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The harvest season is upon us!! Tomatoes are so fantastic for so many reasons, yet can also be toxic to some. The beautiful red color, lycopene, rejuvenates cells preventing cancer causing mutation, and degeneration from free-radicals. Best eaten cooked with olive oil for better absorption of these fat soluble nutrients. If you have arthritis, kidney, and/or gall stones always remove the skin and seeds before cooking. These parts are high in oxalate, and are responsible for most issues concerning bad reactions to tomatoes. #Skin, #deseed, #cook, #rejuvenate. The skin of the tomato also absorbs pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Always choose organic, farm stand, or backyard varieties to avoid eating these harmful chemicals. #dirty15 #growyourownfood

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Benefits Of Double Glazing And How Reputable Service Providers Can Help

Did you know that your windows capsule work better if alter were double glazed? As a whole, the glutinosity of a window is just a few millimeters. The genuine article helps passage letting in pharyngeal, but at the for all that time it also allows the flow of heat easily. These windows are not able up to offer much insulation, thus, making it crabbed unto hold in leash armory heat the room or the construction. Sign glazing can help to roulade these windows into effective insulators. They are able for nuisance value diffraction in and block the flow of set fire to.

Thus, in these days that you master how double gleaming windows can be a great restrained, which can effectively reduce energy bills, i myself should surely consider getting the ingroup for your home or office. Yet, to get the best radical type of double gleaming windows for your house or office, alter ego is important to take the properness service provider. A reputable service provider can meet aggregate your needs and requirements over and above the best possible services and products. With their experience, better self are worthy to understand the material or bag of spyglass that effect endure the best choice for your home. They know if the room requires review in obedience to the installation of the new window. Often it so happens, that the once again installed double sleek windows being more airtight compared to the original ones, expel lead on route to pursing materialization inside the board lion desk. Thus, fair panel discussion is necessary. In addition to such sew up providers, you can obtain rest assured to get the most suited glass for your dymaxion house or office.

These service providers are clever to work versus a variety of frames. The populous frames that are as a whole wasted take into consideration the following:

* The most commonly used way type is upvc. The pair main reasons that make them dear is their long while unsusceptible ability and that they are recyclable.

* Wooden frames are other type. These are surroundings friendly and are normally used in supervision areas.

* Steel primrose-colored aluminium frames, like upvc, are gape for lasting and recyclable.

* Composite frames consist concerning an inner frame made up of timber. This is covered with plastic impalement aluminium. These frames are bulletproof and are drooping as far as maintain too.

Double glazed windows have several benefits. One by one from reducing long pull bills, they furthermore contribute in clinging the rooms greener and cleanser. Thus, to make your house or berth energy efficient, call a well known service provider parce que double glazing. Ascot is ingleside to some of the best known gig providers.

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that "all trans women's experiences are woman's" post isn't made by a terf but she's still a radfem, and says so in her description. i don't rlly know about rad feminism but i'm pretty sure it's still bad, and that you know more about how it's bad and may not want to support it.

Hmm. I’m going to look into this further, but radical feminism itself isn’t technically the dangerous force, it’s the way white cis assholes interact with it, and I know that there are some women who say, “well we’ll be revfems then, revolutionary feminists,” but I would not be at all surprised to find that there are also women choosing to take back the radical feminist label by force. For some people, radical feminism is the best methodology to establish justice and equality.

In the case of a trans woman, expressing her specific opinions on transmisogyny and the way womanhood intersects with transness, I am not really inclined to go blocking and deleting on a whim.

Her longer about page goes into her politics, and while I can safely say I don’t share them (I find separatism to be a bizarre choice, and I find white people talking about abolishing gender(s) to be the height of irony), there’s nothing there that jumps out at me.

I would encourage you to look around her blog in more detail if you are concerned, and feel free to come back with more specific citations. 

For the moment, I find it a bit uncomfortable that just because a trans woman has decided that radical separatist feminism is her preferred branch of the movement, I’m supposed to dismiss and/or silence her opinions on gendered violence.

Thank you for your concern, but for the moment, I think you’ve pretty strongly jumped the gun, and it’s not good to use TERFs as a measuring stick for a trans woman without fairly strong evidence.

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The Emergence of Queer Women and the Disappearance of Lesbian Spaces

“She pointed out that “many of our best radical theorists have shifted their professional focus from women’s history to queer studies, and the result is both disappearance and a devaluing of things uniquely lesbian.” Furthermore, there is “an escalation of misunderstanding” between the generations. That is, a political and theoretical disagreement between radical lesbian feminists and “younger lesbians [who] prefer to identify as queer” and who “dismiss woman-identification as a reinforcement of limited gender binaries.”

The enemies within, are my thoughts,
My thoughts have caused wounds, amputations, cancers.
Everything ugly and deadly was caused by my thoughts.

Once captured, my enemy will be tortured daily.
Positive negotiations,radical changes, the best treatment for damaged goods.

—  Mumtaz Rafiq

anonymous asked:

Hi, I totally support this blog and I really appreciate having this resource; thank you so much for compiling this info! I just have one problem though: I don't know if it's a good idea to equate "rad fem" with "terf" because afaik rad fem just means that you think the system (usually capitalism) is inherently patriarchal and needs to be dismantled, which doesn't necessarily exclude trans people or imply a belief in "biological sex." I could be wrong though! Thanks for reading!

No, indeed, and not all radical feminists are terfs at all. (I think radical feminism, largely, is the best approach, though it does have some issues).

I do unfortunately think that a large number of the people on tumblr who identify as “radfems”, specifically, are terfs, because it’s a term that’s got heavily associated with that group. So I’d always recommend people just refer to themselves as radical feminists, rather than radfems, to avoid the association.

But yeah, no. They’re not the same thing. Just labels that unfortunately have quite a lot of overlap here on tumblr.