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How come there aren't many black radfems?

I’m not sure where you are coming on that info?

I know a shit ton of them.  Starting with Audre Lorde (this exchange is EVERYTHING.  Read every word.  Her teachings and words remain my rad fem literacy) to Sister Outsider (see what just happened there?  We are the latest in a long line) we are here.  

In her 20-something words:

In recent years, since the rise of third wave feminism, radical beliefs have fallen out of fashion. At best, radical feminism is presented as being outdated – at worst, full of bigotry and extremism. Radical feminists are attacked by social conservatives and liberal feminists alike and, not so long ago, I bought it. I didn’t want to be lumped in with the prudes of yesteryear by either side, so I parroted narratives of agency and empowerment. And then I looked behind the curtain. I started to wonder about the context in which the all-important choice is made, whether more choices are open to some women than others and on what basis. I began to wonder why so many self-proclaimed intersectional feminists – in this instance, white women – are so eager to assume that marginalised women have the same range of opportunities in deciding which choice to make.

I think there is a real push to erase women of color in the movement because we destabilize what a lot of white transactivists would like to push.  That is, that the second wave was only white people, that radical feminism isn’t intersectional, that lesbians (we are QUEERS!) are racists.  

Cause as we know, these white liberal feminists are all soooooo on point.  Like that time that they said that the artists of color who continued to support Michfest even with the constant threats and boycotts and cancelled gigs only did so because they were too poor not to (I shit thee not):

In the last two years, many of the performers have withdrawn from the fest, including the Indigo Girls, Nona Hendryx, and JD Samson. Many women of color performers did not, arguing that they too supported trans women but couldn’t give up the income they made from the festival. They made economic choices that often came with a political backlash. Many, if not most, performers who stayed on did so with a statement in support of trans women and the festival.

Mind you, Michigan paid a pittance for performers.  It was not money that would pay your rent.  But, as I said at the time, I guess we all just know that WOCs just so damn poor they can’t have politics (to which Fannie Lou Hamer and Shirley Chisholm, and on and on just spun their ways through the earth).  And guess there was no need to go talk to Stacey Anne Chin, or Toshi Reagon, or Medusa, or DJ Remarkable, or Hanifah Walidah, or all the other WOC who went to fest for YEARS and continued to despite the pressure because they understand the reason for separate space.  This was a blatantly racist lie, and that’s the kind of shit that is always going down.

So whenever you hear things like “there aren’t any” ask yourself what the sources is.  We are here.  We always are.  But we are an inconvenient truth.  And so we get erased from the conversation.  Old tricks, new dog.

radfem related ask meme!

i always see lil ask memes floating around and i personally love asking n answering questions and finding out more about the people who fill my dash so i decided to make an ask meme just for us radfem ladies <3 xx 

ya’ll know the drill, put the numbers in an ask box to get the question answered and reblog for some supportive (and maybe a lil curious) peeps in ur box! (also feeel free to ask me any of these, goes without saying)

  1. how did you find radical feminism & what was your first impression of the movement? 
  2. when did you begin to call yourself a radical feminist? 
  3. how long have you been a radical feminist?
  4. were you previously a lib fem? 
  5. who is your favorite tumblr radical feminist?
  6. radical feminist must reads? (or must watches?) 
  7. best experience as a radical feminist?
  8. worst experience as a radical feminist?
  9. your opinion on what the most pressing issue for the feminist movement to solve. 
  10. best radical feminist meme.
  11. radical feminists you look up to?
  12. favorite herstory moments? 
  13. how does your country affect your viewpoint of feminism? 
  14. do you believe liberal feminists are feminists?
  15. what was your Peak Trans? 
  16. what do you do for women in your everyday life? 
  17. suggestions for baby radfems?
  18. favorite feminist artists/art pieces? 
  19. your feminist anthem (can be a song, poem, speech, book, etc.)
  20. what parts of radical feminist do you agree with most passionately? 
  21. what parts of radical feminism do you disagree with? 
  22. what parts of radical feminism confuse you (or confused you when you first learned about them)?
  23. are you GNC? how does this affect your viewpoint of feminism? 
  24. are you LGB? how does this affect your viewpoint of feminism? 
  25. are you mentally ill? how does this affect your viewpoint of feminism? 
  26. how does your race affect your viewpoint of feminism? 
  27. what do you wish radical feminists talked about more?
  28. what do you wish radical feminists talked about less?
  29. do you have more radfem friends online or in real life?
  30. your liberal feminist pet peeve. 
  31. are you “out” as a radical feminist? 
  32. how do you feel the issue of gender should be tackled?
  33. how do you feel the issue of sex work should be tackled?
  34. how do you feel the issue of male violence should be tackled?
  35. how do you feel the issue of kink should be tackled?
  36. best thing about being a radical feminist?
  37. worst thing about being a radical feminist?
  38. do you like discourse? 
  39. when were you most proud to be a woman?
  40. something you wish you could tell your younger self. 

feel feel to keep adding to this!!! 

Feminism is hated because women are hated. Anti-feminism is a direct expression of misogyny; it is the political defense of women hating.
—  Andrea Dworkin (September 26, 1946 – April 9, 2005) was an American radical feminist and writer best known for her criticism of pornography, which she argued was linked to violence against women.

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can you explain that post for someone who doesn't know much about what's really going on in venezuela? what's a chavista/madurista?

A supporter of the now deceased Hugo Chavez and his successor Nicolas Maduro, both self-described leaders of the “Pink Tide” left populist movement known as chavismo. Interestingly, at the inception of the MUD, some hardline chavistas were part of the ooposition, considering Maduro’s reign as a corrupt departure from his predecessor’s principles. They returned to supporting the state once protests became more violent.

Chavismo is self-described “socialism for the 21st century.” Its mostly a mish-mash of anti-imperialist rhetoric and left populism. In the 2000s the government took control of the nation’s oil industry and used the proceeds to finance a series of projects that greatly benefited the country’s poor. Problem is, they wasted this initiative, doing nothing to diversify the nation’s economy, allowing agriculture to continuously decline, appeasing the national bourgeoisie and foreign enterprises, and conducting a series of inter-Latin American trade deals that made no sense. So when oil prices tanked, the regime had no leg to stand on, still being largely at the mercy of the foreign and domestic capitalists while also having done nothing to boost the country’s economic competitiveness. This, plus blooming corruption on the part of the ruling party’s leading figures, lead the country into a tailspin of economic decline and political instability.

Tbh, the Pink Tide of left(ish) governments that came to power in South America in the early 2000s was never a phenomenon that merited intense celebration from Western radicals. At their best these were populist social democrats and at worst, figures more interested in preserving their image and lining their pockets than in building a truly better future for the continent’s laboring classes, as evidenced by the quick fading of their successes. I know some would like to place the sole blame for that decline on US pressures, but I’ve read the leaks about US activities in the region and while we are definitely aiding and abetting the right, we are not the driving force behind that shift. Failing to understand the power of the national bourgeois is always an issue for Western leftists, it seems.

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how would you define nu-radfem?

so the thing is despite what people love to tell me, i’m actually pretty familiar with radical feminist writings. and one thing this has led to is me noticing a qualitative shift in the nature of radical feminist discourse between the 1970s-90s block and the 2000s-10s block. this shift is marked by a general move away from analyzing patriarchy as a violent totality and toward attacking certain scapegoated figures–women who are blamed for the entirety of patriarchy (this was pretty much always present in some elements of radical feminism, but it was only a minor vein prior to more recent developments). the primary targets are trans women and sex workers, although a number of others are also attacked, including some groups of disabled women. this move is also marked by a collapse of analysis of patriarchy–the perfect example being that most nu-radfems will insist to trans women something along the lines of “science is indisputable”, which is the complete opposite to the practice and spirit of the original radical feminist movement, aimed at critiquing, undermining, and overthrowing all patriarchal institutions.

on a fundamental level, this shift has changed how radical feminists approach relationships with men. in the original radical feminism, relationships with men were suspicious at best. radical feminists, seeing how relationships are a site of material exploitation, advocated a sort of strike, in the form of, among other things, refusing to date men (political lesbianism). the nu-radfem philosophy considers relationships with men to be a somehow necessary part of patriarchy, and considers any advocacy regarding relationships to be “victim blaming”. in addition to denying women autonomy, it imagines a totalizing force of patriarchy-as-asymmetric-sexual-relation, which is why it often treats lesbian sexuality as suspicious at best–it’s not uncommon to see nu-radfem discourse about the “lesbian gaze” and other ridiculously lesbophobic ideas. this is part of a general shift of membership from lesbians organized and positioned against the system of gender to straight and bi women positioned only against certain elements of that system (although there are also plenty of lesbians who find themselves able to assimilate in the new man-centered radical feminism).

a part of this shift towards a radical feminism which is nonthreatening to men but polices women’s behaviors has also been the acceptance and inclusion of trans men and cafab nonbinary people. in fact, nu-radfems often advocate for trans men, defend violence by them, and try to help maintain trans male predators’ access to women’s spaces. it’s not surprising that patriarchy-friendly nu radical feminism is quick to gain members, since it promises more ~~radical politics~~ without one actually having to critically examine one’s own life and how one supports patriarchy. instead, the problems of women’s behaviors can be infinitely deferred onto “bad” (more marginalized) women, which is why nu-radfem praxis mostly consists of harassing marginalized women with moralizing discourse and efforts to erode their social capital. in terms of their effects, nu-radfems may actually be better assimilated into patriarchy than libfems.

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What's the best scene of Persona 3: Silly Musical All Night ?

If you’re referring to P3: The Weird Masquerade then it’s a tie between


Ryoji’s actor slightly messing up a routine where he’d do tricks with a towel without showing his penis to everyone by showing his penis to everyone. This only happened in the female version of the show and it’s unsurprisingly censored on the DVD.

and B.

Junpei’s radical singing. Best song in the musical, really. (Save for maybe the STREGA THEME SONG. A phrase that still amazes me.)

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hc's for the paladins reactions to finding out their s/o has glow-in-the-dark freckles and eyes

this is so interesting im cryign omg / once again typed on my phone bc it’s 2:15 am and i don’t have my laptop

> honestly he thinks it’s the coolest thing.

> probably counts your freckles like their stars in the night sky he’s so cute i love him

> if you’re insecure about it, he gives you All The Validation because he wants you to feel good

> woah?? glow in the dark eyes???? that’s peculiar

> he doesn’t act like he thinks they’re cool, but he actually does

> probably likes having your around when it’s pitch black because he knows you’re still around protect him he’s a muffin


> he’s more excited about them than you are stop him what are you doing

> constantly gushing about how cool your glow in the dark features are (is there no off switch on him wtf STOP)

> sorry have you met hunk?? he’s so giddy over it

> seriously there is no end in the constant stream of praises that are waterfalling out of him

> loves you and your glow in the dark eyes will do anything to see them again because he thinks they’re so radical truly he’s the best let him look at them forever

> let’s be honest, they probably try to find a justification for why you glow in the dark like this

> it takes them a while to really just sit back and realize how cool it is that you glow

> talks proudly to the others about how “[name] glows in the dark. cool, right?” they’re a master bragger it’s great

Don’t worry about your body.
It isn’t as small as it once was,
but honestly, the world
needs more of you.
You look in the mirror
like you’ve done something wrong,
but you are perfect.
Anyone who says otherwise
is telling a lie
to make you feel weak.
And you know better.
You have survived every single day
for as long as
you’ve been alive.
You could spit fire
if you wanted.
—  Clementine von Radics, “A Poem For My Mother When She Doesn’t Feel Beautiful”

“From the bottom will the genius come that makes our ability to live with each other possible. I believe that with all my heart.” These are the words of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Dominican-American writer Junot Díaz. His hope is fiercely reality-based, a product of centuries lodged in his body of African-Caribbean suffering, survival, and genius.

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Hi! If you don't mind, I'd like to ask you to speculate on the various Stark-Tyrell match-ups that are speculated on in aSoS. 1 Cat wishes Robb had hooked up with Marg instead of Jeyne. Assume he is in the aCoK embassy to Renly & comforts her when Renly dies. Tyrells think he's the best king available, she gets the northman fetish a la Lynesse/Jorah, they get married & their Houses allied: How does the rest of the war look? Walder Frey is jilted, but does the Red Wedding still go? 1/3

This scenario forestalls not just the Red Wedding but Stannis’ defeat at the Blackwater, ‘cause Robb-Margaery commits the Tyrells to the Starks as opposed to the Lannisters. As a result, the Lannisters get thoroughly stomped on, and the next big political conflict is between Robb and Stannis. Not sure how that would pan out, especially with the complicating factors of Littlefinger, Varys, and Doran Martell.

Anyway, while the fall of Winterfell is still a major issue, the primary sponsor of the Red Wedding is now out of the picture, while Robb’s cause doesn’t look anywhere near so dire with an influx of Tyrell support.

As a result, while Walder Frey’s pissed and probably dials back his contributions to Robb’s war effort, but in this scenario there’s no gain in Red Wedding style treachery and murder. Edmure might well end up marrying a Frey in this hypothetical. Roose Bolton carries on doing what he’s been doing - trying to kill off political rivals without raising too many red flags with Robb.

Stark-Tyrell scenario 2: Robb trades Jaime for Sansa after his coronation (handwave Lannisters not having Arya & other issues, say he gets Ice as compensation) specifically to offer a marriage alliance with the Tyrells. Sends Cat to negotiate, they offer Willas, Renly dies as normal. Cat comes home with a yes, but in the meantime, Lannisters offer Joffrey. Which set of in-laws do they go with, assuming both marriages happen?

Not possible unless the Tyrells’ motivations change radically. 

The best choices for Joffrey’s bride are, far and away, Sansa Stark and Margaery Tyrell; with Sansa having been set aside, the Tyrells aren’t going to commit to a Stark alliance via Willas-Sansa without checking first whether they can marry Margaery to the King on the Iron Throne and gain Lannister-esque influence over the monarchy next generation. They’re too committed to political advancement to even consider the arrangement.

Kind of answers the question anyway: if they have to pick between a rebellion not yet won and the symbol of established monarchy in Westeros…they’re picking the symbol of the established monarchy.

Stark-Tyrell scenario 3: Tyrion suggests that if Cersei snubs them, the Tyrells might turn to Robb. Tywin acts like this is a real danger. What could motivate them to turn against the Lannisters? Would they really back Robb if he could make the Sansa-Willas marriage happen (assuming a Red Wedding workaround that gives this scenario time to develop?) Thanks for your consideration.

What would motivate the Tyrells to turn against the Lannisters is the Lannisters failing to offer them scope for advancement. So yeah, if Cersei rejected the Tyrells, they might well go see if Robb could be persuaded to marry Margaery. On Robb’s part, the incentive might well outweigh the social sanction of breaking a betrothal with the Freys. On the Tyrells’ part, hey, an iron-and-bronze crown is better than none.

It’s pretty much got to be a Robb-Margaery match if Robb wants active Tyrell support. Mace Tyrell does not move his armies for anything less than a crown on Margaery’s head. A Sansa-Willas match, by contrast, might seal a treaty once the fighting was done, but I highly doubt it acts as a motivating factor to the same extent as the Robb-Margaery hypothetical.

Keep in mind that Lannister rejection of the Tyrells at this point - not even the Tyrells making an alternative alliance, just a failure to sign on with the Lannisters - is another thing that butterflies away Stannis’ defeat at the Blackwater. As above, due to the Lannisters losing the Iron Throne and the claimants they want to sit on it, most of the profitability in murdering Robb is gone while the substantial risks remain.

This has been yet another exhibit of “the Starks were incredibly unlucky to lose the War of Five Kings.”

Radical feminists are the best people there is. The women I have had the privilege to get to know and follow and learn from since I became part of the radical feminist movement are all so intelligent, brave, funny, witty, empathetic, strong, exciting, understanding and loving. I’ve never, ever before in my life experienced such generosity in terms of solidarity, love and wanting to lift each other up. I feel like I belong somewhere, like I now have a real sisterhood in which I am safe and can always find support. I’ve gone from being a broken down, traumatized rape and abuse victim who turned all the hate inwards to someone who wants to and can fight, who doesn’t need the validation of men, who loves herself, who dares to speak her mind and to ask for help in times of need, someone who can finally turn survival into a political fight for liberation, and that is so much thanks to radical feminism and the women I’ve come to get to know. Thank you.

i. You're Gonna Go Far, Kid  — The Offspring  
ii. I Want your Bite — Chris Crocker
iii. Super Psycho Love — Simon Curtis
iv. I Can't Decide — Scissor Sisters
v. Keep Awake — 100 monkeys
vi. In Space — Ludo
vii. Hear Me — Imagine Dragons
viii. The Sound of Drums — Chameleon Circuit
ix. The Horror of our Love — Ludo
x. Gone Gone Gone — Phillip Phillips
xi. Our Childhood, our Home — Murray Gold
xii. The Crooked Kind — Radical Face