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Halloween 2016


Goodnight, Captain
(AKA vague prequel to this)

Where freshly minted Captain Kirk reads up on stuff even when he’s not on shift and nods off in random conference rooms on the Enterprise. Certain first officers who don’t require as much sleep take care of things.



Valentine’s Day is never over~


Hanzo, Genji, McCree - Me

Comic: @radio-silents   (Link to the comic)


Zero no Tsukaima - Track 11

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anonymous asked:

How do you draw bodies?

You crawl into a ball and weep– 

Just kidding. I’m just gonna save you all the explaining and get to the point. I’m going to use my OCs for an example so hope you don’t mind.

One word: SHAPES 

Use them. They will save you all the trouble and even your own life. Also, use silhouettes to help you distinguish each character.  

Let’s say If I want to create a character, I tend to sketch them with details, then I break them down to simple shapes. Unfortunately I don’t have a good example to show you though. Instead have some more sketches, just cause.

Look at my shy bara. Big man, big curves. YIIISS. And simple looking muscles~!

Boobs. Boobs everywhere. Try sketching a variety of boobs. No, no watermelon please. Draw real boobs.

My jewel. S-cures are a way to go. 

If you’re still not satisfied, do a bunch of rough sketches. From time to time, you’ll get some bodies right in your own way. Just like these…recent…sketches..ehehe..

Ah yes…


Sorry, no dilgh in this tutorial. That’s for some other time.

recently I’ve been listening to the Holmes'89 radioplay with Clive Merrison as Holmes and Michael Williams as Watson, and it is absolutely wonderful.
But, as it is a radioplay, I feel an urgent need to VISUALISE EVERY DAMN MOMENT OF IT. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing all night.
So! Lauriston Gardens, first case together, and Doctor Watson is just that much EXCITED.


David Tennant and his collection of Mr. Men shirts

(I should probably tag @thingsdtwears… and add a Madison photo source)

Edited to add the official Dr. Tenth designs!!


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