radio killa records

Okay I’m probably late to the Somali-Girl party held at Stereotypical lane by Basic Ave but ..

I JUST started listening to August Alsina and I’ll say I think he’s one of R&B and Hip-Hops most promising artists

I got his EP last night and my god .. I made my friend stop before the speaker at the Drive-Thru and held people back so she could listen to the outro on “Don’t Forget About Me” because, when I told her it made me cry - I thought I could probably show her better than I could tell her. Needless to say she got it. And him.

Ironically .. I Love it. 


The dream drops a teaser for the video he will be releasing tomorrow for his current song in rotation “ROC” (Roc Your Body). Its off his fourth studio album, The Love: IV: Diary of madman. The video will be dropping tomorrow via VEVO….can’t wait….