radio controlled helicopter

2014-09-05 17:58:23 Furukawa Airi's Ameba Blog

She kept her promise!! The last time Airi posted photo with Rena is already from April T_T


Furukawa(゜∀。 *)Healing

Good evening


The one who has been watching

K'z Station
「Sensha-bu」 (T/N: Tank Section)

and has come to be interested in

Radio control tanks
Radio control helicopter

is Furukawa.

Ah ah ah,

I’ll think of going to toy store.



Tsuu-chan gets along with me a lot,

Because she accosts me and saying 「Airi-sa~n」

Moreover, we are lovey-dovey towards each other.

I’m sorry…I’m sorry…

I can’t control it←


「Recently I don’t see photos of you with Rena-san!」

Because I received those words from many people


I’ll post them!



So~ cu~te~~~~~♪

(I’m concerned about Tomoya-san who is reflected a bit in the back…)

Rena-san is healed, you know

It’s nice to be cute


These are just recent w

Mou, I

am expelled again

Ah, if I can, I want to be expelled by a cute girl…..
or Levi…

Speaking of Levi

Theater version of 「Shingeki no Kyojin」 will be publish~♪

When I think I can meet Levi

in a large screen…Fufufu♪

I feel happy~♪♪

Let’s wait and look forward to the publication♪


There is handshake meeting tomorrow

Password for tomorrow is….


Things which you should~ talk with Furukawa is

Anime, comedy, cats, bugs, reptiles, rock bands, UFO, factory, radio control, cafes,
(↑These are things which I’m interested in)


Because I’m interested in various things
Please talk about you all’s hobbies and recommended things♪

I’m counting on you!!!



@divetodistraction It is spring in Melbourne >_< can’t wait for summer! Spring is too cold for my taste!

So basically our adorable ossan -__-”

- bring a radio control helicopter which he bought on that day before the event.

- made Eguchi Takuya cooked omelet on stage using a brand new omelet machine which no one knows how to operate…

- eat the omelet with MiShi ^///^ reading the article, its possible that they share it

- Would continue his car racing Tamiya play with MiShi after event in PRIVATE

- He also brought a radio controlled car, scattered some salt and pepper on the table, made the car spin several times, and made Egu choked because of the flying pepper….

- Finally got to play with his brand new helicopter (after it fully recharged)

[TRANS] 'and GIRL' Magazine - Jun K

Q : What is your outstanding charming? 
Jun.K : I always make our members not to feel bored by joking, hugging, teasing and skinship them

Q : What type of woman do you like?
Jun.K : I like the woman that hardworking, loves her family, has beautiful smile and be honest

Q : What is the first impression in her?
Jun.K : I will be more interested in her when I know her deeply, that is why I won’t love at first sight 

Q : Her wording that you really like?
Jun. K : *I miss you* cz this can make me and also everyone tremble, is it right? 

Q : Will you confess your love to her?
Jun.K : I do but I want her to confess her love to me too. Plz tell me that you love me! 

Q : The ideal situation to confess your love?
Jun.K : I am not the romantic man so it would be good to confess my love by surprising her

Q : The dating place that you like?
Jun.K : Switzerland, I have never gone there but I really want to go. If I have a girlfriend, I want to go there with her together. I want to feeling the beauty of nature through having Swiss Alps as a background 

Q : What is your opinion to old woman?
Jun.K : I don’t worry about her age but if she is older than me, it will be good cz she will have many experiences that I can learn from her 

Q : What is your interesting now?
Jun.K : I am now interested in designing jewelry. This ring was designed by me. The concept of it is ‘No Love’ the solo song of my mini album which already released. I also design 2PM Official Goods too 

Q : Things that you really want now?
Jun.K : Radio-controlled helicopter. Playing it at Hangang, I like to control it to be low by the river, to be high and then to be at me again. Unfortunately, it always crash at my face (laugh)

Q : What do you want to do next year? 
Jun.K : I want to more concentrate in music. I want to compose many good songs for everyone immediately

Q : Message to the fans
Jun.K : It’s so lucky and honored that my song is chosen to be the title track for 2PM’s Comeback. Everyone can enjoy with this song. Hope everyone looks forward to it and always beside me. I will do the best

Scan CR : timing_kei
Translation via 2PMNation