radio purse


forget the smithsonian come to my place for a personal showing of the captain america exhibit

exhibited is, lipstick, nail polish, earrings, compact mirror, compass and case, undercover necklace, two pairs of screen accurate peggy shoes, and the accurate uso shoes, silk scarf that peggy wears in the fondue scene, howling commando joy buzzer, ssr walkie radio, walther pkk, purse, combat bag, peggy’s ike jacket, ssr pins, agent carter hat, union jack’s hat, steve’s shield blank, and authentic war bonds poster that strangely looks like comic peggy carter.

not shown includes any reproduction dresses i own, AOU earrings, clip on pearl stud earrings seen in agent carter, captain america trading cards, accurate bra, garter belt, and stockings, spy camera pen, a vial of steve rogers blood, and actual tears shed because of steggy ruining my life.’s more the exhibit the smithsonian should put on for agent Carter