radio design

The first transistor radio was released 61 years ago today. Here’s Dieter Rams’s 1959 design for Braun, on view now in Making Music Modern: Design for Ear and Eye.

[Dieter Rams. Portable Transistor Radio and Phonograph (model TP 1). 1959. Braun AG, Frankfurt, Germany, est. 1921. The Museum of Modern Art, New York]

Saw a Dirk Gently aesthetic post that included two dudes sharing headphones while listening to music and it was both amazing and honestly inspirational, oh my god, can you imagine if Dirk and Todd ever tried to share an iPod.

Like, they’ve been something for a while. Long enough that they’re now sharing an apartment. Todd likes music and Dirk likes Todd so they’re lying around one quiet Sunday afternoon and Todd’s listening to music and Dirk quietly slips an earbud into his ear, and it takes less than thirty seconds for it to degenerate into an all-out war of pillows and extremely different music tastes.

Farah ends up getting a text from Dirk that just says “please save me” and she makes it to their apartment in record time with a trunk full of weapons and several speeding tickets which Dirk assures her the universe will pay for (it doesn’t). Todd calls Amanda and spends five minutes ranting about how Dirk doesn’t even know who The Clash are, Amanda he is British, how can he not know this, before he realizes that she has him on speaker phone and the Rowdy 3 are pissing themselves laughing.

Had an idea for a character so here’s a rough design.

Basically she’s a mute in a toxic waste ridden world who lives off “energy bars”(I’m not good with naming thingss) that fuel her breathing apparatus and weapon. Her only “friend” is an old radio that has the ability to speak and detect when she’s in danger. (not sure why it speaks, it’s not a robot but maybe some kinda spectre or something) He’s kinda sarcastic and not very nice but she likes having someones voice around. And he can play music for her, which is pretty cool, but he usually plays what he wants to hear which is mainly eurobeat.

Slovenský Rozhlas (Slovak Radio), Bratislava, Slovakia.

(Arch. Štefan Svetko, Štefan Ďurkovič & Barnabáš Kissling, 1967-83)

Photo by Carlos Traspaderne with Hasselblad 500 C/M & Ilford film.

Chapitre 83 - The Final Obstacle

In which the ultimate family roadtrip is an Actual Literal Roadtrip. 



I N C O L O U R.

And this is how you know that Clamp secretly loves me. (For now)

But can we talk about how the family is shamelessly and unapologetically wearing matching shirts? Not even stylish matching shirts, but straight up tourist-shop-esque shirts with tiny feather patterns that THEY ALL AGREED TO WEAR TOGETHER AS THEY DROVE A JEEP THROUGH A SUNFLOWER FIELD. 


Please never show Tomoyo any evidence that this ever took place.