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Harry Styles is 'worried' Nick Grimshaw won't like his solo album after recording it in Jamaica

It’s fair to say that we have all been waiting with eager anticipation for news on Harry Styles’ solo music efforts, with the One Direction star being predictably mysterious when it comes to his upcoming solo album.

And that’s probably why we are so desperate to cling to any snippet of information that we get, with Nick Grimshaw’s latest comments leaving us more excited than ever for Harry’s music.

Harry’s solo album was recorded in Jamaica.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, Harry and Grimmers have been best friends for a long ol’ time and in a new interview Nick revealed that Harry recorded his new music whilst on holiday in Jamaica… And that he’s worried that Radio 1 DJ Nick won’t like it.

Speaking out, Nick explained to GQ magazine: “He’s [Harry] worried I won’t like his new solo record.

“He recorded it in Jamaica so I’m praying it’s some awful white man reggae.”

It is thought that Harry was in Jamaica with 1D bandmate Louis.

Hey, if anyone could pull off ‘awful white man reggae’ it’s Harry Edward Styles, right?

News of Harry’s trip to Jamaica is particularly interesting considering his bandmate, Louis Tomlinson, was also in Jamaica earlier this year, leaving us to wonder if Lou offered Harry some words of advice in the studio.

We bloomin’ hope so.

Harry and fellow 1D bandmate Liam Payne are the only two to not yet release any solo music, with Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson already enjoying charttopping success with their solo singles.

Harry will make his dramatic debut in World War II movie Dunkirk later this year.

However, Harry has had a busy break from One Direction regardless after landing a role in Christopher Nolan’s epic war blockbuster, Dunkirk, which is due for release later this year.

A movie and a solo album? We have a feeling that 2017 is going to be Harry’s time to shine.

Famous, But Not Because Of Youtube (2) Masterlist

part one

Come Back Home - kawaii-kanai

Summary: It’s been years since Dan’s rise to fame made his and Phil’s relationship come crashing down; but in that time not a day has gone by that he hasn’t thought of him. After some unsavory shots of Dan gets passed around the media, Phil begins to worry about Dan’s health, no matter how much he tries to deny his leftover feelings for him.

Family Comes First - skinnyjeanshowell

Summary: Dan and Phil, big time youtubers and popular radio 1 DJ’s, had planned on taking their twins to the Amazing Spider-Man 2 premiere but it’s bigger than they thought it was going to be and Phil wants to take the kids home, while Dan wants to stay at the premiere.

Favorite Record - finntfa

Summary: Dan Howell is an introverted songwriter who prefers writing emails to actually interacting with people. When he is forced to work with Phil Lester, the lead singer of a popular pop-punk band, he is petrified of screwing up.

Finding An Us In Lust - chocolatesaucelester

Summary: Dan and Phil are both popular pornstars that are famous for their own specialties: Dan for being one of the biggest size queens out there and Phil for his monster cock. When the two of them finally get to film together, they easily form one of the hottest and most natural pornstar duos ever put together. As the two of them start to film more stuff together and get to know one another better, they quickly learn that their professions put a strain on their relationship, yet somehow it still works out.

Follow The Music In Your Heart (ao3) - Azulatatis

Summary: Dan is one of the most famous Rock Stars in the world, his voice have captured everyone’s hearts, minds and soul and he should be happy as he have everything he ever wished for, but no, he still made a wrong decision and sometimes can’t cope with that, now Dan will try to change every mistake made or leave everything as it is?

Notifications - notanannoyingfangirl

Summary: Indie movie actor, Phil Lester hadn’t meant to get under Dan Howell’s skin. In fact, they could both had could never have even dreamed of meeting other. So when a shitstorm erupts over twitter claiming that they’re a couple (who knows how that rumor started) and their agents desire to take advantage of the attention to launch a movie featuring the two of them… well the could both be happier.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go - danisnopeonfire

Summary: Dan Howell, an awkwardly pessimistic teenager with a passion for nothing, has always lived in his famous brother’s shadow, not wanting any attention or fuss. But when his family hires his brother a new agent, Phil Lester, will he help Dan to change his views on fame…and maybe himself, too?

Photoshoot Frenzy - pasteldanhowells / fluffygayprince

Summary: Phil owns a popular modelling company and when he doesn’t have a model for his client for a shoot, his boyfriend Dan… who’s just a regular teenager studying law at University, offers to be the model. Of course Phil doesn’t say no to that. But when the fame and paparazzi get to much, Dan breaks down and luckily Phil is there to comfort him.

Public Romance - phanallamallama

Summary: Phil is a big Hollywood movie star and hates having to hide his boyfriend from the world, but things get a little messy when a rumour appears that Phil is dating one of his co-stars.

Thunderstorm - arcticphan

Summary: In which Phil likes to take photos and Dan is his muse.

You and I were Fireworks (That went off too Soon) - fkahowell

Summary: Fame is tough, especially on your love life.

dan live show <333

talked about collabs and doesn’t know how to make them original

felt bad about making cah with tyler bc it was “just a card game” BUT IT WAS GR8

listened to the new florence and the machine album on spotify

researching vegan options

hates birthdays bc he has to interact w/ peeps

making things for the dan and phil shop

went to a panel on ITV for interesting ppl in the media with phil

met phillip schofield

swapped seats with charlie to sit next to phil so phil didn’t have to sit on the weird armchair :’)

excited for oscars hotel (!!!!!)

was at a meeting for radio 1 djs and and had a cute photo with phil


nerd rambled about GoT (basically his fav is problematic)

going to be on call or delete with nick grimshaw tomorrow (he got pranked by pete wentz omfg)


can construct terrible french sentences

talked about the new muse album and politics and government conspiracy theories

apple music discussions

talked about muse again

has “lame” friends that are planning things for his bday ;))))

said he was probably going to cry about ingrid’s video

cries over guild wars theme tune

reading paper towns

excited for new gorillaz album

got new jeans due to the ripping incident

liked the mad max movie

looking forward to sherlock (obviously)

gaggle of nerds

kept comparing the top fan war to GoT

appreciated alfie’s stanning and was laughing about it



dan loves younow

hasn’t been to nandos in year what a lad letdown

loves a good spreadsheet whilst doing his taxes

going to the dentist tomorrow and loves the dentist??? ok dan

hopes we enjoyed the new vids

and now he is off to make a salad

Elena’s (paraphrased) comments on the bands development and the new album;

E: We had grown as a band in our sound [when playing the first album on a tour]. We notice that we had that slightly louder, slightly more aggressive sound… The new album is a study of different ways to feel alone, where the first was a study of how relationships can break down. They relate [to where] I was as a person at the time.

AM [Annie Mac, BBC Radio 1 DJ]: Is it a sort of cathartic experience to have those thoughts written down?

E: It’s a kind of a weird therapy session with your own mind.

anonymous asked:

What are your top 20 fave larry fics?

i’ll do top 10 current faves since my all time faves are ones you probably already know..and 20 would make this a long ass post. Enjoy!

let me make a thing of cream and stars - 24k

It doesn’t explain why he’s lying on the floor, with Harry Styles, of all people, planking on top of him.

As in, seventeenth most influential person in London, pop-star-turned-rock-star Harry Styles. The same Harry Styles who has had countless model girlfriends, left, right and centre. Also the same Harry Styles who has been the subject of Louis’ wet dreams since he was about eighteen.

(Or: Louis is a Radio 1 DJ and Harry is a pop-star he interviews.)

Glow  - 41k 

Alien AU, with a hint of Royal AU. A summer barbecue at the Tomlinson’s is interrupted by a naked visitor from a peaceful planet far, far away. Can an alien and a human survive a summer together for the sake of the human race?

Mine Now - 32k

After Harry is expelled from private school, he joins a secret competition to get back at the boy who made it happen.~or~This is the story of how Harry finds himself pouting in Louis’ passenger seat with a raging boner on the way to seduce his ex boyfriend.

Sinister - 54k

Louis Tomlinson, head psychiatrist of Violet Quarters Mental Rehabilitation Center is faced with the most difficult case of mental instability his career has ever given him. In a mirage of rape, and seven gruesome murders, Harry Styles’; with his dangerously wicked smile, can still manipulate even his strongest contenders. Yet the accused killer has a past that not even Harry himself can remember correctly.

Up To No Good - 26k 

Harry doesn’t think of himself as a womanizer, not at all. Sure, he enjoys sex, enjoys how women feel underneath him, and by some people’s standards he has sex with quite a lot of people, but that’s no reason to tell him that he can’t have a female PA anymore.

It’s especially no excuse for giving him a male PA who’s possibly the most gorgeous boy in the world who won’t even let Harry look at him for too long.

Sometimes Harry hates his life

you are safe in my heart - 57k 

“Why?” Louis asks with curiosity, and it’s all like everything’s frozen in time because their eyes aren’t moving anymore, aren’t taking their views off of each other. Green, green, green like the purest of vines and blue, blue, blue like the depths of the ocean below them.“What’d you wish for?” 

Green, green, green eyes flicker across his face and Louis can just tell the locations they’re quickly looking at. Eyes, lips, jaw, back to the lips and then returning to the eyes. There’s longing, Louis can tell, he knows that look. He may be just short of twenty years of living, but he’s no idiot. That look - that’s something else.

Harry knows when to speak, and when he does, he’s splitting open the deafening silence with words that may just be subtle but some of the worst to reach Louis’ ears. “Something - something I can’t have.”

or: a seventeen-year-old, soon-to-be-wed aristocrat meets a poor, wayward artist on the ill-starred RMS Titanic

everything that shine ain’t always gonna be gold - 49k

Inception-inspired AU. Louis Tomlinson is the most respected and skilled extractor in the dream-sharing business; together he and his point man Zayn have been hired countless times to steal hundreds of valuable secrets straight from the minds of CEOs and politicians. One day, a mysterious and wealthy client contacts Louis and Zayn, offering them triple their normal rate in exchange for successfully completing a job that other extracting teams have deemed “impossible.” The one catch is that this client wants the very best - so he’s decided to team Louis’ skills up with those of Louis’ most hated rival, another highly-respected extractor named Harry Styles. Can Louis and Harry work together to complete the job and get the payout, or will they lose their minds along the way?

finding you was so hard (but loving you is easy) - 66k 

An incredibly shameless vampire!AU filled with stupid jokes, endless dates, flappy bird, a bro man dude pal sleepover thing and there also might be some sex in strange places.

Also known as the one where everyone is a vampire, Louis is oblivious and somewhere along the way it becomes a bit too much like Twilight.

Then a string of thoughts make themselves clear in Louis’ head. First, Harry is a vampire. Second, Louis is a dumbass. Third, Louis is also unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him. Fourth, he’s pretty sure he just quoted the back of the Twilight book.

You Come Beating Like Moth’s Wings - 80k

Harry smiles. He’s only known Louis for about two hours, knows nothing about him past his first name, but he’s nice and sarcastic and helpful and so, so pretty. And Harry’s still got a few days left in Barcelona, and he thinks he wouldn’t mind spending them with Louis.

Also known as, Harry takes the summer before uni to travel Europe and meets Louis in Barcelona, and they end up traveling together.

we were just like glue - 23k 

Louis works in a library where his own books sit on the shelves. Also, there may or may not be a Harry Styles involved and he may or may not be Louis’ muse. Not that Louis is admitting to anything.
let me make a thing of cream and stars - missandrogyny - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

It doesn’t explain why he’s lying on the floor, with Harry Styles, of all people, planking on top of him.

As in, seventeenth most influential person in London, pop-star-turned-rock-star Harry Styles. The same Harry Styles who has had countless model girlfriends, left, right and centre. Also the same Harry Styles who has been the subject of Louis’ wet dreams since he was about eighteen.

(Or: Louis is a Radio 1 DJ and Harry is a pop-star he interviews.)

Bang! Bang! You’re dead - Phan. Chapter 5

Summary: Dan and Phil, as well as pretty much the entirety of Radio 1 are dragged, unwillingly into a hostage situation.

Genre: Crime, horror

Warnings: Mentions l of death, gore, blood, sexual harassment.

Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4

This is fiction lol i love the radio 1 DJ’s


any other readers




The second I leave the main studio right after witnessing Nick stick the revolver into Phil’s head, seeing my best friend’s eyes flit from me to the gun and the utter hopelessness be-riddled in them. Nick made him take the gun. His shaking hands as he held it at an awkward angle. Phil never looked once at me as I was carried away, he looked straight through me.  

This only brought one thought to my head: We’re going to die.  

And despite trying to push this revelation to the back of my head, I know this can go either two ways.  

Which I don’t want to think about.  

“PHIL!” I yell, or try to. I’ve said, or rather screeched his name so many times my lips are getting tired of forming the simple syllables. The blood is rushing to my forehead and my heart is banging into my chest, my mind whirring out of control. I feel sick. I can feel my stomach contract, but I only dry heave. I’ve always has motion sickness.  

Swish left.

I close my eyes. I’m with my dad, at five years old in Africa on a holiday, riding on the back of an elephant.  

Swish right.  

“Look at that!” my dad snaps a picture of the scenery and marvels at its beauty. He wraps his arms around me protectively. “It’s okay, Dan. You can open your eyes, it’s not that scary.”  

Swish left.  

“Kick me one more fucking time, Danny boy.” Tyler’s voice, that pet name which makes my blood boil, forces me out of my thoughts and I lazily open one eye. The entire time of thinking back to my childhood I had refused to stop kicking and punching the meaty shoulders belonging to the psychopathic gunman carrying me over his shoulder like I was a sack of fucking potatoes.  


My head smashing into the wall with a meaty slap.  

Agonising pain in my head clouds my thoughts for second, and for that blank, nauseating moment, there is nothing but darkness while my head spins itself off its axis.  

“Apologise!” a voice- Tyler, barks out causing the flesh on my arms to prickle with goosebumps.    

“Sorry!” I choke out, almost slurring my words because my head still spins and spins and spins.  

Swish right.  

I can’t breathe. My voice is choked and a miserable croak after fucking straining it, crying out for Phil. I stay silent for once, trying to formulate idea’s in my head. A way to get out of this. Though my brain feels like its leaking out of my ears while I hang upside down from Tyler’s shoulders. I can’t think straight, I feel like I’m piggy-backing on my mum’s back when I was eight again.  

“Hold on, Dan!” She’d squeal, also excited. I’d let out a squeak of fear mixed with joy and my tiny fingers would grasp for her neck, wrapping my arms around her for dear life.  

Maybe I should do that now. Though instead of clinging onto my mum’s floral dress, I’d have to really test how long Tyler will be able to keep a hold of me while I’m wrapping my arms tightly around his asophogous, squeezing the bitter life out of his lungs.  

You’re not a killer. The logic, strategic part of me says calmly.  

Wanna bet? I spit back.  

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