radio is magic


Matty talking about George Michael with Magic Radio


Antsy about the looming Amonkhet previews? Sate your Vorthos needs with the first in a video series produce by @itmecary, @vorthosjay, and myself!

Magic Minute is all about delivering juicy Vorthos content in bite-sized servings. Like Starburst, but a video about Magic. Given that we’re about to begin a block on a plane ruled by Nicol Bolas, we thought it would be appropriate to begin with the history of the Elder Dragon Planeswalker himself.


aesthetic: getting really high at an old motel by the pool late at night and turning up the radio when strange magic by elo comes on- I start swaying under palm trees as the moonlight bounces off the water and onto my body. my sugar daddy smokes on a chair, swirls his jack daniels around in the cheap glass he stole from our room- slowly, he begins to fall in love with me as i begin to give him the best lap dance he’s ever had


Ed Sheeran and Rick Astley play Jenga while interviewing each other for Magic Radio. March 2, 2017.