radio cooler

Jet Set Radio Redesign Project 12/19: Clutch

The final GG and the second original GG for JSRF. I liked his design a lot in JSRF but hated him soon after when he STOLE MY GRAFFITI SOULS THE MEANIE PANTS! Still afterwords we were pretty tight. 

Nicknames for Peggy Carter by my Roommate and I
  • Me: Peggy "I'm going to diffuse a mega-bomb in my bathroom sink" Carter
  • Her: Peggy "I scare men with talk of my uterus so I can get real work done" Carter
  • Me: Peggy "I know these men are sexist as shit but I'm going to use that weakness against them and fuck them up" Carter
  • Her: Peggy "I don't just knock out bad guys, I staple their faces" Carter
  • Me: Peggy "Fuck your electric fences, I ain't got time for no sparks" Carter
  • Me: Peggy "Duh, I'm shooting at the fleeing bad guy's legs because he's my best lead aND I'M NOT STUPID ENOUGH TO SHOOT-TO-KILL" Carter
  • Her: Peggy "I bring sunglasses on midnight stakeouts and put them to damn good use" Carter
  • Me: Peggy "I will stab you in the artery with a fucking fork, you sexist asshole, and I will absolutely enjoy it" Carter
  • Her: Peggy "I will stab you with a fork just to make sure you give my friend a tip" Carter
  • Me: Peggy "I intimidate men into compliance by making threatening cheese puns" Carter
  • Her: Peggy "I sass my sexist coworkers so hard that I don't even need to spit in their coffee but I probably do so just for a laugh" Carter
  • Me: Peggy "I'm going to shove these files so far up your ass you'll spit up alphabet soup, you dumb ape" Carter
  • Me: Peggy "oh you boys chase after him, I'll just stroll down the stairs and smack him in the face with a suitcase and save the day" Carter
  • Her: Peggy "you boys try to squeeze out confessions with threats and metaphors, I will track the suckers down and get the real info" Carter
  • Me: Peggy "what the fuck is this sissy bullshit on the radio? I'm so much cooler than Betty Carver" Carter
  • Her: Peggy "Yes, my true love is dead after crashing a plane in the arctic, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm still pissed off at him after he steals my badassery on a radio show" Carter
a summer poem

moisture in the morning air
a mix of sweat and dew
a mix of breath and sky

the right winds bring the waves up
and the surfers call in sick
and head for the swells

blankets oils board shorts cute suits
cold beers tight wraps radios coolers
footballs dogs frisbees wake boards
good-time necessities seasonal furnishings

and skin and skin and skin for miles
steaming reddening manicured exposed
salty kisses in the foaming shallows
memories as many as the bubbles surrounding

moments gone by
just as quick
as June
becomes July
becomes August