radio arc

today we’re gonna play “If I was the show runner of The 100″

Before Mount Weather storyline:

  • finn would’ve died instead of wells to prevent the unnecessary love triangle  
  • clarke’s sexuality would’ve been established within the first few episodes 
  • characters that would still be alive: wells, anya, john mbege, monroe
  • monroe’s sexuality would’ve been established on-screen and in the first few episodes as well. she would have a much bigger role as well (as a trusted guard, friend and tracker - she would take none of murphy’s bullshit while at the same time being his friend, flirting with and eventually dating harper etc.)
  • murphy’s redemption arc would be much longer
  • there would be way more flashbacks of life on the ark to establish more background in the blake family situation, monty and jasper’s friendship, clarke’s friendship with wells and her relationship with her parents, raven’s background story, murphy’s background story, miller background story. 
  • bellamy would be pansexual (but i think heteroromantic) and that would be established early, not through a bunch of sex scenes, but during a talk with miller about bryan. 
  • miller would have a much bigger role and his friendships with bellamy, monty and raven would be awesome. 
  • more clarke and bellamy leadership moments. 
  • also, these four faves working together: raven, wells, clarke and bellamy 
  • a clarke and lincoln partnership (they bond over art and find a shared interest in medicine as well)
  • clarke and bellamy talking about their families together 
  • raven and monty friendship (and partnership: they work together on fixing the radio connection with the arc)
  • lexa would be POC and introduced in season one (some background about her and costia, the other clans)
  • the 100 still get attacked, and are taken to mount weather

Mount Weather storyline:

  • we are shown more of clarke’s love for art (she sits to the room filled with paintings, thinks of her father before she draws the map, thinking that he would be proud of her)
  • miller would be in charge, with or without jasper
  • dr. tsing would be played by a white actress (no need to have more POC villains - Pike is enough tbh)
  • lincoln wouldn’t be made into a reaper (that whole thing was pointless tbh) but instead escape and return to camp jaha.
  • the storyline of the truce begins
  • lexa and clarke do not bond over finn’s burning corpse, but actual politics + wanting what’s best for their people. clarke is still manipulated to follow lexa’s ideas and clarke still sends bellamy to the mountain after telling him: “I can’t lose you.” when he says that he needs to go undercover as an inside man. 
  • trikru suspects raven of putting the poison into lexa’s glass, but they don’t get to torture her before bellarke has solved the crime. 
  • monty would have more to do with the movement inside MW.
  • more raven dealing with her disability and being awesome + NO WICK.
  • lexa’s emotions are more evident. she is clearly still mourning costia. 
  • wells is wary of lexa (like bellamy) and doesn’t support her leadership decisions, neither does octavia, so lexa makes a kill order on both of them, which clarke obviously stops. 
  • lexa kisses clarke, but stops herself after a while because she’s not over costia. 
  • the bomb does drop on tondc 
  • trikru abandons the sky people at mount weather. 
  • clarke leaves the camp

Season 3 storyline:

  • no time jump 
    • instead: Clarke’s growing relationship with Niylah, the trade post worker, why she dyed her hair, grounder culture and learning of language, PTSD // the delinquents at camp trying to get through it together, Bellamy’s relationship with Gina, more Miller and Bellamy friendship, more Raven and Gina friendship. Lincoln teaching combat + medicine, his relationship with Octavia (where we learn more about the different clans she wants to escape to).
    • Niylah/Clarke relationship - Niylah teaches her how to hunt and how to speak Trigdasleng. Clarke draws her. 
  • The Niylah and Clarke love scene now has way more build up and is not used to “prove” Clarke’s interest in women. This isn’t just about sex. Clarke actually loves this woman. 
  • Clarke is captured by Roan that same night when she wakes up from a nightmare and decides to get some air just outside the door. 
  • Bellamy still tries to go after Clarke. 
  • start of Polis storyline
  • Clarke still ends up being kidnapped by Lexa, who shows a fondness for her that is not returned. 
  • Clarke agrees to bow to Lexa to protect her people. That’s it. Lexa doesn’t bow to Clarke. 
  • Gina doesn’t die at the attack at Mount Weather. Instead, she gets out with Raven. 
  • Lexa is shown as a strong leader for her people, going above and beyond to protect the Sky People as well, kills the Ice Nation queen. Clarke thanks Lexa for protecting her people. 
  • Back at Camp Jaha, the stress of everything is taking its toll on Bellamy and Gina’s relationship. They break up, but stay friends. 
  • Generally more of everyone dealing with their PTSD and how it affects their relationships. 
  • Bellamy doesn’t side with Pike. Instead, we are shown his suffering through other things, such as hallucinations, flashbacks, breakdowns and panic attacks. 
  • Monroe doesn’t die - instead, she has moments like: making out with harper, comforting Bellamy and Raven, joking with Miller etc. 
  • Bellamy and Clarke argue when she returns the camp, but he doesn’t handcuff her and she doesn’t shock lash him. They start to make up here, but as Bellamy says: “We have a lot to talk through.”
  • Clarke ends up going back to Polis where Lexa is eventually killed by Ontari. 


I’ve really enjoyed putting together this blog over the last few years – despite it being a time-intensive endeavor (the comics and newspaper strips weren’t so bad, but even the shortest radio serial arc clocks in at two hours, nevermind the ones which ran 25 installments over five weeks). As a die-hard Superman fan, it was enlightening and enjoyable to read, watch and listen to his adventures in what effectively constituted a day-by-day catalog of his appearances.

The remit of this blog was to cover Superman’s appearances from 1938 through the end of 1949, which was accomplished as of yesterday. So, what’s next? To start with, I’m collecting, editing, rewriting and expanding the existing entries, which I’ll eventually collect into a series of digital ‘zines which you’ll be able to download (I’ll make an announcement in this blog). 

On a personal level, I’ve enjoyed reading Superman’s adventures year-by-year, so my current plan is to switch the blog over to a format which examines years-at-a-glance, rather than appearance-by-appearance. Once or twice a month, I’ll post a summary of a year’s worth of Superman appearances, and then follow up with highlights from that year. I’ve already written the 1950 and 1951 summaries, and I’ll start posting those next week. 

That means I should catch up with what will be the modern-day Superman around 2020! (Bonus points if you know why that’s a significant date for Superman)

If there’s anything else you’d like to see me cover on the blog, specifically, I’d be happy to consider it. I haven’t been including Super-errata like ads, toys, apparel and other novelties, for the most part. I may start documenting those going forward, if I can definitively place the years. 

Thanks for sticking around, folks, I appreciate it!