radio microphones

Put Your Hands Where I Can See Them (M)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: SMUT, COP AU, Comedy, & Slight-Angst
Words: 3,275
POV: 3rd/2nd Person
Song(s) That Inspired Me: Put Your Hands Up

Summary: It was a peaceful night in the city of Seoul…that is…until Jungkook and the rest of the task force team got radio’d for yet another armed robbery. Now, if it is the usual suspect that Jungkook is thinking of, then that means he is going to finally arrest the person who is the biggest pain in the ass he has ever encountered…you.

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In the city of Seoul, it was just another peaceful night. Many citizens either rushing to get where they need to go or enjoying the nightly atmosphere. Unfortunately, there has to be that one bad egg to disrupt the peace.

           “Calling all officers, we got a report of an armed robbery taking place at the 10 Corso Como. The person who put in the call says that there is only one suspect. Proceed with caution.” A person from dispatch announced.

           “Should we take it?” A boy with platinum blonde hair asked his partner as he turned his attention to the person who was driving their assigned car.

The boy with raven hair smirked slightly as his grip on the steering wheel tightened.

           “Of course, besides if my hunch is right, and it’s almost is, then we know who the perpetrator is.” He informed.

The platinum blonde hair boy raised an eyebrow, “Didn’t we put her away last week?” He questioned as he felt a headache begin to surface.

The raven hair boy let out a low chuckle, “That’s what makes this job so fun,” He then turned on the sirens and grabbed the radio microphone, “This is Officer Jeon and Officer Park, we are on pursuit to the armed robbery.” Officer Jeon announced to the dispatcher.

           “Copy that Officer Jeon. Would you like any backup? Officer Jung and Officer Min are also in the area.” The dispatcher asked as she eyed her computer monitor.

           “That won’t be necessary. If it’s the person that I am thinking of then I know how to handle her.” Officer Jeon replied as he abruptly changed their route and sped off to the scene of the crime taking place.

           “Alright, I will tell Captain Kim Namjoon and let him know that this is has been taken care of.” The dispatcher stated before ending the call.

Officer Park looked at his partner with an interesting gleam in his eye, “You know how to handle this person? Who exactly is she, Jungkook?” He asked, curiosity filling his mind as he wondered how on earth did you escape from your prison cell.

Jungkook stepped on the gas pedal, increasing the speed of their vehicle as determination filled his blood. Jungkook loved this game he and the suspect always played. He would always be close to catching the person but at the last second, you would slip away from his grasp. To add insult to injury, you would always leave a little note, splashed with bit of you perfume, that says,

 -Better luck next time puddin’…

           “Yo Kook, you there?” Jungkook heard his partner call out to him.

Quickly shaking his head to get you out of his mind before speaking, “Sorry Jimin, I was just thinking about…things.” Jungkook explained just as he made a sharp turn on to the street where the store was located at.

Luckily, Jimin was holding on to the handgrip or else he would have banged his head against the window. He sent Jungkook a deadly glare, which Jungkook simply replied with a cheesy grin. With the building in sight, Jungkook applied even more pressure to the gas pedal. The sound of the tires streaking against the hard pavement could be heard from the many citizens. As soon as he parked the car, Jungkook charged right into the store, not wanting to let you slip away from his fingers for the millionth time. Unfortunately, he was too late. The store was completely cleaned out with many of his fellow colleagues assessing the crime scene, all wondering how are you capable of doing this much damage all by yourself.

Jungkook angrily banged his first against the cashier counter. Jimin and the rest of the members of their special task force all joined him.

           “You lost her again, huh Kook?” Jungkook heard the man known as Officer Jung Hoseok comment as his partner, Officer Min Yoongi talk to the officers that were doing witness statements.

Jimin shot him a look, “Wait, you know who exactly this person is?” He questioned quickly, feeling a little out of the loop.

Hoseok chuckled at his reaction, “Well, yeah… why else do you think I asked Cap’ for a partner switched.” He replied playfully as he gave a quick glance at the baby of their task force, who was currently surveying the crime scene carefully.

           “Sir, I found this note and it was addressed to you.” Jungkook heard a police officer announce as he held out the note for Jungkook to take.

Jungkook instantly stood up and snatched the note from the officer’s hand. He quickly flipped open the note, immediately greeted by you scent.

The rest of the members all gathered around Jungkook, reading the note for themselves.

-You know… I am growing tired of these games… You need to work harder puddin’.

Jungkook crumpled the note and tossed it on the ground. One of the officers, Kim Taehyung, knelt and picked up the note once more. He then placed it in an evidence bag and handed it off to person who worked in the forensics department of their precinct.

           “Maybe forensics can figure out who wrote that note.” Taehyung suggested as if he read the minds of his fellow task force members.

Jungkook scoffed, “Please…I already tried that and they found nothing!” He snapped as he angrily looked away.

Taehyung’s partner, Kim Seokjin, cautiously walked up to Jungkook and then placed a comforting hand on the boy’s shoulder.

           “Jungkook,” Seokjin began, “Taehyung was only trying to help. Trust us, no one wants this woman finally arrested more than you, but you got accept help from others when it is being offered.” He advised calmly as the members watched the exchange.

Jungkook took a deep breath and slowly exhaling it out.

           “Sorry man…I didn’t mean to lash out on you.” Jungkook apologized as he held out his hand as a peace offering.

Taehyung smiled and then finished their little “bro” hug, “It’s all good. If I was in your shoes, I would be frustrated too.” He said as the other police officers began to clear out of the merchandise empty store.

           “Why don’t we go to the usual spot and grab some beers?” Yoongi finally spoke, suggesting they go grab drinks.

Hoseok and Taehyung eyes instantly lit up.

           “Oh yes! That’s what Jungkook needs,” Taehyung then turned to his fellow ’95 liner, “Besides, it’s amusing to see a tipsy Jimin.” He teased which resulted in Jimin’s face turning red from embarrassment.

Hoseok joined in the tormenting of Jimin, “I wonder if he’ll do the thing where he mistakes every girl in the bar as his ex-girlfriend. That shit was fucking hilarious.”

Jimin shot a glare at the two guys, “Shut up!” He angrily demanded as he and the rest of the task force members walked out, got in their respective task force car, and drove off to their usual spot.

Unknowingly to them, you that Jungkook has spent most of his career chasing after was watching them from afar.

           “Well… this should be fun.” You amusingly thought as you let out a slight evil giggle.

Now at the bar, the special task force, known as BTS, were enjoying themselves. Eventually, their former leader of the task force, Kim Namjoon, joined them their side. The boys talked about everything and anything. Catching up with each other’s lives outside of the job. They learned that Seokjin, Yoongi, and Taehyung are all seeing someone. Hoseok and Jimin have ended their latest relationship, citing that their now ex-girlfriends grew tired of them being “married” to their work. Sadly, all the members were familiar with that excuse. It was price that they paid when the department formed this task force. After downing their last beers and making fun of Jimin once more, they decided to call it a night and head home.

As Jungkook pulled up in his drive way, he almost immediately knew something was off about his apartment. He calmly parked his car and then walked up the stairs that led to his front door.

           “Someone must be stupid to want to break in my apartment.” He thought, observing that the lock was tampered with. He entered his apartment with his hand ready to pull out his gun.

He surveyed the dark apartment, looking for any shadows lurking around. When he deemed the first floor of his apartment safe, he heard music coming from his bedroom. He rushed upstairs and just as he entered his room, Jungkook’s eyes were covered by a pair of hands.

           “Did you miss me officer?” You asked, whispering seductively in his ear.

Jungkook immediately grabbed your hands and twisted your arm around, locking you in place. He quickly grabbed the pair of handcuffs that was hanging off his belt, silently thanking the stars that he was still in his uniform, and cuffed the person that has been toying with his for years.

           “How the fuck did you get in my apartment?” He growled as he forced you to sit on his desk chair and then quickly tied your feet together, so you couldn’t escape. He learned his lesson the last time they were in this situation.

You stared innocently at him, “Oh this is your apartment? I thought this was mine.” You answered as a teasing smile began to form.

He angrily gripped your arm, “Don’t fucking toy with me, Miss Y/N… I am in no mood dealing with your games!” He shouted, expressing all the pent-up anger and frustration that has been building up for years.

You raised an eyebrow, “What games officer? It was a honest mistake,” You then leaned forward slightly, squeezing your boobs together to expose them even more.

Jungkook shot a quick glance at them, feeling his cock harden slightly. If there is one thing that Jungkook has been lacking due to his job, it’s sex. He slowly licked the bottom lip as he tried to control the hormones that were beginning to stir.

           “Like hell it was… You have been a pain in my ass for many years. Every time I am close to arresting you, you magically find a way to disappear before I even arrive. Now, the second time I finally arrest you, you just walk in to my house. Almost as if you wanted to be arrested,” He then roughly stood you up and began to shake you slightly, “What is your motive?! Why are you here?!” He angrily questioned, demanding an answer from you.

You began to giggle maniacally, “Maybe I am just lonely and need a good officer to take care of things, especially down there, if you catch my drift.” You replied, whispering seductively the last part of your sentence.

Jungkook instantly looked disgusted, however, his cock begged to differ as it grew even harder at the thought of taking you up against his bedroom wall. Hearing your loud moans as he fucked you mercilessly, letting out his frustrations on you.

           “Like I would stick my cock inside your diseased riddled pussy.” He remarked as he shoved you back on the chair.

You gasped, “I have you know, I get myself checkout regularly at the clinic.” You stated, pretending to be offended, “Besides, who said anything about your cock being inside of my tight, wet, and warm pussy?” You added, adding emphasis on certain words.

Jungkook felt his cock twitch on each word, “Stop it Jeon Jungkook! She is a criminal!” He thought as he felt both disappointment and frustration with himself.

All those emotions instantly melted away as soon as he heard you whimpering and moaning.

           “The fuck are you doing now?” He hissed as he watched clutch your thighs tightly and your chest rising quickly, signaling him that whatever you have going on your demented head was turning you on—and him as well…

You looked up at him with cloudy eyes as you slowly licked your lips, “Oh nothing puddin’. I was just wondering what would it be like to have you eat me out. You know, licking and biting my clit as you fingered my pussy with… hmmm,” You began to eye his fingers, “Let’s go with two fingers. I think I can handle it.” You finished, shooting him a playful wink.

Jungkook gagged, “Like my precious tongue would go anywhere near you.” He stated, starting to lose control over his raging hormones. If you continued doing these provocative actions, he would surely lose it.

You whimpered sadly, “Aw really? I think your tongue would feel good along the folds of my vagina,” You then let out a breathy moan, “Mm… I can just picture your tongue deep as it can go, licking up the juices that are slowly—” Before You could finish your sexy taunt, Jungkook lifted you up harshly and tossed you on his bed. He quickly tore off his uniform as if his clothes were lit on fire. Only left in his boxers, he quickly centered his crotch in front of your lips.

           “Suck.” He demanded roughly as he freed his cock that were suffocating against the material of his boxers.

With a twinkle in your eye and an amusing smirk, you opened your mouth slightly. Not wasting another moment, Jungkook inserted his cock in your mouth and was instantly greeted with pleasure. You began to bob your head up and down slowly, wanting to not only tease him, but torture him.

Jungkook let out a low groan as his eyes rolled to the back of his head and his hand firmly placed on the back of your head, making sure you don’t stop.

You pulled away from his cock and then started to teasingly lick the tip of his penis. Paying special attention to the guy’s equivalent to a g-spot. Jungkook moaned loudly, loving your warm tongue wrapped around the head and the little nips from your teeth.

           “God, I want to throat fuck you…” He moaned, imagining you choke on his dick as you can’t keep up with his thrusts.

You ceased her sucking, “Why just my throat?” You asked seductively as you slowly licked your lips.

Without a second thought, Jungkook pushed down on the bed, kicking off his boxers as he did. He knelt in between your legs as he pulled down your shorts, revealing a bright blue lacey thong with a pink trim. He licked his lips as he intensely eyed your core that was glistening with her juices.

He positioned his head in between legs, inhaling your scent as he began to lick your clit slowly. With his fingers, he spread out the outside folds and inserted his index finger.

Letting out whimpers as he inserted another finger, you began to squirm as you tried to free yourself from the restraints on your wrists and ankles.

           “Jungkook…baby… can you please free me? I promise to be a good girl…” You whispered, letting out tiny moans in between words. You immediately felt his head shake in between your thighs, causing you to whine as the pleasure built up in the pit of the stomach.

Jungkook pulled away from your pussy, “Besides, I love seeing you tied up like this… Looking all vulnerable.” He whispered evilly yet seductively. “Think of this payback for all the times you escaped my attempts of arresting you.” He added before continuing his assault as he wanted to build up your orgasm only to deny it.

Clutching your firsts until your knuckles turned white, you felt the walls begin to constrict, signaling you that you were about to release.

           “J-Jungkook… I’m going to cum…” You whimpered as Jungkook rapidly rubbed your clit with one hand and fingered you quickly with the other hand.

His ears perked up upon hearing that, “Oh?” Jungkook questioned amusingly as he ceased his movements.

Your chest moving up and down quickly as you tried to catch your breath but that was short lived. Positioning his cock in front of your entrance, spreading your legs as wide as the restraints will let him, Jungkook thrusted himself inside of you without warning.

You gasped in response, trying to adjust to his size.

           “S-so big… I don’t think I can handle it.” You whispered, feeling both pain and pleasure coming from him.

Jungkook paid no attention to her complaints as he continued with his fast pace thrusting, settling his hand on your neck.

           “Now you know how I felt whenever you left behind those damn notes…” He grunted, applying more pressure to your neck and his thrusting.

The sound of skins hitting each other and moans and grunts began to fill the bedroom.

Too caught up with your bottom half, Jungkook lowered the pace of his thrusting as he quickly and roughly tore open your shirt, revealing a matching bra. He undid the clasp with one hand, freeing your breasts. He was greeted by your erect nipples before lowering himself and taking one of your hard nipples in his mouth. Sucking and biting it as Jungkook quickened his pace again.

Still constricted by the handcuffs, you fisted the sheets since you couldn’t get your hands on his well-toned back. Jungkook switched over the other nipple and copied the same action he did to the previous one. You tightened your walls around his cock in response. Letting out a low moan, Jungkook loved that action.

           “Do that again.” He demanded with lust filled eyes. You simply moaned, too lost in the pleasure you were receiving.

Jungkook halted his thrusting, “I said do that again…” he repeated as soon as he had your attention.

You obediently did what you were told, “You mean this?” You teasingly whispered, smiling seductively as you squeezed the walls of your pussy around his cock.

Jungkook grunted in response as he went back to thrusting mercilessly. Wanting a change of position, Jungkook sat you up and pulled you on top of his body. Locking your naked body against his, he inserted his cock again and began thrusting up.

Moaning loudly from the new position, you began to mark up his neck with your teeth. If you couldn’t leave scratch marks on his back, leaving hickeys was the next best thing in your book.

Quickening his pace as you assaulted his neck, Jungkook felt his release drawing closer. He then flipped them over with you underneath him again. He lifted your restrained legs up a little and penetrated you deeper, feeling the need to release drawing nearer and nearer. Not wanting to prevent it any longer, Jungkook pulled out and painted your body with his release, as your juices slowly dripped down from your vagina. Closing your legs together, Jungkook rested his sweaty forehead against your knees before releasing your restraints. He got up from now stained bedsheets and walked to the bathroom to grab a towel to clean you up with. As he entered the bedroom again, his mattress was now empty. A neatly written note was left on the pillow where your head was once there.

He tossed the towel to the side and rushed over to his bed, picking up the note. After reading the note, he angrily tossed the note, hurriedly cleaned himself up, quickly dressed back in his uniform, and rushed out the door. Calling his close friends and fellow members of the task force while starting his car, instantly stepping on the gas pedal and rushing to your next target.

- Thanks for the fun evening baby. I feel nice and recharged. Now, on to the next. Don’t pout puddin’, you’ll see me real soon.

Love, Y/N

p.s. Also, I took your watch. I thought it would look better sparkling on my wrist.

A/N: I can’t believe that I’m sinning still XD My ho side comes out a lot whenever I write for Jungkook. I don’t know either…. He’s not my bias in BTS haha (that doesn’t mean I don’t like him! He was my first bias wrecker back when I was getting into BTS). Anyway, I hope this filled your thirst and who doesn’t love Jungkook as a cop? I secretly do ;) Anyway, hope you enjoyed this scenario! Be sure to check out my other works! Requests are open!

Aaah, it’s finally finished oh my god. First time ever using a painting style so I think I did pretty well.
Anywho, here’s my new wallpaper (resized for posting purposes).

Perhaps you’ve heard Terrence Mann’s version of this story of a half undressed JVJ, but have you heard Colm Wilkinson’s???

This is the way I remember the story. We had just opened Les Miserables on Broadway on March 12, 1987. Now, I don’t drink, but people had sent me bottles of all kinds of alcohol as opening night presents. On the 17th of March, St. Patrick’s Day, Leo Burmester and Terry Mann were in my dressing room. They were asking me if I would have a drink because it was St. Patrick’s Day. We were joking around, having a laugh about it. I had just finished the “Who Am I” scene and must have been distracted by all the banter that was going on. I started to change costumes.

It was only when I was down to my underpants that I realized I was due on stage for the hospital scene with Randy Graff. When I heard my entrance music being played, I started to frantically throw my clothes back on, and of course, like the true artists they are, Mann and Burmester ran in a panic out of the dressing room, with me a close third. —  [emphasis added]

We wore radio microphones for that show, and the sound person who was totally oblivious to what was going on, had put the volume up on my microphone for my entrance. I was still struggling to get on stage. Not knowing the microphone was on, I was swearing and cursing, and all of this was coming out into the house.

The girl who played the nun in the hospital scene had gone on stage and was reassuring Randy Graff by improvising lines like, ‘Monsieur Le Mayor has been detained but he will be here soon… ‘

I finally arrived on stage with my clothes all over the place. Poor Randy Graff was the color of the sheets on the bed. I don’t remember what I sang or did, but I know it didn’t make any sense. The next night, Randy knocked on my dressing-room door and said, “I’m going out for the hospital scene now, Colm. You will be there tonight, won’t you?” 

This was the only time I was ever ‘off,’ as they say, in the theater.

- Colm Wilkinson

Excerpt from “Making It on Broadway: Actors’ Tales of Climbing to the Top” by David Wienir and Jodie Langel, Allworth Press, New York, 2004.

***Coincidentally, Colm recorded Bring Him Home for the cast album on this SAME day, St. Paddy’s Day 1987. See footage here. (I guess it was Bring Him Home in the morning and Bring Him on Stage in the evening.)  

Colm does two takes in the video; he asks them to use the first one.

A 1925 article in The Boston Daily Globe featured a photo of a dog at a radio microphone for a special remote broadcast from a Pennsylvania prison.

He looks like a friendly, dark-haired Labrador. Two prison officers on either side have a hand on his back.

The caption says: This is Pep, “the pet dog Gov. Pinchot of Pennsylvania sentenced to Eastern State Penitentiary for life.”

“He had killed the Governor’s wife’s cat,” or so the story went, says Annie Anderson, the historic site researcher at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia — now a museum.

But there’s more to the case of the canine convict who spent most of his life in Pennsylvania state prisons.

Why ‘Pep’ The Prison Dog Got Such A Bum Rap

Photo credit:The Boston Evening Globe/Courtesy of Boston Public Library

Event Horizon (1997)

Better than imagined. Entertaining scifi horror flick about a missing deep-space vessel - with a experimental hellraiser warpdrive - which has maybe been to a pandemonium and back. +1 for the anachronistic pin-up posters, CD-ROMs and CB radio microphones. 3/5.

Radio Microphones - Batteries

A lot of you may already know this but for those of you who don’t, when you use radio microphones in a production always use heavy duty industry standard batteries like Duracell Procell or Energiser Advanced Lithium.

NEVER use budget batteries like Eveready or Panasonic, they are not designed to power equipment like microphones and they will let you down.
We used some of the cheaper ones in a production once and they only lasted 5 minutes.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my experience with working on Backstage Crews for productions, it’s that, “You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat the equipment.”