LOCAL MUSIC - Inevitable Daydream // Radidas // Dreamweaver // Honey Lung @ Club Burrito, Canterbury 17/06/2016

Review by Jessica Weiss

The night began with upbeat alternative rock by Honey Lung (3.5/5). The band delivered light vocal harmony, and distinctive electric guitar that contrasted with heavier guitar solos to distinguish the band from other very similar alternative rock bands. Despite them being a fairly new band established in 2015, they still managed to hold their own, and overall deliver a really energetic performance that left me in anticipation of new releases.

For fans of: DIIV, Wavves, Beach Fossils

Following Honey Lung were local favourites Dreamweaver (5/5), with their synth and guitar driven set. They captivated the audience with dreamlike, hazy vocals, making for a relaxed, chilled ambience, distinguishing themselves with prominent use of synths, which were pleasantly fuzzy and melodic. The four piece drew in a large buzz in the venue, pleasing both the Club Burrito regulars and intrigued new-comers. As well as the familiar tracks from their EP, Listless Fruition, Dreamweaver added in a new track, delving into King Gizzard territory, with dulcet guitar parts reminiscent of those from ‘The River’.

For fans of: Mild High Club, Glass Animals, Good Morning, Tame Impala

RADIDAS (5/5) once again returned to Burrito after drawing in a large audience at City Sound Project. They are undeniably grunge, however with repetitive guitar riffs returning to traditional Pink Floyd like progressive/alternative rock. They add an experimental kaleidoscopic element to their music with their extensive use of pedals, adding a different dynamic to their sound and leaving it hard to categorize. Despite only being a two piece set up, they create an impressively large sound. It was loud, heavy and mellow all at once. 

For fans of: Childhood, Animal Collective, Ride, Adorable, Sway

Closing the night were headliners,Inevitable Daydream (5/5) and it’s easy to see how the band, hailing from London/Kent have gained a steady following. The trio held the attention of the audience with their gloomy approach to grunge, with heavy riffs and a high energy performance. Their set takes a journey through slow melancholic guitar melodies to dark and sludgy bass lines, not falling into the trap of overpowering distortion or feedback. It could be possible to dismiss Inevitable Daydream as just another stoner rock band but there’s something about their sound and live shows that keeps people hooked.

For fans of: Mudhoney, Gang

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