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September 15

This one is technically not yet history, because at the time of posting, the little craft has about half an hour left to go.  That said, let’s proceed.

In 2017, NASA’s Cassini space probe ended its twenty-year mission at Saturn.  After a nearly-seven-year-long journey there, it orbited the ringed planet for 13 years and just over two months, gathering copious amounts of information about the planet, said rings, and many of its moons.  It landed an ESA probe called Huygens on Titan, the first-ever soft landing in the outer Solar System.  It discovered lakes, seas, and rivers of methane on Titan, geysers of water erupting from Enceladus (and passed within 50 miles of that moon’s surface), and found gigantic, raging hurricanes at both of Saturn’s poles.  

And the images it returned are beautiful enough to make you weep.

On this day in 2017, with the fuel for Cassini’s directional thrusters running low, the probe was de-orbited into the Saturnian atmosphere to prevent any possibility of any contamination of possible biotic environments on Titan or Enceladus.  The remaining thruster fuel was used to keep the radio dish pointed towards Earth so the probe could transmit information about the upper atmosphere of Saturn while it was burning up due to atmospheric friction.

This is us at our best.  We spent no small amount of money on a nuclear-powered robot, launched it into space, sent it a billion miles away, and worked with it for two decades just to learn about another planet.  And when the repeatedly-extended missions were through, we made the little craft sacrifice itself like a samurai, performing its duty as long as it could while it became a shooting star in the Saturnian sky.

Rhea occulting Saturn

Water geysers on Enceladus

Strange Iapetus

Look at this gorgeousness

A gigantic motherfucking storm in Saturn’s northern hemisphere


This image is from the surface of a moon of a planet at least 746 million miles away.  Sweet lord


Vertical structures in the rings.  Holy shit

Titan and Dione occulting Saturn, rings visible

Little Daphnis making gravitational ripples in the rings

That’s here.  That’s home.  That’s all of us that ever lived.

Saturn, backlit

A polar vortex on the gas giant

Icy Enceladus

(All images from NASA/JPL)

Home (Peter Parker x Reader)

You had a free period for 6th and you couldn’t be more thankful. School was always a pain in the ass for you and the less time spent there, the better. You walked into Mr. Delmar’s deli and you greeted the man with a smile and wave.

“There’s one of my favorite loyal customers!” He shouted smiling with his arms stretched out, “No Mr. Parker today?” You blushed at the mention of your boyfriend and Mr. Delmar’s evident notice in you both being attached at the hip.

“Free period today Mr. Delmar, but speaking of that dweeb would you mind-”

“A number 5 with pickles and smushed down real flat?” Mr. Delmar interrupted causing you to erupt into laughter while nodding your head. Mr. Delmar knew your orders like the back of his hand, he would argue that it was a natural talent but you knew it was because Peter stopped by almost every day after school to pick you both up some late lunch.

You smiled and waved bye to Mr. Delmar as he handed you your sandwiches and you were on your way again.

You didn’t want to head home knowing no one was there, so you decided on Peter’s apartment since you knew you’d end up there somehow anyways.

You trudged on to his apartment complex with your headphones in jamming to one of the playlists you made Peter, pulling out the spare key he had given you.

You softly smiled at the little web drawn on it, he drew it the day you found out he was Spider-Man.

~ flashback ~
“But what if you get hurt?! What if you don’t make it back to me?!” You cried, the tears threatening to spill as you struggled fighting them back.

“Baby, baby don’t think like that,” he soothed as his hand caressed you cheek, “You know I’d never leave you. But this isn’t a day job, I can’t quit and just stop when I have the ability to save people.”

You sighed and closed your eyes, leaning into his palm. You knew he was right, you actually secretly admired all the good Spider-Man has done for New York, but now that you know he’s your dorky boyfriend you couldn’t help from worrying. At least this confirmed why his natural clumsy self had amazing new reflexes and how he got this very new muscular body, although you’d always thought he was fit. For a while you had thought he was on drugs but then you remembered how he has to crush a medicine pill in order to swallow it- so drugs were ruled out.

He sensed your fear and pulled you into a tight embrace, softly holding your head against his shoulder.
“Hey hey hey, listen to me, i’m gunna be ok. I’m practically indestructible.” He chucked lightly, trying to ease the mood.

You rolled your eyes at his horrible timing to make a joke and softly pushed away. “Peter, we’ve been dating for 6 months and we’ve been best friends for years..I know when you’re bullshitting me.” You voiced trying not to sound as scared as you were.

Peter’s eyes softened as he saw just how concerned you actually were. He didn’t know how to ease your pain until an idea popped into his head.

“Give me your key.” He announced. “W-what? Why?” You asked as you noticed the hopeful gleam in his eye.
“Just trust me, let me see your key to the apartment.”

You curiously pulled your key out from your bag and handed it to him as he excitedly took it from your hand and looked in his desk drawers. “What are you-”

“Shhh just give me a sec.” he interrupted as he pulled out a red sharpie and started scribbling on it.

“Peter if you’re drawing a penis on my key I swear I will break up with you right now.” You said causing him to giggle and shh you once again. He finalized a few things on the key and then softly blew on it to dry the sharpie. Holding it up for him to further examine he smiled and handed it back to you with a shy smile. You gave him a questioning look as you took it from his hands and looked down at your key.

There you saw a little red web with a tiny “p” scribbled on the corner. You broke out in a smile as you ran your thumb across the sharpied web as he stood in front of you smiling wider at your reaction.

“This way you’ll always have a piece of me with you and it’ll always lead me home.”

You couldn’t help but let a few tears freely fall as you stood up on your tip toes to tightly wrap your arms around your boyfriends neck.

“I can’t stay mad at you” you sighed into his neck, “spider-man.” You whispered the last part causing him to smile into your shoulder and tighten his grip around you.
~ present ~

You sighed as your thumb caressed the web remembering how the very next day he stumbled into your bedroom window with a black eye and bruised lip. Entering his apartment you found Aunt May doing the dishes as the radio softly played in the background.

You tip toed behind her and whispered “Hi May!” by her ear causing her to jump and squeal as you giggled.

“Oh you little jerk you just about gave me a heart attack!” May heavily breathed holding a hand to her heart.

“Sorry May, I just couldn’t help myself!” You laughed as you raised your hands in defense. “Ugh huh sure you couldn’t, well for that you get to dry!” She said throwing you a kitchen towel.

You caught it with both hands and held a hand to your heart. “Well I’d be honored.” You joked as she laughed and you stood next to her drying the dishes.

“Wait what are you even doing here? Not that you aren’t always welcome and that I don’t love seeing your beautiful face but shouldn’t you be in school? I will not tolerate any ditching under this house.” May quirked an eyebrow as she finished using her “authoritative” tone that she strictly uses to make Peter clean his room.

You laughed and raised your arms in defense. “Free period May, no ditching has been done, I gotta say your lack of faith in me really hurts.” You fake pouted making May roll her eyes and bump you with her hip. You both laughed and then continued to wash the dishes side by side while singing along to whatever old 80s song was playing on the radio.

After the dishes were washed and dried, May gave you a quick kiss to the forehead as a thank you and headed to her room to watch her shows. May always thought of you like a daughter and when you and Peter were strictly just friends she had always secretly hoped you two would become more. I guess she saw right through all the teasing and late nights studying for tests although it took you both a little longer to realize.

You grabbed your bag from the door and headed into Peter’s room, throwing it on the floor somewhere. You took in the sight of your boyfriends small but welcoming room and although there was shirts out of place and the bed was unmade, it was still clean for a teenage boy.

You picked up around his room and made his bed only to plop down on his bottom bunk and wait till your boyfriend came home.

You knew he’d be home late today as he had “the stark internship” so you managed to get a little homework in before the moon accompanied you.

The day caught up with you and you felt your eyes get droopy so you decided to take a quick nap before he came home. Your current attire was too tight and uncomfortable for you to sleep in so you were on the search for something more suited.

Rummaging through his drawers, you pulled out his midtown long sleeve and quickly pulled it on. You noticed it still smelled like him and you smiled while you hugged it to yourself, the shirt reaching mid thigh on your noticeably smaller frame.

You threw your hair up in a messy bun and slipped your pants off grabbing a pair of Peter’s boxers to finish the look. You checked yourself out in the mirror and giggled at how big everything looked on you. You laid on his bed with your headphones in and fell asleep cuddling one of his pillows.

It was now 8:46 at night, you had been asleep for roughly two hours so you didn’t notice the window sliding up and a full suited Spider-man crawling on the roof. Due to your sleeping state, he hadn’t noticed you either.

Peter pulled his mask off and dropped it on his desk as he softly jumped down from the ceiling. He sighed once his feet hit the ground and let the suit fall off his body, quickly gathering it up and putting it away for safe keeping.

Peter went to grab a T-shirt from his dresser when he noticed his room didn’t look how he left it. Starting to panic, Peter went to reach for the suit again, that’s when he noticed a human formed lump on his bed.

Putting on the mask, he tip toed over to his bed ready to fight when he suddenly stopped as he recognized his blue midtown sweater.

Pulling the mask off once again, he saw that the lump in his bed was you and he smiled a sigh of relief.

His heart leaped out of his chest when he saw you sleeping but it soared when he noticed you were wearing his shirt. He looked around his room realizing that you must of cleaned it up and recognized the small white bag sitting atop his desk as a sandwich from Mr. Delmar’s.

He couldn’t really believe he had you, not only were you one of his best friends, but you didn’t freak out when he admitted he liked you and you actually liked him back, and you didn’t run away or make him stop being Spider-man when you found out. Not to mention he thought you were the most gorgeous person he’s ever laid eyes on.

He smiled to himself picturing you cleaning his room and grabbing him lunch, which he would never ask of you and not because he enjoyed you doing things for him, but the fact that you did it knowing his busy schedule and knowing he didn’t have the time to do it himself.

He leaned over you and pressed a gentle kiss to your temple, causing you to stir slightly and wake up.

You broke out in a yawn and stretched as you noticed your boyfriend leaning above you and your face lit up.

“Thank God, I was beginning to worry when you’d come home.” You smiled, your voice still tracing signs of sleep as it was barely audible.

Peter smiled and got into bed next to you, you moving aside and positioning yourself laying on his outstretched left arm staring up at him.

His arm wrapped around you, his fingers tracing random patterns on your arm as he kissed your forehead and muttered,

“I’ll always come home knowing I have you to greet me. No matter who I fight or what pain I feel, my only cure is evidently my only weakness; you.”

You didn’t reply, you didn’t need to. You lifted your hand to his cheek and leaned up to press your lips against his.

No words could ever compare to the meaning behind that kiss, it wasn’t only a proclamation of love, but a promise. A promise to always be his cure and his promise that he’d always come back to you, in any form shape or way.

He held you close as you pulled away, both of you wearing soft smiles on your lips as he looked into your eyes and whispered, “you are my home.”



Did our Sun have a twin when it was born 4.5 billion years ago?

Almost certainly yes – though not an identical twin. And so did every other Sun-like star in the universe, according to a new analysis by a theoretical physicist from the University of California, Berkeley, and a radio astronomer from the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory at Harvard University.

Many stars have companions, including our nearest neighbor, Alpha Centauri, a triplet system. Astronomers have long sought an explanation. Are binary and triplet star systems born that way? Did one star capture another? Do binary stars sometimes split up and become single stars?

Astronomers have even searched for a companion to our Sun, a star dubbed Nemesis because it was supposed to have kicked an asteroid into Earth’s orbit that collided with our planet and exterminated the dinosaurs. It has never been found.

The new assertion is based on a radio survey of a giant molecular cloud filled with recently formed stars in the constellation Perseus, and a mathematical model that can explain the Perseus observations only if all Sun-like stars are born with a companion.

“We are saying, yes, there probably was a Nemesis, a long time ago,” said co-author Steven Stahler, a UC Berkeley research astronomer.

“We ran a series of statistical models to see if we could account for the relative populations of young single stars and binaries of all separations in the Perseus molecular cloud, and the only model that could reproduce the data was one in which all stars form initially as wide binaries. These systems then either shrink or break apart within a million years.”

In this study, “wide” means that the two stars are separated by more than 500 astronomical units, or AU, where one astronomical unit is the average distance between the Sun and Earth (93 million miles). A wide binary companion to our Sun would have been 17 times farther from the Sun than its most distant planet today, Neptune.

Based on this model, the Sun’s sibling most likely escaped and mixed with all the other stars in our region of the Milky Way galaxy, never to be seen again.

“The idea that many stars form with a companion has been suggested before, but the question is: how many?” said first author Sarah Sadavoy, a NASA Hubble fellow at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. “Based on our simple model, we say that nearly all stars form with a companion. The Perseus cloud is generally considered a typical low-mass star-forming region, but our model needs to be checked in other clouds.”

The idea that all stars are born in a litter has implications beyond star formation, including the very origins of galaxies, Stahler said.

Stahler and Sadavoy posted their findings in April on the arXiv server. Their paper has been accepted for publication in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Stars Birthed in ‘Dense Cores’

Astronomers have speculated about the origins of binary and multiple star systems for hundreds of years, and in recent years have created computer simulations of collapsing masses of gas to understand how they condense under gravity into stars. They have also simulated the interaction of many young stars recently freed from their gas clouds. Several years ago, one such computer simulation by Pavel Kroupa of the University of Bonn led him to conclude that all stars are born as binaries.

Yet direct evidence from observations has been scarce. As astronomers look at younger and younger stars, they find a greater proportion of binaries, but why is still a mystery.

“The key here is that no one looked before in a systematic way at the relation of real young stars to the clouds that spawn them,” Stahler said. “Our work is a step forward in understanding both how binaries form and also the role that binaries play in early stellar evolution. We now believe that most stars, which are quite similar to our own Sun, form as binaries. I think we have the strongest evidence to date for such an assertion.”

According to Stahler, astronomers have known for several decades that stars are born inside egg-shaped cocoons called dense cores, which are sprinkled throughout immense clouds of cold, molecular hydrogen that are the nurseries for young stars. Through an optical telescope, these clouds look like holes in the starry sky, because the dust accompanying the gas blocks light from both the stars forming inside and the stars behind. The clouds can, however, be probed by radio telescopes, since the cold dust grains in them emit at these radio wavelengths, and radio waves are not blocked by the dust.

The Perseus molecular cloud is one such stellar nursery, about 600 light-years from Earth and about 50 light-years long. Last year, a team of astronomers completed a survey that used the Very Large Array, a collection of radio dishes in New Mexico, to look at star formation inside the cloud. Called VANDAM, it was the first complete survey of all young stars in a molecular cloud, that is, stars less than about 4 million years old, including both single and multiple stars down to separations of about 15 astronomical units. This captured all multiple stars with a separation of more than about the radius of Uranus’ orbit – 19 AU – in our solar system.

Stahler heard about the survey after approaching Sadavoy, a member of the VANDAM team, and asking for her help in observing young stars inside dense cores. The VANDAM survey produced a census of all Class 0 stars – those less than about 500,000 years old – and Class I stars – those between about 500,000 and 1 million years old. Both types of stars are so young that they are not yet burning hydrogen to produce energy.

Sadavoy took the results from VANDAM and combined them with additional observations that reveal the egg-shaped cocoons around the young stars. These additional observations come from the Gould Belt Survey with SCUBA-2 on the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope in Hawaii. By combining these two data sets, Sadavoy was able to produce a robust census of the binary and single-star populations in Perseus, turning up 55 young stars in 24 multiple-star systems, all but five of them binary, and 45 single-star systems.

Using these data, Sadavoy and Stahler discovered that all of the widely separated binary systems – those with stars separated by more than 500 AU – were very young systems, containing two Class 0 stars. These systems also tended to be aligned with the long axis of the egg-shaped dense core. The slightly older Class I binary stars were closer together, many separated by about 200 AU, and showed no tendency to align along the egg’s axis.

“This has not been seen before or tested, and is super interesting,” Sadavoy said. “We don’t yet know quite what it means, but it isn’t random and must say something about the way wide binaries form.”

Egg-Shaped Cores Collapse into Two Centers

Stahler and Sadavoy mathematically modeled various scenarios to explain this distribution of stars, assuming typical formation, breakup and orbital shrinking times. They concluded that the only way to explain the observations is to assume that all stars of masses around that of the Sun start off as wide Class 0 binaries in egg-shaped dense cores, after which some 60 percent split up over time. The rest shrink to form tight binaries.

“As the egg contracts, the densest part of the egg will be toward the middle, and that forms two concentrations of density along the middle axis,” he said. “These centers of higher density at some point collapse in on themselves because of their self-gravity to form Class 0 stars.”

“Within our picture, single low-mass, Sun-like stars are not primordial,” Stahler added. “They are the result of the breakup of binaries. “

Their theory implies that each dense core, which typically comprises a few solar masses, converts twice as much material into stars as was previously thought.

Stahler said that he has been asking radio astronomers to compare dense cores with their embedded young stars for more than 20 years, in order to test theories of binary star formation. The new data and model are a start, he says, but more work needs to be done to understand the physics behind the rule.

Such studies may come along soon, because the capabilities of a now-upgraded VLA and the ALMA telescope in Chile, plus the SCUBA-2 survey in Hawaii, “are finally giving us the data and statistics we need. This is going to change our understanding of dense cores and the embedded stars within them,” Sadavoy said.

TOP IMAGE….Radio image of a very young binary star system, less than about 1 million years old, that formed within a dense core (oval outline) in the Perseus molecular cloud. All stars likely form as binaries within dense cores. (SCUBA-2 survey image by Sarah Sadavoy, CfA)

CENTRE IMAGE….A radio image of a triple star system forming within a dusty disk in the Perseus molecular cloud obtained by the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) in Chile. (Image: Bill Saxton, ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO), NRAO/AUI/NSF)

LOWER IMAGE….This infrared image from the Hubble Space Telescope contains a bright, fan-shaped object (lower right quadrant) thought to be a binary star that emits light pulses as the two stars interact. The primitive binary system is located in the IC 348 region of the Perseus molecular cloud and was included in the study by the Berkeley/Harvard team. (Image: NASA, ESA and J. Muzerolle, STScI)

BOTTOM IMAGE….A dark molecular cloud, Barnard 68, is filled with gas and dust that block the light from stars forming inside as well as stars and galaxies located behind it. These and other stellar nurseries, like the Perseus molecular cloud, can only be probed by radio waves. Credit: FORS Team, 8.2-meter VLT Antu, ESO

The Strength Of Fear

Hello guys ^^ First chapter of a very spontaneous DL story, let’s give it a shot, and see what you think of this. Trying to improve and assert my writing style, please let me know of your impression :)

Chapter 1 : Two years

The rain poured down over the city. The air had turned thick and I found it almost hard to breathe. Still, I kept a steady and dynamic rhythm to get home. The cars and lights were all feebly reflected on the cemented road, covered by this veil of rain that acted as a mirror of the surface.

My cold wet hands reached for the keys in my bag, and as my fingertips traced hastily their way around the familiar shape of my keys, I quickly pulled them out and managed to open the door of the apartment. I only had to walk up a couple of floors to get to my actual door. It was an old building, but that was all I had the possibility to afford for now. The smell of old and dirt almost radiated through the walls. Each stair creaked when confronted by the pressure of my weight and though this place definitely had room for improvement and tidiness, it was all better than previous places I had experienced.

Way better.

I was finally home. Shutting the door behind me, I dropped the bags of food on the “counter” of my kitchen, which was only a small table ; well actually, the only space where I could put my things down. Moving over to the window, I drew the curtains to gain the least bit of intimacy before removing both shoes and clothes. The cold nudity immediately created goosebumps on my skin while I dried my hair with a simple white towel, avoiding any further drops to invite the humidity into this old flat.

There was, on the chair next to the wall, underwear, a pair of dark black jeans and a white blouse that I proceeded in putting on. It felt good. Warm dry clothes felt extremely good ; I could not neglect that precious feeling ever again.

It took me a while to finish dinner. It must have been around 10 pm, but I didn’t have to work for another two days at the library. It was my weekend of rest now. I quickly did the dishes, the radio softly played some background jazz music to which I naturally hummed along to. Though, it happened again. Out of habit, I did it again, I quickly blocked the sound from escaping my mouth. God how I hated this.

Thought I was over this. For fuck’s sake.

I supposed that the purple haired boy’s face would always pop up into my mind whenever I’d try to sing ever again. My eyes went over the counter, looking at the bottle of red wine and the wrapped tobacco. It was night time, on a friday, a moment when memories decided to play with my nerves. It was very tempting.

I poured myself a glass, and sitting by the window where I drew the curtains aside again, I picked a filter for my cigarette. I placed it in my mouth, while my hands searched for the rolling paper and the tobacco in my pouch. I formed the brown dry substance against the paper, slowly inserting the filter before rolling my cigarette. It all aligned smoothly due to habit, and licking the extremity of the paper I was ready to lit it.

With a flick of my lighter, the flame burned into the air, as if waiting to consume a foreign thing. The end of my cigarette turned red, ready to be smoked. Time passed quickly with a bit of wine in my system, and I definitely needed this if memories decided to be assholes tonight. Pushing away thoughts and feelings never worked. Using something like alcohol was a great to make the pain a bit softer.

Now was the time when I would discuss existentialism with myself. I had worked enough at the library, read enough of Albert Camus in my life to have a debate on the value of a lifetime with myself. Fairly, anyone could do it. I had already tried with others, but I indeed realized that having read several books by the expert of existentialism definitely helped to go further, deeper into the subject.

The problem was not this life. It was what to do about it. The past always managed to creep down my back, get ahold of me, wanting to drag me down to that hellhole of darkness again. How I hated memories. I only had to close my eyes to see those six murderers, their vicious eyes, and beautifully pale skin. They were all handsome. But the terror that emanated from them was way past all that beauty.

Today, it’s been two years.

Two years since I got away from that hell. Two years since I survived and escaped from the Sakamakis. I definitely would need a refill if I was to go through what had happened during my time with these boys, and the two years after. I drew in the smoke of the cigarette, inhaling and letting the toxic substance warm my lungs, before letting the chemical cloud run out of my mouth.

Fairly, it was all because of them. The parents. Had I not been sent to that church…

But truthfully, how could they have been aware of my sacrifice to a bunch of horny vampires? That, however, did not excuse my parents’ disappearance after I escaped. Ah, the number of times I had tried calling them on a line that didn’t even work, on a phone that didn’t even work in that deadly luxurious mansion. I had no idea if reminiscing these events was truthfully a good idea. But now, there was nothing to do. Like water running against one’s palm, it’s impossible to stop it, gather it all in your hand without having some overflow.

I only had to feel now. The memories were all bursts of emotions. And now I felt it all. The way with which I started running for help, for our father, for God, for an upper force. I had simply been instructed to deliver a few things to one of the major donors of the church. The Sakamakis…everyone knew about them, at least of Tougo Sakamaki, strong political influence. Of course I’d been excited about it, strongly impatient to meet one of the most generous people to probably even exist.

In the end, it was something entirely different. Hungry eyes, bloody fangs, suggestive words and approaches, and a hell lot of pain. Literally. Thinking about it now, remembering it all, I almost felt it against my skin, the slender hands, often confused with knives, whips, chains. And though I was definitely in security here (I had to be, considering the amount of steps and procedures I took after escaping their mansion), I could not help but sense the darkness, the shadows gripping me, surrounding me like air.

There was enough wine running through my body for now. I smoked the end of my cigarette, crushing it against a small ornamented ashtray in front of me. The smoke rose up in the air, only to slowly fade away. Slowly, oh so slowly.


10 minute timelapse tour of the U.S. Southwest. Whole lot of national parks, lots of sunsets, the Milky Way from park after park, and the occasional radio telescope.

anonymous asked:

Hi, sorry about my weird English. Well... I'm trying to write a fic about an omega that's a rebellious and an Alfa that's only kinda cute with the omega, only with him. Some ideas? Btw I reallyyyyy love the blog. Have a nice day

Oh, I absolutely love this idea! I live for rebellious characters, so please do send me a link when you’ve finished with it, I’d love to read it!

  • The omega might just turn up to school/work one day with their hair a completely different vibrant colour, and their alpha acts moody about it because they’re around other people, but in private they’re stroking their mate’s hair and cooing and saying how nice it looks
  • Maybe the omega being shunned by their family for acting so rebellious, so their alpha has to comfort them and feels incredibly protective at family gatherings
  • On the other hand, the alpha’s family loves the omega despite their rebelliousness, because they can all see the change in their usually callous and stroppy alpha
  • The omega might pick fights with alphas and betas (and hell, probably even win them) which the alpha hates
  • Imagine the omega deciding to take charge during sex. Not even as a power bottom, literally flipping them over and controlling the alpha completely
  • If the omega is male and has piercings, imagine the alpha’s shock when they have sex for the first time only to discover their omega mate has a Prince Albert/Jacob’s Ladder piercing (for those who don’t know either of them and don’t want to look them up, a Prince Albert is a ring that goes through the head of the penis, and Jacob’s Ladder is a bar that goes through the shaft)
  • If the omega is female, imagine the alpha’s amazement when they discover that not only does their mate have amazing boobs, but they also have their nipples pierced
  • If the omega gets tattoos, the alpha might offer to come with them to hold their hand only to be met with “fuck no, I don’t need a babysitter”. This might annoy the alpha a little, but they come anyway
  • Imagine the omega doing very un-omega activities, like kick-boxing, rugby and hockey, and their alpha getting insanely worried for their safety
  • The alpha coming home after having a hard day feeling slightly annoyed because no doubt their omega will be wandering around in minimal clothing, showing off their tattooed, pierced body, and as much as they love their omega they wish that sometimes they could just be soft and gentle sometimes
  • Their shock when they come home to find their omega humming along to a punk rock song playing quietly on the radio while washing the dishes, fully clothed and in a very good, mellow mood because they had such a good day, and their content pheromones just immediately calming the alpha
  • The alpha growling and snapping and yelling at people when they get angry, and people beginning to give their omega worried looks, and coming over and telling the omega that “you can come and talk to us any time, if you need to” and giving them numbers to abuse hotlines only for the omega to give them a disgusted look and say “thanks for the concerns, but we’re very happy, thank you very fucking much”
  • People noticing the change in the alpha when they’re away from their omega vs when they’re together. For example, the alpha when they’re at work is usually ruthless and brutal, however at the Christmas get-together (or whatever you want), they see the alpha standing with their arm around their omega, looking happy and chatting easily

some romantic bullshit plaguing me right now: Rust quietly coming up behind Marty while he’s listening to the radio and scrubbing soapy dishes in the sink, and leaning into him until Marty turns around……………and Rust just drapes his arms over Marty’s shoulders and Marty doesn’t even wipe his hands off, just pulls Rust close against him and leaves damp hand prints on his jeans while they sway a little in time to whatever song’s playing in the kitchen


Big dishes band together

Earlier this month, radio dishes from three deep-space networks combined to catch faint ‘survival’ whispers from one of ESA’s Mars orbiters, underlining the value of international collaboration for exploring the Red Planet.

For the first time ever, deep-space ground stations from ESA, NASA and Russia’s Roscosmos joined together, on 13 August, to receive ultra-faint signals from ESA’s ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, now circling Mars.

Engineers carefully designed the test to probe the limits of what their ground stations could achieve, and confirm that all three could catch signals from the orbiter should it ever switch itself into the low-power, minimal ‘survival mode’.

This special mode can occur if a software or hardware glitch causes multiple onboard computer reboots.

The test took place just as Mars was moving from the opposite side of the Sun, where it is at its greatest distance from us.

This meant that ExoMars was more than 397 million km from the three dishes, a situation that occurs only every two years, when communications are at their most difficult.

Big Iron listens in

The ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter is on a multiyear mission to understand the tiny amounts of methane and other gases in Mars’ atmosphere that could be evidence for possible biological or geological activity.
Trace Gas Orbiter at Mars

As expected, NASA’s 70 m-diameter dish at Canberra, Australia, could receive the ultra-weak signals and transmit commands.

Likewise, ESA’s 35 m antenna at New Norcia, Australia, picked up the call and demonstrated that it could also transmit commands to ExoMars – but only at 10 bits/s. This would be sufficient in an emergency to upload instructions to recover the craft.

In addition to the low rate, the New Norcia station used only its low-power amplifier to transmit, and there was poor weather over the station in Western Australia.

“If a problem is going to happen with our orbiter or, in future, our rover, at Mars, we want to have confidence that we can communicate even under the worst possible conditions of power and distance, and this test simulated that very well,” says spacecraft operations manager Peter Schmitz.

Testing success

The RT-64 radio-telescope at Kalyazin, Russia, is supporting the ESA-Roscosmos ExoMars mission.
Kalyazin 64-m dish

The real prize came with the Russian 64 m dish at Kalyazin, some 200 km north of Moscow. Originally designed as a radio telescope, it has been upgraded to support the ESA–Roscosmos ExoMars missions.

“Kalyazin was able to receive the signal, demonstrating that all three networks can support ExoMars under the worst-case scenario, when Mars is at its furthest distance and the signals are at their weakest,” said Daniel Firre, ESA’s ground station engineer responsible for cooperation with other agencies.

“And the test was all the more impressive given the extreme weakness of the signals. These had a power upon receipt at Earth some 1000 times less than we would receive from a typical mobile phone transmitting from the Moon.”

TOP IMAGE….New Norcia, Western Australia ESA’s sensitive tracking antennas at New Norcia, Western Australia, and Malargüe, Argentina (seen here in 2012), are being called in to help gather crucial science data during Cassini’s last months in orbit, dubbed the Grand Finale. The mission will end on 15 September, when Cassini plunges into Saturn’s atmosphere, bringing to a close one of the most successful exploration endeavours ever (more information). The craft isn’t exiting meekly, however, and its Grand Finale orbits are proving to be immensely valuable. On 26 April, Cassini made the first-ever daring dive between Saturn and its beautiful and enigmatic ring system. Starting next week, ESA ground stations will work with NASA’s Deep Space Network to record radio signals transmitted by Cassini across 1.6 billion km during 22 communication ‘passes’. The recorded signals will serve important new scientific purposes with the strong involvement of European teams. During its final 22 orbits, the Cassini orbiter is approaching Saturn and its ring so close that the tiny wobbles in Cassini’s orbit can be measured to separate the gravitational contribution of the planet and its main rings. From those gravity measurements, allowing radial velocity changes of the spacecraft as tiny as 0.05 mm/s to be measured, the total mass of Saturn’s ring can be inferred. Scientists will also gain a better understanding of the interior structure of Saturn. In addition, during certain part of the orbits, the radio signal will be transmitted directly through the rings and Saturn’s upper atmosphere, allowing valuable information on their composition and material distribution to be retrieved. “We are just now getting into a new mode of radio science, with much more accurate measurements of gravitational effects compared to previous where the effects of ring density on the radio signals were the main topic of study,“ says Daniel Firre, the service manager at ESA’s mission control centre in Darmstadt, Germany. Copyright ESA/S. Marti, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO

LOWER IMAGE….Trace Gas Orbiter at Mars Artist’s impression of the ExoMars 2016 Trace Gas Orbiter at Mars. Copyright ESA/ATG medialab

Deep Ocean Black - Chapter 2


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Three days have passed since Jeremy arrived at his uncle’s beach house. It turned out that staying here wasn’t as bad as he had originally thought!

His uncle tried his best to keep him happy: from playing with his nephew in the crystal clear waters to taking him to see the lighthouse up close, the kitten was never bored. Every day had a different adventure waiting for him, whether it be on the beach in the local wildlife or even in Grace’s own home.

However, Jeremy noticed that some scars have appeared on his uncle every single day ever since he arrived, and only when he was at school or asleep. He’d never get hurt during one of their adventures. As suspicious as it was, Jeremy never asked his uncle out of courtesy.

At the moment, the kitten was sitting on the porch, wearing nothing but a simple t-shirt and shorts, lazily swimming on the patio’s porch swing with nothing but crayons and a notebook besides him. Grace was doing a maintenance check on his fishing boat down below. The sky was rather cloudy, though the sun still shone through and warmed his fur. To be honest, Jeremy would’ve preferred if it was raining…

“Jerebear! Wanna go fishing before it gets dark?” His uncle shouted from the docks below.

“Yea! Just give me a minute!” The cat replied, leaping from the swing and dashing to the boat, silently hissing ‘ow’ to himself from the blistering hot sand under his paw pads.

Grace helped the boy in, handing his nephew a fishing rod and undoing the rope that was bounding the boat to the docks. The older cat turned on the motor and began steering the boat towards deeper waters. Jeremy carefully leaned over and let his paw dive into the water, pawing at the rapid waters. He shuddered: it was cold as ice. Remembering the dream, he mentally cringed and sat back down. That’s when a question popped into his mind.

“Hey Uncle Grace, what do you do when I’m at school? The lilac cat questioned, grabbing a small can of bait next to him.

His uncle hesitated for a moment, stopping the boat and grabbing his own fishing rod, helping Jeremy open the can.

“Well… I hunt, fish, check up on things and even get into little quarrels with the neighbors sometimes!” The older feline chuckled, adding a little purr at the end.

Neighbors? What neighbors? The seagulls or actual people? He hadn’t seen other people ever since he had arrived. Perhaps the neighbors were hermits? But either way, it didn’t explain why he was covered in so many scars…

Deciding not to continue the awkward conversation, Jeremy connected a colorful feather hook and smeared some sort of greenish paste on it, proceeding to toss the line into the water. Grace did the same, putting his glasses on. The lilac tabby slouched down, letting his chin rest on his hand as he stared intently at the floating particles on his rod. Seagulls cawed in the distance, breaking the silence, as well as small waves gently hitting the boat’s side. This was going to be a long afternoon…


By the time they got home, the sun had begun to set and the lighthouse was lit up. The two had caught a sufficient amount of fish, as well as losing quite a lot. Despite this however, Jeremy really did have fun! He was proud of his uncle and himself! His uncle had stored the catches in the freezer and the fishing supplies back in the shed.

Jeremy was currently coloring a dragon of some sorts in the kitchen while his uncle was washing the dishes. A radio was placed on the table where he was sitting at. It was currently broadcasting the previsions for the weather in Cape Cod. The cat didn’t pay any attention though, since he was too caught up in his imagination to even care. His uncle however, strode over to the house phone when it began ringing. He murmured a ‘hello?’ and froze after a few seconds, his fur beginning to bristle.

“L-Leonard? How are you? Oh… I’m out of the state, why?” His uncle mewed nervously, fear apparent in his voice.

Jeremy looked up, slightly confused as to why his uncle’s behavior suddenly changed. Leonard? Was he some sort of colleague?

“I’m afraid I can’t come back at the moment, my hands are full and- S-Sir! I can’t do that!”” Grace exclaimed, his tail beginning to twitch.

The kitten tilted his head: was he being stalked by someone? That would explain why he lived here in the summer, to probably get a break from the madness.

“Look boss, I’ll try to see if I can come back, but I sincerely doubt it I have a responsibility and- no I’m not a father.” His uncle grumbled, rubbing his temple with a free paw.

“Right… Anyways I’ll have to hang up, Leonard. Goodnight.” Grace mumbled, hanging up and sighing, while Jeremy stared on in confusion.

As soon as he hung up however, the phone rang again, making the adult groan in absolute agony. Grace picked up again, his mood lightening up at the discovery that it’s Jeremy’s mother. He turned to his nephew and mouthed ‘it’s your mother!’ to Jeremy, who grinned and dashed to his uncle’s side. His uncle cheerfully murmured a polite ‘hello’ and purred, though his smile faded once again.

Worry coursed through Jeremy, did something bad happen back at home? Did something happen to Al? He whined and tugged on his uncle’s shirt, only to be smacked in the face by Grace’s tail. He decided to shut up and longingly stare at his uncle with his ears flattened. After a while of his uncle just murmuring ‘mhm’s with a concerned look on his face, he hung up with a sigh, glancing at Jeremy.

“Jeremy… Your mother is coming to pick you up in about half an hour. Things are different back at home. And… I’ll be visiting more often, okay?” He purred, hiding his angst with a simple purr.

The lilac feline just nodded, slightly nervous from the sudden news though he hid it with a small smile. Something REALLY bad had to happen if his mother has to come and pick him up herself. Was it his father??? Grace picked up on his worry and put on a smile, a low purr rumbling from him.

“But she’s bringing Alfred too!! Go pack up, okay Jerebear?” His uncle added, instantly making Jeremy’s mood pick up.

He turned tail and dashed into his room, which was connected to the living room, making the trip short. The kitten dashed into the darkened room and leaped onto his bed, grabbing the pile of worn shirts and shorts and shoving them back into his backpack. The boy then proceeded to carefully shove his other things in his backpack, though he awkwardly stared at his teddy bear, deciding it’d be best for it to stay in his arms.

After doing a quick final check to make sure that nothing was left behind, Jeremy grabbed both his backpack and plushie and headed out of the room. At the discovery that his uncle was no longer in the living room, the young cat headed out to the porch, to where Grace was seated on the patio swing, using his tail to hold up an oil lamp and reading a newspaper.

“Is she almost here?” The lavender kitten questioned, sitting down next to him and yawning.

“She’s on her way, she should be here within another thirty minutes,” The older cat responded, licking his thumb and turning the page.

Jeremy nodded, his whiskers twitching as another yawn plagued him. The kitten suddenly felt sleep conquer him like an army. Had he really done so many things today??? Jeremy rarely felt this exhausted, but when he did feel like this, it was solely because he did so many things in a single day.

The sound of the waves crashing gently echoed in his ears, gradually lulling him to sleep within a few minutes. Despite his attempts to fight off the oncoming sleep, he eventually gave in and flattened his ears, his world turning black…

“Jeremy wake up, we’re going home!”

He recognized that voice. He knew it’s from someone close to him… Someone he cared about… Wait… Al?!

The kitten opened his eyes, coming face to face with his friend Alfred, who was grinning from ear to ear. The cat’s heart leapt and he instantly sprung awake, throwing himself at Alfred into a bear hug.

“Wah!! I’m happy to see you too Jeremy!” The puppy squeaked, exhilarated from air being knocked out of him.

“I missed you soooooo much!!!” Jeremy mewled, picking the dog up and spinning him around. Due to the puppy’s smaller frame, it made it easy for the cat to simply pick him up, much to the dog’s dismay.

“I-I missed you too! Put me down please!” Alfred exclaimed, squirming in the cat’s grasp.

Obeying his best friend’s requests, the lilac cat set him down, holding onto his shoulder when the dizzied dog stumbled. Flashing Jeremy a semi-annoyed look, Alfred flicked his friend’s nose, who simply murmured an ‘ow~’ in return.

“How was it? Did you get to go out to sea?” The Shiba asked as soon as his vision was stable again.

“Yea! Grace and I caught tons of fish, did tons of things and even went to the lighthouse!” He exclaimed, his blue eyes shining with excitement.

“Is it huge?” Alfred questioned, a curious grin plastered on his face.

“Yea!! Huge! And where’s mom?” He purred, tilting his head a bit.

“In the car. She asked me to go wake you up! Grab your things and race me to the car!!” Alfred yipped, his tail thumping against the floor as Jeremy swung his bag over his shoulders.

Meeting his best friend’s gaze with a confident smirk, the two dashed towards the car, which was parked in the distance. The kids kicked up sand and dust behind them as they ran. Jeremy grinned, adrenaline and pure and utter happiness coursing through him as he ran side by side with his best friend. He could honestly do this forever… Perhaps if he could just hold Al’s paw…

But he instead came face to face with sand and pain in his nose. Oh. He tripped. The cat lifted his face and brushed the sand off of it, sputtering and twitching his whiskers in dismay. Jeremy looked up to see Alfred hovering over him, paw outstretched and a stupid grin plastered on his face.

“You look like you ran through a bush,” The dog commented, snickering like a little schoolgirl. The cat scoffed; this was typical of him.

“And you look like a hedgehog” Jeremy retorted, grabbing his friend’s hand and rising back onto his feet. The dog was silent for a few moments before nodding in agreement.

“Fair enough,” Alfred chuckled, padding towards the car with his fluffy tail swaying from side to side.

The kitten followed his friend, a soft purr sounding from him as he continued holding his friend’s paw. His purring was probably too quiet for Alfred to hear, which was most likely a good thing. Jeremy rarely purred in front of his friends, let alone someone he was close to. However… Something inside of him told him to keep holding onto his friend’s paw, almost as if he was going to trip again at any given moment. The kitten didn’t know what it was, but he surely knew that he wasn’t going to let go anytime soon.

Aaaannnnd his paws were sweaty again. How great. Before the dog could notice, Jeremy let go of his friend’s paw to wipe off his wet ones on his shirt. Thankfully, Alfred didn’t even notice. Whew…

By the time they got to the car, Grace had finished talking to Jeremy’s mother, who had been patiently awaiting the two boys in the car. Alfred yanked the door open and stepped inside, tucking in his tail and patting the empty seat beside him. The cat leapt into the car and plopped himself next to Alfred, practically slamming the door shut and scaring the dog with his sudden burst of agility.

“So… Tell me everything!” The Shiba grinned, looking up at Jeremy with an overly eager expression plastered on his face.

“Okay! So first… Grace and I went to the lighthouse… Then the local park…” The cat began, explaining each event in great detail to the dog.

For the entire car ride home, Jeremy went on and on about his time at the Cape Cod house, with his mother listening on as well. Lilly had a bittersweet expression on though, due to the recent events back at home, as well as due to her son’s obliviously happy attitude. However, the pink she-cat pushed her worry aside and decided to focus on the road, leaving her worry about Arthur to fade away…

KKHRラジオ English Translation 

In celebration of Kakihara Tetsuya’s 34th birthday (12.24.2016), I’ve gone back to some old episodes of KKHRラジオ and translated some interesting parts! I guess this can be part two of the first batch of KKHRadio translations I did last year.  I’m still learning Japanese so please excuse any major errors and feel free to point them for correction! Also do note that this radio was from 2015-mid 2016, so the facts aren’t recent! Enjoy!

Episode 8

  • In terms of girls clothes, he likes both skirts and pants, but pants more (especially the skinny style where you can clearly see the butt umm lol)
  • He still likes (short) skirts, and when asked if he liked black tights he instantly replied “YES” and likes them together with a short skirt.
  • He also likes tight girls recruit suits paired with black tights. Likes knee high socks. But generally he likes whatever suits the girl herself.
  • He does do houseworkーever since his 20s. 
  • His specialty is washing dishes. There was a time he worked part time at a restaurant and was so fast at washing dishes he was called 食器洗い王子 (Dish Washing Prince).
  • They then joked on the radio about having a dish washing event, where they invite fans to eat and then Kakki washes their plates (LOL)
  • He was also once called 泡立て王子・SOAP王子 (Soap Prince) because he was good at making soap bubbles stand tall.

Episode 12

  • When he buys wallets, he likes to buy them from overseas. (This episode was after the time he went to Hawaii for Kawaiicon I’m fairly sure). He doesn’t worry about wallet or bag brands, but when he goes over seas he’s made a habit to buy a new one.
  • He likes big wallets that can fit lots of cards and notes, mainly because the store workers would recommend him ones that suit him. His staff says the colour that suits him most (to his surprise too) is white.

Episode 21 (Guest: Irie Reona)

  • Reona says theres no real gap between the Kakki fans know and the real Kakki.
  • He was once invited to Kakki’s relative’s house on New Years. It was his first time meeting Kakki’s uncle, and found that he was nice, listened to their worries and gave advice… while Kakki was dead drunk (LOL) 
  • They had to leave but Kakki just grabbed Reona around the neck with a steel grip and fell asleep, so they all had to drag him home.

Episode 22 (Guest: Namikawa Daisuke)

  • Namidai says they first came to know each other about 10 years ago.
  • However, Kakki first new Namikawa since way before, from when he was in Germany! His favourite movie is Terminator 2 and liked the character John Connor, so much he learnt all his lines. He then found out the Japanese dub of that character was Namikawa (from when he was a child actor) and thats how he first came to know of him.
  • Namikawa first learnt of Kakki through rumours, and also from Sugita Tomokazu’s imitations of him (he’s most likely referring to like on BlazBlue Radio
  • We all know how important greetings (挨拶!)are to Kakki, and Namikawa confirmed this as when they first met, he had very strong greetings, and noted he was a bit different from the rumours.
  • Namikawa mentioned that in the studio, Kakki sometimes wears his shoes half on (like when you just put your heel over the back part of the shoe) This reminded me of the My Life My Time Making from years ago, where you can actually see him wearing his shoes like that aha!!

Episode 49

  • This is actually his reply to my mail asking for advice orz 
  • Kakki says that learning Japanese is a matter of speaking, listening and becoming familiar with the language. 
  • Whilst speaking, remember the words that the other person uses, and if unsure about anything, be sure to ask questions. 
  • He suggests that its best to make Japanese friends, and always speak to them as much as possible. 
  • Be sure to actually use words you’ve just learnt, otherwise you’ll just forget how to use them in action ←This really struck me because sometimes you can’t help but just memorise everything, opposed to actually understanding. 
  • Repetition (反復練習!)is thus important to gradually become better at speaking!!
Strictly Professional [Part 16- Final Part]

[Business!Dean x Reader AU Series]

You thought you had everything you wanted in life. You were the boss of a well-established company, you had great friends and family around you and you were engaged to your dream man. Everything in your life felt like it was going amazingly. Until, one night you answer an unexpected phone call which completely changes everything. After that, things just seem to go from bad to worse- will you get another shot at happiness?

Part 16 Summary: You and Dean finally have your meeting with Mr Singer, will things turn out the way you’d hoped?

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Word Count:  3201

Warnings: mentions of injuries, implied smut, slight angst, language 

A/N: This is the last part guys! Just a quick thank you to everyone whose read this series, I’ve loved writing it and have really appreciated all the feedback for my first AU series. You guys are awesome! 


Dean’s POV

I woke up the next morning to the early morning sun streaming through my bedroom curtains and the smell of bacon coming from the kitchen. Rolling out of bed, I slipped on a t-shirt and a pair of boxer shorts before heading to the source of the delicious smell coming from my kitchen.

My face ached a little from the bruises that had formed on the side of my face as a result of the punch up with Cameron the day before. But, the fact he was the one who ended up with a broken nose gave me enough satisfaction to ignore the pain. That, and the fact I’d spent the night with a beautiful woman, who was still in my house and was evidently also cooking some appetising breakfast, made me feel a lot better about the day ahead already.

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