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As a big Uranus/Neptune fan, of course I am loving these end credits for Sailor Moon Crystal S.3. “eternal eternity” by Junko Minagawa & Sayaka Ohara.

anonymous asked:

Personally, Everyday is one of my favorite songs from the album. However, idk how I would feel about it being a single per se. I feel like Leave Me Lonely would do a little better than that tbh. And...well, I don't listen to Greedy as often as I listen to some of the other songs in DW, but even that would be a better single. It's very fun and upbeat like Bruno's 24K Magic, the way I see it anyway.

Leave Me Lonely would be bomb :)

I don’t listen to Greedy the most either, I just think it would sound AMAZING on the radio and for public consumption. It would make a far better meme than Everyday if it was given the chance!


The more I see of Yuri on Ice, the more I love the ending credits! “You Only Live Once” by Yuri on Ice ft. w.hatano.