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lisatelramor  asked:

23: What is something you collect? 38: Who was your biggest childhood nemesis and why? 73: What’s a song you hate and why?

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(what is something you collect?) i hoard a lot of things, but i can’t really think of anything i go out of my way to get more of? books. unfinished projects. supplies for potential projects. boxes and tissue paper and ribbon. origami paper.

(who was your biggest childhood nemesis?) the most honest answer is my teachers, but in seventh grade there was also a girl in my science class and on my soccer team, and i disliked her. i was grouped up with her one time, and she was a jerk to one of our other group mates, and she didn’t know what she was talking about for the experiment but tried to take control of the group and push us in the wrong direction anyway, and anyway we never had much to do with each other after that but she kept rubbing me the wrong way up through high school.

(what’s a song you hate and why?) there’s this one with… a bunch of whistling in it? which wasn’t too bad the first time BUT the radio station i usually listen to has a Very Short Playlist and everything is repeated so much, and in the space of a couple months i heard it like a hundred times and no.