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"Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula" - BBC Radio Drama [1981 HQ]
The great detective has met his match in this great radio drama from BBC radio.

Here’s something appropriate for the dark evenings of late October… it’s silly, of course, but it has a canonically-informed voice and a good Holmes and Watson. Happy listening, fellow Sherlockians!

I first read Diana Gabaldon’s books in 1997 and have been rereading them ever since. Knowing that they’d been dramatised as the historical sci-fi series Outlander (Thursday More4), I was pleased but a little wary, as TV or film adaptations of books aren’t always successful. No need to be wary with this one, though. The look and feel of the production are brilliant. Obviously, changes have to be made when turning a book into a TV series, but they’ve been handled carefully. Of course, the casting is paramount and in Caitriona Balfe as Claire Randall and Sam Heughan as James Fraser, it’s perfect!
—  Janet Peacock, Radio Times Feedback

Scan - “George (obscured) and I under the southern sun”: Klaus Voormann and George Harrison, Tenerife, Spring 1963; scanned from Warum spielst du Imagine nicht auf dem weißen Klavier, John? (Photo copyright: Klaus Voormann)

Previously, a few excerpts pertaining to George, Paul and Ringo’s Tenerife visit have been posted, and you may recall the one about the shop girl George wanted to go out with but who turned him down (x; the other xx). Well, in an interview with the German radio station SR2 on 19 January 2004, Klaus was asked to describe a bit more about that particular episode. Here’s a translation of what he said:

Klaus Voormann: “I thought she [the shop girl] was hot, too. She was a very beautiful, very beautiful girl. And, ah, it’s interesting in Spain there are always - they are very coquette and very what you would call a ‘prick teaser’ in English. And she stood in that store with her beautiful blond hair, and it’s interesting; she was really from Tenerife, was born there on the Canary Islands, and she had blue eyes and had blond hair. Really, a fantastic -”

Q: “You really remember it well.”

KV: “Oh, I remember it exactly! And George recognized that immediately too, as he often did with my girlfriends, he often had his eye on them. And he really wanted to strike up a conversation with this girl, until he actually got down on his knees in front of her, and then he got out, out of the bag he had with him, an LP by The Beatles, and said, 'Here, The Beatles. That’s me!’ She said, 'Qué? Beatles? Qué?’ She had no idea who The Beatles were.”