radical at best

@ my fellow trans guys

Do not, I repeat, do not go into the rad/ical fem/inism tag, or any tag relating to it, if you arent ready to be hit by a truck load of dysphoria. Your self esteem will also take a pretty deep hit too. Why? Because of the ra/dfem’s belief that if you are born female, you will always be a women, no matter what.  You will see this belief in so many posts, and it will seriously mcause you severe dusphoria. Just remember, they’re wrong, and you are truly a guy.

//Pings myself to remind the me of tomorrow to write very sad pre war drabbles

Star Butterfly is my favorite radfem

- Doesn’t care about gender stereotypes or roles

- Tells her friend to tell the truth about not being a girl, despite the attention he’s having

- Is proud of him for coming off clean and getting a rightful praise for condoning being yourself and not pretending to be someone else (as in “it’s not criminal to be an individual” and actually liking organized things)

Bonus: all the princesses recognize the message is good even coming from a dude - that’s mimicking star wishes in part - because that’s how they’ve been feeling since the beginning. They’re about what’s better for girls and princesses, not who’s saying that. That’s pretty much what radfems do.

I used to think my mum was a bitter man hater, and that her views on feminism and trans women were wrong. “Anyone who says they are a woman is a woman!” I would say. “She doesn’t have to try and look like a woman to be a woman! Let her continue with her beard and male clothing!”

I didn’t get it, back then. “Feminism is about equality! Feminism is for everyone!” were the things I would tout. But I was wrong. I should have known to listen to her. My mum is basically always right. All those years fighting her on something that she was right about. I remember the conversations about being genderfluid or whatever the fuck, and about how I was actually a boy. I remember her telling me I was wrong, and my anger at her not letting me live my life the way I thought I should. I remember looking up procedures to mutilate myself, to take away parts of me. I remember her telling me I was wrong. And I was.

My mum has always been radical in her feminist views, I suppose. It just took me longer to catch up to her than it should have. Her rants about the patriarchy and not needing a man and society used to be so frustrating. I would stand up for the men. Ridiculous, right? But she was right.

(Its still impossible to watch The Crown with her, but still)

Whenever I see some certain tumblr-users saying “all men are awful, no exceptions, let them all die” I will just think about the fact that I’m lucky enough to be a decent enough person to be surrounded by both nice guys and girls on a daily basis. I also have the ability to think rationally - that tends to help.