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I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I NEED I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I NEED I DO NOT KNOW my best me is missing i feel distasteful and distant i need to throw up i do not want to encompass a form i want to float, i want to be an idea, why aren’t i a mere enigma, the air is too much pressure, i havent allowed room for me & my spot was filled, i miss me, the radical self-reliant me, my best friend is gone and i miss her

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Never undermine yourself by saying that you're 'just an ok person at best' because you are amazing, and radical and you deserve the best. Just saying. Oh yes by the way I am a psychic. Beware my mystical magical powers of absolute shit. -Your friendly neighborhood thunderSoprano

I love you??? Please be my friend???


 ▬ ❝Fight ya? HAH! C’mon, keep spewin’ those jokes, s’HILARIOUS. Yer gonna be a REAL comedian at this rate, rivalin’ the top dogs! Can’t wait t’see yer face on posters, proclaimin’ ‘CHECK THIS ZANY CHICK OUT: HER SCREW’S SO LOOSE, SHE CAN CRACK JOKES ‘BOUT WANTIN’ T’FIGHT THE TOTALLY RADICAL DUDE, THE BEST OF THE BEST, THE ONE, THE ONLY, TURBO!’~.❞

What I’m trying to cultivate is not blind optimism or inane positivity but what the philosopher Jonathan Lear calls radical hope. “What makes this hope radical,” Lear writes, “is that it is directed toward a future goodness that transcends the current ability to understand what it is.” Radical hope is not so much something you have but something you practice; it demands flexibility, openness, and what Lear describes as “imaginative excellence.” Radical hope is our best weapon against despair, even when despair seems justifiable; it makes the survival of the end of your world possible. Only radical hope could have imagined people like us into existence. And I believe that it will help us create a better, more loving future.
—  Junot Díaz, Radical Hope: Letters of Love and Dissent in Dangerous Times  
'The Body': The Radical Empathy of Buffy's Best Episode - The Atlantic

The Atlantic
‘The Body’: The Radical Empathy of Buffy’s Best Episode
The Atlantic
For Whedon, the episode was born out of a desire to explore and expose the real emotional responses to losing a loved one. On television, death is usually cheap: a device that precipitates a narrative arc, or writes out an actor who wants to leave, or …

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best cat video.

Okay this is something I’ve wanted to say for a while but like

Yes, there is a privilege involved in saying that like you’re a better leftist if you “do things”. Not everyone can go to marches, work in soup kitchens, unionize, etc.

But I’m kind of tired of people making themselves out to be the best radicals ever because they write stuff online and meanwhile they’ve gone to one or two marches

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Okay story time. Last night, at Frank Iero and The Cellabration, some rude fan totally disrespected Frank. She pushed her way to the front, hurt some fans, and then yelled at Frank when he asked her to stop. He kicked her out and got kinda upset that someone would be that rude. I just so happened to be the lucky one who got hit by her. Ha. Thank you lady for making me fall onto the stage and make a scene. Frank stopped singing and kicked her out and made sure I was alright and everyone around me was okay as well. Thank you to everyone who has been asking me about it. Frank was the sweetest guy ever about this whole thing and so was his crew who made sure I was alright and gave me some water and let me sit down for the rest of the show. Frank Iero is sweet and kind and no one should ever disrespect him. I’m sorry if anyone’s night was negatively effected by the situation. The show was radical and one of the best I’ve ever been to. Thanks so much to Frank Iero and The Cellabration, Modern Chemistry, and The Homeless Gospel Choir for a great night with amazing music.