Grohl deliberately mixes the album to sound like a lo-fi punk record, then gives cassette copies to friends which  quickly attracts record company interest. The musician starts his own label Roswell Records, and is signed to Capitol Records. Following the albums’ completion, Grohl puts together a full band (including bassist Nate Mendel and drummer William Goldsmith of Sunny Day Real Estate and former Nirvana and Germs guitarist Pat Smear) to play the songs live. The album becomes a staple on both Modern Rock and Mainstream rock radio, spinning off several airplay hits including “I’ll Stick Around” and “Big Me”. Originally released only on vinyl on a very limited press run in 1995, the album is reissued in that format twenty years later in 2015. “Foo Fighters” peaks at number twenty three on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.