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Essays in Existentialism: Bands II

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one year later

The colours weren’t quite right. That was what Clarke understood as she peered at her painting with agitation burrowing in her neck. Her chin was covered with a stray brush bristling against her skin as she tapped it there. That usually happened when she was so busy thinking, she became clumsy, became covered in stray strokes of distracted agitation. Her hands were stiff with caked on colours that just weren’t quite right. She knew they weren’t, and yet she was stuck.

The noises in the hallway continued to grow as Clarke turned up the music on the radio. Her girlfriend’s voice began to lull her into a false sense of happiness. It only added to her displeasure though when she remembered this particular girlfriend was across the country. But she was on the radio, and that was magic. It wasn’t much, just the college radio station, but still. Some magic. Clarke was proud and refused to listen to anything else.

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150409 Tablo’s Dreaming Radio
  • Survey - Who would you invite to your wedding?
  • 39% People I see at least once a year
  • 33% People I may not meet often but keep in contact with
  • 18% Everyone
  • 10% Close friends I meet regularly
  • Simon D: I’m not thinking of marriage lately
  • Gray: It feels like it is so far away
  • Tablo: What do you mean it’s FAR AWAY? It’ll happen quicker than you think.
  • Gray: Really?
  • Tablo: You don’t know. Gray, do you have a girlfriend?
  • Gray: (really quickly) No
  • Tablo: Hhahahahahaha
  • Simon D: Your voice. No~ (imitates Gray saying it quite shyly/quietly)
  • Gray: I’m being mysterious
  • Tablo: Okay. Gray doesn’t have a girlfriend. Loco, do you have a girlfriend?
  • Loco: (quickly) I don’t have one.
  • Tablo: Ah. The two of you responded really quickly.
  • Simon D: Ahh, that person would be really upset (at them denying it so quickly).
  • Tablo: Isn’t there someone with potential?
  • Loco: There’s always some because I’m a lonely person.
  • Gray: oooooHhhh
  • Tablo: Simon D, are you really not going to get married?
  • Simon D: EH?! I have to married. I want to. I really want to get married lately because I love children.
  • Tablo: Oh? Who do you want to marry?
  • Simon D: Well out of all my girlfriends…
  • Tablo: I actually got married twice. The first time to-
  • Simon D and Gray: (interrupts) HIP HOP!
  • Tablo: To HIP HOP! Married to the game!
  • Gray: We could all guess what you were going to say.