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Happy birthday, Billie Joe! ♥

I hope you have an amazing day, not just today, but always. Thanks for the music, the lyrics and the beautiful memories. The world is so lucky to have you. Thanks for still breathing. Happy birthday ♥

Do you think that when dan sent that first message to phil he thought for one moment that him and phil would be:

in an disney movie 


have their own radio show 


in an amazing group of friends 


presenting the brit awards 

Then I realised how happy dan is with phil and vice versa. Which then proceeded to having an emotion overload and breaking down.  


Okay idk if I should continue these “update” things about Dan’s younow..
-He talked about Disney(Big Hero 6),
-Running(he’s so proud) :D,
-He said I’M A NERD! way too often,
-“Radio Shows with Phil are always fun”,
-Tumblr(he creeps a lot…!!!!!!),
-The Hobbit,
-Christmas(he got underwater headphones),
-Playlist live next month,(he’s not sure if he’s going because he’s not as fitt as connor or joey graceffa 😂😂),HE WAS JOKING DON’T WORRY!
-AHS(he cried everytime he watched the last episode about Pepper) he really enjoys this season
-He listened to The pink print,
-His room is the messiest it’s ever been(the whole flat),
-Kanye’s new song(he cried listening to it),
-SPORTIFY UPDATE: -st vincent,
-His icon:D (he’ll change it more often),
-The target thing(RUMORS)he said: “don’t have annonymos asks on” (AWH HE CARES SO MUCH ABOUT US jsjsksbcsjka) -> he’s (probably) gonna make a video about it
-talked about Green day,
-You can go on radio1/danandphil to send Fanart
-He buys socks at primark(?) :D OMG SO RANNDUM,
-Sock goblins,
-Calenders(shameless self promo!!),
-and then younow broke…….-.-’ (well we broke it :DD)
-> DAN MENTIONED PHIL: ||||| ||||| |||| (14times.)

Sorry most of them are really random :D just tell me if I should continue these masterposts because I kinda enjoy it :) xx

150715 Radio Star:

Kim Gura: aren’t there anyone who likes models?

Leeteuk: Siwonnie… he likes tall girls

Siwon: I like women who look pretty when they wear clothes

Heechul: Then when they take off the clothes…

Eunhyuk: What are you saying

Siwon: No, it’s not that…

Heechul: What about when they take it off?


Heechul: What kind of style do you like when they take it off?

Siwon: If you want me to say it in detail, I like girls who look good even without having to fuss about the clothes



The Analog Angel: Decibelle

Decibelle is one of many creations from a group of various engineers. Their goal is to create androids that are catered to a specific task. She was created as a radio technician and was programmed to be a social communications tower. She is the older sister to Circuit, who was created by the same group.

After a sudden power down, she awoke to a new world where she was sheltered from the world. Due to her being unable to travel and move, she used her skill to gather others who would travel to her location and get her information from there. She grew bored with her time, wanted to interact more with the world around her. She had heard of people who would perform on the Internet for fun and money.

She outfitted herself with the appropriate equipment for gaming, the most popular genre of online entertainment. She gave herself an alternate face to her original ‘cyclops’ face that is meant for function, with a cleaner looking face that she assumed viewers would like more. She marketed herself as playing games she had never played before, and while streaming online, she had her webcam pointed from the waist up to hide her tower-like lower body.

She was recognized quickly, and was later contracted by news outlets and broadcast studios to cover events and add commentary. She developed small drones to be her outside eyes, and experience traveling in the world she resides without being able to leave.

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